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5 years ago

'They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable'
- Arabi Souri

5 years ago

Charli Chaplinn, long ago, quoted:

"You the people have the powere.

Soldiers,in the name of democracy, let us all unite".

5 years ago

I posted yesterday American dolphins trained by USA Navy landeed in Croatia

(read Adriatic sea) for deminig. Apart from horrible uses of intelligent dolphins,

Russian scattered over sea-coast in Montenegro got ballanced with USA Navy.

Adriatic is part of strategic Mediteranian sea.

5 years ago

Great video, Parsifal.

High Probability Of Something Big Happening Very Soon
5 years ago

The al-Qaeda linked terrorists are attacking an Israeli owned mall. Israel sent troops to help with the situation, most likely to kill the terrorists so they will not talk. We are now learning that these terrorist are made up of Americans, British and other countries but are linked to the al-Qaeda group. The government officials are building the case that these terrorists are all over the world, "lone wolves" and they are very hard to track. This build up is being done to convince everyone that al-Qaeda could strike at any moment. They will use this to get the war started in Syria/Iran.
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5 years ago

It seems like the world has a big appetite for oil.

5 years ago

Parsifal,thanks. I saw a map of futuristic Albania recentlly.Big appetite! Kosovo,South  Srbia, East of Montenegro ,West of Macedonia, North-West Greece. /They had USA support and its marionette in EU/.

Balkan peninsula is strategic point as a land (East-West) and path to Meditreanian sea controll. Middle East is strategic point too, but more over full with oil such as Lybia,Iraq... No more, or your topic will loose strength.

Letter from the Syrian Parliament to Congress
5 years ago

Aloha, Bilja C.

Apart from a/m, I heared Syria did not have foreign debt /before recent USA interference/Do you know something about?

Iam unable to attest but heard something similar, @ least (somewhere) I made an article, where is said, Syria had not and still does not have a (Centralized) Rothschild Banking System as we have, based on debts and interest rates.

The article (beyond Wikipedia - deception, as everyone, capable in inernet language may alter Wikipedia anytime - for any reason) is as of April 1987 but outlines well the structures of the Syrian banking system.

Interestingly, when the no-fly zone over Libya was imposed, the very first thing the raging Al-Qaeda did was destroying the States mint and is known, Libya had NO Rothschild Banking System but an other form of debt-free money - footing, not unlike Syria.

One of the remaining coutries w/o Rottenchild Bank established by Rothschild's right hand, George Soros - plotted 'colorful revolutions' as well as 'Arab Spring' is still The Iran, Cuba, North Korea as of today.

Even Russia, (imagine that) seems to have a debt based FIAT Banking System....

hope, my reply could help answering your question Bilja

5 years ago

Thanks for the article, Parsifal. He got what he deserved.

Letter from the Syrian Parliament to Congress
5 years ago

Apart from a/m, I heared Syria did not have foreign debt /before recent  USA interference/Do you know something about?

Letter from the Syrian Parliament to Congress
5 years ago

Meeting of the Syrian Parliament

Letter from the Syrian Parliament to Congress
The message, a letter from the Syrian Parliament was sent to the U.S. Congress, is completely concealed by the media.

Sure, this does not fit into the propaganda to always portray Syria negative and as  dictatorship.

What ?

They have a parliament, consisting also of opposition ?

The deputies are elected by the people ?

This must not know a Western audience.

They have to keep on believing, Assad is a tyrant, absolute ruler, eats children, so we can bomb Syria to the Stone Age without scruples.

The key message of the letter reads, Syria and the United States have a common enemy and have to stick together.

It is the extreme ideology of the Saudi Wahhabism, which financed the terrorist organization Al- Qaeda and support the terror attack on America on September 11, 2001 and carry out terrorist acts carried out for 2 1/2 years in Syria.

read more

this should answer Laura's wish 'I hope we don't go to war with Syria'
5 years ago

The former four-star General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and ISAF Commander in Afghanistan, as well as after discharge from the U.S. Army, Director of the CIA, was viciously cursed by students from the University of New York (CUNY).
On the way to his lecture at the university students called him a 'piece of %#&!*%', 'fascist', 'disgusting imperialist' and 'war criminal'.

check out read UPDATE, watch two videos

Petraeus accused of being a war criminal ~ UPDATE

Does Israel Have Chemical Weapons Too?
5 years ago

Exclusive: Does Israel Have Chemical Weapons Too?

