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Espero que hayan tenido un gran día Patti. Espero que sepas y te amo

Thanks Sade! I love it when you help me learn! I appreciate it very much!

Perjantai - Friday

We don't usually say here in Finland: " It is a great Friday", but: "Have a good Friday = HYVÄÄ PERJANTAITA!


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Friday Comments at


tienen un gran Viernes (in Spanish)!

haben eine große Freitag (in German)!


imaju veliki petak  (in Croatian)

on suuri perjantai (in Finnish)



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Happy Weekend!!

In Finnish: onnellinen viikonloppu

In Italian: felice week-end

In Spanish: feliz fin de semana

yes it's Biyernes ay may isang mahusay na weekend ----Fillipino Yes it's Friday have a great weekend!


Ja, es ist Freitag haben ein tolles Wochenende



kyllä se perjantai on suuri viikonloppu  


 Hebrew:    (remember read it right to left)

כן זה יום שישי יש לך סוף שבוע נפלא


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I love Sundays!

in German.

I love Sundays in French.

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I love Sundays!
Days of the Week

Pick one! Ok ok I'll pick Sunday and go from there Hope all of you are having a great Sunday! Peace and love from the mint! Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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