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Revisiting an old favorite forest
9 years ago

I revisited an old favorite forest yesterday.  We used to live near there and went there often, sometimes every day from our old house.  I have not been there in a long time.  It's a wilderness park, called Irvine Park, and has mostly untouched rolling hills and a sycamore forest my kids grew up with. 


I have been down lately as we are still in danger of losing our new house.  Feeling depressed and anxious, the forest was the best place to go.  We stayed in the park until dark, listened to the coyotes howl as they gathered for their night hunt, heard owls crooning and bullfrogs in the riverbed and the rasping of ravens bedding down in the tops of the sycamores.  I've really missed all the old sounds.  Some people are afraid to be in a forest at night, but we are used to this park and don't get frightened easily.  We held hands and prayed in the forest before heading back to the car because it had suddenly gotten very cold. 


The property we are trying to save is one acre, 160 feet by 300 feet, which was all bare dirt when we bought it.  We planted over 230 trees- come of the same ones that are in that park- sycamores, cottonwoods, willows, elms, all fast growing and now very tall, after 5 years, stone pines, Allepo pines and Afghan pines, mule fat bushes with their minty aroma, wildflowers, an orchard, 600 square feet of raised vegetable beds, so much beauty and the provision of food from the earth, as well as shade, healing, and beauty. 


Must go- I am going to buy a few more allepo pines for some spots that need them.  I hope more people join this group.  I love to chat about nature!

9 years ago

Well, thanks for visiting my group Marie.  I hope you can save your acreage (and house).  Myself, I just rent a room in a house and doubt if I'll ever have my own house, even just a small older one.  I know what you mean about nature.  It's always a wonderful refuge.

9 years ago

Once when I was up in Pukaskwa National Park on the top of Lake Superior (Canada), I had just finished walking the trail to come out at the 'beach' which was a rocky and sandy shoreline on L. Superior.  Nature all around, wonderful and glorious in it's immensity and wildness.  All of a sudden a small red squirrel came running by me and up a little spruce sapling.  He was so curious, he (could've been a she) simply sat and looked and looked at me, probably wondering what I was.  But this little squirrel looked like the happiest little squirrel I'd ever seen in my life.  I mean he was impeccably groomed, not a little hair out of place on his body, totally healthy and alive, and every step his little feet took around there was like walking on soft feathery cushions.  The sand was soft under each step, the sphagnum moss was at least 4 inches deep, soft and colorful and springy, even the lichen growing on the spruce trees was two different kinds, both soft.  I got a good couple of pictures of him.  But he just seemed like he had the best little corner in the world, all this, and right beside the huge majestic wild water of L. Superior, fresh air, wilderness, food to eat, gorgeous vistas to look at around him, and he knew it!  He just struck me as totally happy.

3 years ago


     I am Glad, that you were able to Revisit that Forest! I live in an Apartment Complex, that Borders an Incredible Acreage of Woods. However, I do miss living two Blocks from the Lowland Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State!

3 years ago


     That sounds like the Rainforest Area, in Quilcene. Deer, Squirrels and Birds, are Incredibly Tame at times. They Stop whatever it is that they are doing, just so you can take a Timeless Moment to Appreciate them and the Nature all around you!

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