One secret CIA file may have the answer


and related, a .pdf

Implications of Soviet Use of Chemical and Toxin Weapons for US Security Interests

only, the Zionesia Apartheid State does not allow UN officials to check their stockpiles of WMD's in DIMONA (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological) but denies to possess such means for genocide

5 years ago

Very true, Bilja.

5 years ago

Strategy is the same worn pattern-accusation, information blockade,economic

pressure, finally air strike. Than they will offer humaniatarian help etc.

Violence of political oligarhy and agression do not need facts as they produce them. Why they didn't give a lesson to rich allay-S.Arabia about democracy?

5 years ago

Great post, Parsifal. I hope we don't go to war with Syria.

The logic of the illogic of U.S. war policy
5 years ago

The U.S. regime pretends for a long time, rational arguments, logic, and the Law does not count for them.
America's actions can not be explained by normal scales and are completely contradictory.
At the latest, all started with the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.
As many common people think I thought at that time in 2002, WHAT exactly has 9-11 to do with Afghanistan and Iraq ?
Why America fight war against these countries, when 16 of the 19 alleged terrorists come from Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden, accused the head of the operation, was also a Saudi ?
Parsifal, September 7, 2013

Above: The gallery of Saudi terrorists, except the one in the middle, to this day along with Mossad and CIA stuck behind all the terrorist attacks and finance the Al - Qaeda and the war against Syria. Not one of the terrorists came from Afghanistan or Iraq.
Would it not have been logical reason to attack Saudi Arabia and to punish them ?

Ah yes, the justification for the war in Afghanistan was and still is, because the Taliban have 'housed' Osama Bin Laden.
The Taliban themselves had nothing to do with 9/11 and have not attacked America.
But just provided an 'accommodation' of the al-Qaeda leader was sufficient reason for the Bush administration to start the bombing campaign against the country and the invasion.

Wait a minute, the leader of the hijackers should have been Mohammed Atta, who lived from 1992 to 2001 in Hamburg, Germany and studied there for almost 10 years up to 9/11.
Why not then Hamburg was bombed by the Americans, but when the city granted this terrorist 'home' ?
I mean, where is the consequence of their twisted logic ?

The responsible for 9/11 counter-terrorism Secretary in the White House, Richard Clark said after his retirement from office, the decision by

read more watch videos

5 years ago

Great article from Global Research, Parsifial.

humanity and violence
5 years ago

the problems that humanity is having with regard to violence is becoming fairly much out of control. This is not to suggest that humanity has ever lived without violence. But merely to explain or attempt to explain that with the current advancements in technology that the violence humanity is engaging in have now become much more serious much more deadly and much more long-lasting. As a pacifist. My concern is not only the present day, but also, what kind of legacy we as humans the current day are actually leaving to our children. We as the humans in the world right now are not teaching our children how to live with each other without violence. Because if we were the violence in the world would not be escalating. At my age. Most of the violence in the world is not really going to affect me. But as a human rights advocate. My concern is and always has been for the legacy we are leaving to our children and future generations. In my heart I know that we humans can do better. And in my soul. I know we have to do better.

5 years ago

I can not fight ignorance dear siblings, I only can share what I know is right in order the ignorant can see and so detect the greater picture, which is, of course to satisfy the empire of arrogance's demand for full spectrum dominance. 'click'

Will This Photo Prevent the Military Aggression Against Syria ?
5 years ago

Something remarkable happened.
The New York Times, the most influential newspaper in the United States, has published on its front page a photo on Thursday, which may prevent the attack on Syria.
It shows how seven soldiers of the Syrian army were caught by the terrorists, kneeling on the ground, have their hands tied to the back and wait for their execution.
All have terrible wounds on their back and arms.
Behind them are exactly those which are provided and supported by the United States with weapons, training and also taxpayer's money.

After the leader Abdul Samad Issa reads a poem all prisoners be killed by headshots.
Then the bodies were thrown into a hole.
The below video shows this massacre of the New York Times online on their website !

(Viewer discretion advised)
Parsifal, September 6, 2013

read more, watch video

5 years ago

I don't support violence either, Nicole.

The liar Kerry at dinner with Assad
5 years ago

It is not so long ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (Kohn) visited Damascus and amicably met with President Dr. Bashar al -Assad.
Subsequently, both have taken dinner with their wives at a fancy restaurant in the Syrian capital.

