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9 years ago
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To the Ministry of Environmental Protection Of Ukraine

We,the undersigned,
 are absolutely horrified to read  in the newspaper the following article,about shooting and burning animals as part of preparations of  Eurofoot 2012. Ukrainian authorities are now using a MOBILE Crematorium to exterminate stray animals," By Lisichansk goes ... mobile crematorium"

"Approached an original way to solve the problem of homeless animals in Lysychansk Luhansk region (eastern region of Ukraine). The local authority has acquired a mobile crematorium for the destruction of stray animals. Mobile team, consisting of a driver, operator and arrow, hunting for stray dogs with a special gun - shpritsemeta. Next umertvlennyh animals are cremated in a special furnace utilizer at 900 degrees. Crematorium on wheels cost the city about 198 thousand UAH. (About U.S. $ 30 000). He transferred to the balance of public road transport enterprise "Kommuntrans", which is engaged in the export of urban garbage.

According to residents Lisichansk, there are cases still burning alive of dogs and cats. However, the question of legality and morality does not care about the authorities of the city.

Until recently, in Lisichansk dogs destroyed by shooting. Now the government resorted to a "more modern, environmentally safe, in their view, the way the destruction of animals. Inspired by hunting, the power had forgotten about the Law of Ukraine "About %u0437%u0430%u0445%u0438%u0441%u0442 tvarin vid zhorstokogo povodzhennya.

Lisichansk - a small town (area - 101 sq. Km., Population - 106 thousand inhabitants). The concentration of homeless animals in it is not critical and could be easily brought under control. Money spent on the purchase of gas vans from the city budget (198 thousand UAH, which is about 30 thousand U.S. dollars) and dalneshie to spend on its services (the salary of three persons, procurement of drugs for immobilization of animals, fuel, service station) would be sufficient to address the problem of homeless animals through sterilization.

However, the power is not concerned about humane thoughts. Lisichansk offers dog-killers in other cities and districts of the region. Mobile gas vans widely advertised as a modern model for solving the problem of homeless animals.

By Angelica Komarova( google translatedWe, hereby, animal activists and animal lovers worldwide  are protesting against this kind of "cleaning" and kindly ask you to stop this horrible abuse of homeless animals, which didnt asked to be on earth as  a problem,please observe the

LAW OF UKRAINE No. 3447 %u2013 IV

On the Protection of Animals from Cruelty

and find other, modern ,human ways as:  spay neuter and release, building modern shelters for the stray animals.
Untill you will kill the strays, we will encourage people not to visit your country and not to participate at  Eurofoot 2012,Regards,

9 years ago

signed will forward

9 years ago

Signed and crossposted xx

9 years ago


9 years ago

Signed! This is insane and beyond cruel!

9 years ago

Definitely signed.. Thanks Cristina!

Another Petition: a French one
9 years ago



Automatic translation


An initiative led by Tomi Tomek of SOS-cats Noiraigue

SAG-Tribe Coalition and Canibook (associations)

Michael Ngoy Freiburg Gottéron (Ice Hockey)

Philippe Salvi for Neuchâtel Xamax (Soccer)

Full Record:
Tomi Tomek
Franck Passet


As part of preparations Eurofoot 2012 the Ukrainian authorities now use a crematorium MOBILE to exterminate stray animals, its latest are mostly live, an invention which they are proud!

This atrocity is visible towards the end of this video which shows the installation but not cremation, there are also graves of animals in this country.

Today is the sports world who decided to rally to show his disapproval of the methods used by the government despite the recommendations for sterilization campaign.

This petition aims to bring together players, chairmen, clubs, associations, leagues, etc. of all sports to stop this abomination nights tourism, respect for the animal and sport in general.

Play YES.

Killing NO.

Thank you for your participation and good sporting greetings to everyone




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9 years ago

This is an "old" petition that I signed on Apr 9, 2009

9 years ago

Signed.Why must this horrorand cruelty continue

9 years ago

Why must we do this to our fellow creatures? When humans did it to humans we called it a war crime. Perhaps this is a different kind of war, but it is still a crime.

Protest the brutal treatment of animals in Ukraine
9 years ago


A concerned Ukrainian supporter contacted us regarding the cruel treatment of homeless dogs in Ukraine. Rather than building a shelter, she reports that the authorities have constructed a 'mobile crematorium', which travels through cities where people catch stray dogs and throw them alive into the furnace. Please politely contact the Ukrainian Embassy to protest about this shocking cruelty.

Write to:

Ukrainian Embassy
60 Holland Park
London W11 3SJ
Tel: 020 7727 6312


More addresses for Ukrainian Embassies can be found here

9 years ago


9 years ago

Meci Christina ... Signé ...

9 years ago

Signed, thanks Christine

9 years ago

Paola, crossposted the link of Animal Aid! Thanks!

9 years ago

Signed the petition but for some reason I fail to email to the addresses provided to complain. Maybe I should contact Microsoft for that

9 years ago

Spread the word

The success of "UKRAINE,STOP BURNING STRAY DOGS ALIVE BECAUSE OF EUROFOOT 2012 ---" depends on caring people like you to spread the word. Please tell 5 friends about this important issue.

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6 years ago


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