Now slobbers Kerry like a madman for a war of aggression against Syria, spewing venom on him, foaming from the mouth of sheer belligerence and has Assad compared to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein on Tuesday.

continue reading

False Flags
5 years ago

To begin with, as a pacifist, I have never supported the use of violence, even when the republican menality of the Catholic church murdered millions of women duirng the burning times. Coming from a family where my grandfather, Maurice Maschke, in the 1920's actually ran the entire republican pary for all Northern Ohio, I grew up understanding the double standard by which the republican party lives, and operates. As a Sephardic Jew, not only am I one of the smallest minorities in the United States. But my ancestry goes back to coming from the same tribe that Jesus came from. I'm 62 years old. And in my life, I have been shot twice, stabbed three times, and beaten with crow bars and clubs. And every single beating that was delivered against me, and the two times I was shot, and the three times I was stabbed, all were done to me, by white Chiristian extremsists, who were, republicans. So when you talk about democrats being worthless. I wonder. For Jesus was a pacifist. And yet, the republicans who claim to be good Christians "refuse" under any circumstances, to follow the words that Jesus spoke at the sermon on the mount. In 62 years I have never struck a single human being. I have never lifted my hands in anger against a single human being. At the same time, due to how I have lived my life, I am rated as a sharpshooter with both handgun and rifle, in both the standing and prone position. But, as a pacifst, I have never owned a gun. Nor have I ever supported the use of violence between to people or any group of people. I have been asked not only by my fellow Jews, but by friends I have in the Middle east, about my position regarding the attack in Syria. I have communicated to my friends, in a number of the countries of the Middle East that I believe is the appropriate response, regarding Syria is that the UN should do to Syria what the UN has done, in the past, for other horrible crimes against humanity. For One, Sactions need to be placed upon, and against Syria. Secondly, the leader of Syria who has committed this horrible crime needs to be tried in the world court for his crimes against humanity. These responses have been shown, in the past, to be highly effective at dealing with monstors who have committed horrible human rights tragedies. But the republicans, again calling themselves good Christians, while at the same time supporting the use of violence and guns, are showing not only tha they have no desire to follow the words of their lord and savior Jesus Christ, who was a pacifist. But the republicans are at the same time showing their hatred for their lord and savior Jesus Christ, by refusing to obey his words spoken at the sermon on the mount. Jesus never supported the killing or the harming of a single human being. Yet so-callled good Christians all over the United States rush to own, operate and use guns to not only defend themselves, but also to attack others on the basis of racism and hatred. Again showing that such Christians have nothing but hatred for their own religion, and religious beliefs. And that such Christians are not good Christians, but filthy liars before God, and humanity, for refusing to follow the words of their lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have never wavered in my support for the brave men and women in the military or the police forces, and others, who every single day risk their lives to defend us, in the United States. But I never have supported the open violence that has resulted by the knee jerk reaction by republicans and other right wing extremists groups to use violence rather than nonviolent methods for dealing with human rights tragedies. My fellow Jews and I often end up disagreeing on this basis. For my fellow Jews often feel that using violence is an effective method for dealing with monsters who commit human rights tragedies. But I have never supported, the killing or the harming of a single human being, regardless of what they have done, whether it was intentional or not. And the reality is, that the so-called good Christians in the United States who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and then support bigotry and violence, are saying to their lord and savior Jesus Christ that they, as a result of their support for violence, do not mind burning in hell. Because that is what shall happen. I mean, if you are a christian, and claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and then act out, by your own free will choice, in ways that are clearly in direct violations of what Jesus said at the sermon on the mount. Don't expect Jesus to say thank you for disobeying his words. Using the book of Saul, which was not written by, nor are the words of Jesus Christ will not be a good enough excuse to prevent Jesus Christ from having all those who have refused to follow his words burn in hell for what they have done. And as I have always said, if the republicans who are using their religion for person gain, and to commit acts of violence, don't mind buring in hell for what they have done, then why should I care? The number of people in our world who use religion for person gain, or agendas is beyond disgusting. As a patriot to the United States I am prepared at any given second to lay my life down in defense of the United Staes and the freedoms and liberties of our nation. I just won't use a gun. So again, my response is that the UN should immediately apply sanctions against Syria and then have the world court bring the leader of Syria to trial for crimes against humanity. This has been what has worked in the past. And I do agree with others here, that since you have so much hatred for us, who are pacifsts, that perhaps this is the wrong venue for you to be associated with, or to comment to. But I hope you will find peace in your life where you can learn how to express your frustrations and your defense of human rights in a more non-violent manner. Be well.

5 years ago

Great post, Parsifial.

5 years ago

And, Allan, the U.S. together with the gov. of Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have conspired to apply a proxy-war run by Jihadists against Syria to destabilize the country and prepare for hostile takeover in the name of humanitarian help.....

Since WHEN war is a solution ?
And since WHEN is applying the same poison but in higher concentration a solution ?

All Wars Are Based On Deception !

Terrorists Have Used Poison Gas In Syria

Al Qaeda - friend enemy friend

Noam Chomsky: USA the Top Terrorist State

5 years ago

Alan, are you sure THIS is the proper group to stay ?

There are enough war mongering pro NeoCon, Zionist and pro Military Industrial Complex - PROMOTING pages within care2 -- time to move on ?

Maybe you have not understood, Dr. Assad has the support of 70+% of the Syrian population of a country as WAR -thorn as can be...

For +28 Months Islamist cut throats, supported by US. Taxpayers money, funded by Qatar and mostly Saudi Arabia raging in Syria.

These terrorists are simplified called 'Rebels' or even 'freedom Fighters' but many of them are Cannibals in all, committing the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity, wiping out the 27 minorities that co-existed in Syria for centuries and the media ?

Blaming Dr. Assad for killing his own people.

Truth can not be farther away as what the media is reporting.

In the name of the Syrian population, I demand an appology Alan !

- Love, Parsifal

your (above) post I copied to below, in case it will be deleted

Bull Crap On Your Flase Flag Attacks

Post Dates Get Messed Up All The Time.  This crap about false flags has got to stop.  A chemical attack happened over 1,400 people were killed in the attacks, over 400 of them were children.  Shame on all of you who don't believe the chemical weapon attack happened or think anyone other then the Assad regime was responsible.  The sooner Assad meets his fate the better and the sooner Syria will have a chance of peace.  I hope Congress gives President Obama War Authorization Powers.  This is one of the reaons I left the Democratic Party I got tired of all the isolationist and anti-war extremist.  There is a time for war when it will save people from massacre.  Shame on all the so called liberals and progressives who don't stand for human rights!!!

5 years ago

I believe that it happened.

Bull Crap On Your Flase Flag Attacks
5 years ago

Post Dates Get Messed Up All The Time.  This crap about false flags has got to stop.  A chemical attack happened over 1,400 people were killed in the attacks, over 400 of them were children.  Shame on all of you who don't believe the chemical weapon attack happened or think anyone other then the Assad regime was responsible.  The sooner Assad meets his fate the better and the sooner Syria will have a chance of peace.  I hope Congress gives President Obama War Authorization Powers.  This is one of the reaons I left the Democratic Party I got tired of all the isolationist and anti-war extremist.  There is a time for war when it will save people from massacre.  Shame on all the so called liberals and progressives who don't stand for human rights!!! 

5 years ago

Great post, Nicole.

the humanity of human rights
5 years ago

The sad thing is that all through world history, there have been those individuals and I would say mostly the majority of humans all the way back to the cave man were basically pretty much at ease about living near other cultural groups. At the same time, there were those members of any cultural group who became agitated with the proximity of other cultural groups nearby, whether they were tribes or cities or states or countries.

A little known fact is that one of the main reasons that Asians have had so many conflicts all over there, territories, and all through history has been because of one very simple genetic difference. The Mongoloid's or the Mongols have slants that go straight back. The Japanese have slants that go up. The Chinese have slants that go down. And by slants. I mean, the slants of their eyes.

Now what's amazing, is that this one little difference in the slant of the eyes has been at the heart of all of the racial problems in China, Japan and Mongolia. The three basic anthropological groups that started that entire region. So out of a physical difference. That was received between the three different cultural groups all sorts of misunderstandings and war have taken place. That will never change. Whether it is happening in Asia as a result of the slant of the eyes. Or whether it is happening in the United States based on religious preference or political party affiliation or skin color or gender or sexual status doesn't matter.

There are those of us who actually take pride in being able to get along in the world. And then there is the other group. The group of individuals who enjoys bloodshed. The group of individuals who enjoys killing and violence and war and death, and seeing people being murdered and killed and burned alive. And whether we like it or not there is that group in the world. And this one group as pervasive as it is from one country to the next, is basically responsible for driving this violence. And they use all sorts of excuses for their hatred and their violence. In the United States. The white Christian extremists of the United States declare that they are in a holy war defending God. That anyone who is not white and Christian is godless. But that's not true. Their own Bible says that.

I'm 62 years old. I'm going to be 63 in the matter of a few months. So at my age I don't have any hope whatsoever that we as humanity are going to progress beyond being so infantile and immature with regard to how we view ourselves or each other. That's just not going to happen. But what I can do is to write articles regarding human rights, and my own life here and in my own journal. Whereby, as a result, people who are reading what I write will then understand that whether we like it or not, either. We learn how to get along or the way and the manner in which we are killing each other become more efficient and deadlier and uglier. It's only a matter of time before we get to a point where we will be able to literally eradicate the earth of various types of ethnicities, just like we have done with animals. And if we do that if we go down that very dark and ugly road we are not going to be humanity anymore.

This is why you. Meaning all of you in this group and everyone who is reading what I am writing who is much younger than I am, or even a little younger than I am. You are the ones who are out there. You are the activists. I am an advocate. All I do is write down the arguments. When you were the ones who are out there in the field, talking to people relating to people fighting for these causes. It's your world. And it's the world that our children are growing up into. We will never completely eradicate the type of behavior inhumanity of that group of humans who love to see violence and war and killing. At least not in the short term. But we do have the possibility and the chance to be able to finally help humanity did grow up enough and become mature enough to understand that the fewer of us that survive the less chance that any of us have to survive.

I am nothing in all of this. I am nothing at all. I'm just one single human soul out of 7 billion in the world. I don't matter to this world. More than the blink of an eye. And that is the reality of it. That is the heart of it. But the fact is my words can actually instill and inspire in other people, creative discovery within themselves where they might ask themselves better questions. And that's exactly my purpose. To try and help others to be able to ask better questions of themselves, their friends, their families. And to do so with the intention of giving all of us as human beings. A better understanding of human rights, not only in the here and now. But the human rights we are giving to our children.

One way or the other, no matter how many generations. It may take. Humanity will finally grow up. Humanity will finally mature. Humanity will finally get to that point where they become so frightened of extinguishing themselves that they put down their weapons and they put aside their hatred and their anger and begin to do the real job, which is why they were created, or even put here on this planet in the first place. To live.

Thank you

5 years ago

my newest essay, I just posted as an attack on Syria seems inevitable and imminent

The propaganda selling us the next war

I request all readers to contact the media and politicians and to speak out and to resist in the strongest terms against the propaganda and warmongering - Parsifal

5 years ago

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

SHAMSNN's utube channel is a real footage channel as the terrorists uploading every war crime to this channel in proudness (either is SHAMSNN a terrorist himself or a sympathizer) bears over 200.000 videos of atrocities committed by the Islamist cutthroats raging in Syria for 28+ months, collaborating with Extremist Saudi Arabia and Zionist Israel ... (interesting...)

I'm not saying all the people of Israel are Zionists but their government which is an ally of the USSA and also Saudi Arabia which form of government (kingdom of the Sauds) is bare of human rights and indeed camouflaged as Islam namely Rothschild Zionism.

In the contrary many of the honest and dilligent people of Israel oppose their government for it's Apartheid Policy, meddling in foreign affairs and the increasing living costs.

latest footage

18+ graphic ! The Terrorists, Obama Supported - Syria and Iraq, August 2013

and an essay of Tony Cartalucci:

Did the West Gas Thousands to Rescue Failed Syrian War?
5 years ago

That's terrible! Thanks for sharing.

Another Poison Gas False Flag
5 years ago
| Discussions

Actually, I'm tired to check what the media present to us as sensational messages, if it is true, or is it again a deception and falsehood.

In the past 12 months, the assertion has often been formulated, the Syrian Army has used poison gas and every time it has proven to be a hoax.

As well as the latest horror story.

It is so very easy to see it is again a staging and False Flag Operation of the terrorists in Syria to finally achieve a Western military intervention against the country.

This brings us to the question of who benefits from a poison gas application ?

Only, the answer who is behind it, namely, those which have made the claim, the so-called Syrian opposition.

But, let's look at the facts.

Parsifal, August 22, 2013

read more here


How is that possible ?

How to upload videos of victims a day earlier on Youtube when the attack happened a day later ?


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