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Medical Martial Law
13 years ago

Rather than sceptism about bird flu....   it might just be more beneficial to accustom oneself to what POWERS could be enforced in the event of :-

Medical Martial Law  (from the FluWiki site - where the WISE & KNOWING are preparing)

Wacko's in Waco?
13 years ago
This bill may be bad news, but the armed to the teeth people out to protect their own may be even worse. Some how the bill written by a bunch of right wingers gets turned into a liberal government take over???
I agree that a Medical Martial Law bill would be an encroachment on our freedoms, but loading up on ammo and going to war with the government is not the intelligent way to deal with it.
I can't believe that people still hate the poor so much that they are willing to surrender all beliefs of equality under the law that built our country in the first place. Believe me, I became disabled five years ago, and the real problem is getting any medical treatment at all. The medical organization of this country is in total disarray, the idea that they could organize to even deal with an epidemic is fantasy, and as for the military enforcing it, How? We don't even have enough military to enforce such a project in one small State, much-less the whole country.
My Opinion the bill needs public media scrutiny. Surely people with more level heads would weed out the police State parts and make it more reasonable and useful for us all.
As to those who believe arming themselves is an answer, they need to get a grip and understand that "We the People" is just that, a nation of laws built on intelligence not Guns and Texas law. After all it has been the Cowboy Texas mentality that has done so much destruction to our Country the last six years. My only son a US Marine did not give up his life to support ignorance. Grow up folks, and puts your guns back in the closet.
13 years ago

I think you will find (if you were to read a site like FluWiki) that the people who are `arming` themselves are NOT doing so with any intention of threatening the government, but rather its for the purpose of dealing with the `gangs` who might crawl the streets looking to steal, and to take whatever food & water they can get their hands on.   When it comes to protecting one`s own children - then if the law breaks down - rest assured `every man for himself` will be the ONLY law that matters.        I dont think people get a true grasp of what it would be like.   People saw Katrina - saw the looting - saw the desperation - that was only in a few areas. Imagine it throughout all states - and countries.    Here in the U.K. gun ownership is not as flexible as in America.  A friend of mine has just put in for a cert - and what a performance having to get important people to sign for him.  

One of the things that concerns me is that with a breakdown in the law & security - it would leave any of our countries more open to terrorist attacks - bearing in mind that not all areas are bound to be affected at once and therefore terrorist cells could still be operational.   Thats one good reason why I personally feel its a very grave error of judgement to be upseting Iran at the minute.

Continental Media Misunderstanding
13 years ago
From what I had read on the FluWiKi site before I wrote the last, is what I was basing my opinion on. What I read there sounded like standard Neoconservative talk that we have become accustom to here in America. Building up fear of our neighbors, liberal bashing, and the standard rhetoric of those who claim to hold the upper moral ground.
Caring L I believe our opinions are closer to each others, that the Media Hype portrays, and please do not take the opinions I read on FluWiKi make you believe that they are the America that we live here. We all, conservative and liberal alike are 90 percent more reasonable than the extremist opinions that I read on FluWiKi.
For one thing, most Americans are not gun owners, nor do we want to be. If we lived in the kind of fear  expressed up there, I'd want a little Nuke, a massive machine gun would do no good if the circumstances were as they built them into. We don't have gangs of poor people raping our children, and stealing our food, and we are more civilized than to turn to that. The only people who promote that thinking are the NeoCONservatives who tend to think much like the terrorist do. After all, the very definition of Terrorist is to Terrorize. They want people to be in fear, that is their whole point. That is the entire Bush administrations reason for going to war with Iraq, they told Americans that they were going to Nuke us, and could do it.  I very much agree with you about treading very carefully when it comes to Iran right now. Because of Bush's Misleadership of the past, even America is in a much weaker position to deal with Iran now. The whole world knows this, and we all need to take the Iran Nuclear problem seriously, but with much MUCH more care. Bush's mistakes, have made the whole world less stable.
As to Gangs in America. This is a terrible distortion made by the news media. Only a couple of America's  largest cities have gangs at all, and 99 percent of the gang activity is committed against other gangs. Calling the looting in New Orleans after Katrina gangs is another distortion made in the wake of Katrina. This was another failure on behalf of the Bush Administration to get food and help to people who were literally starving and dying because they were trapped. We have a Government agency called FEMA that was suppose to be there to help, but as a video tape now clearly shows, Bush did not take the flooding seriously and did not order the help in there to the people until it was too late. Even the American news was reporting that the looting was justified when most of it was people trying to get food to keep their children alive. Of course there were some idiots stealing things they didn't need, but it would have happened that way anywhere that a circumstance such as that was had taken place.
I have friends in UK and in Europe, I realize that people on that side of the Ocean get a very distorted picture of how things are here in America. The truth is that most of us do care about each other over here, most of us have very little use for Politicians who do not keep their word, and we do respect our right to disagree, but most Americans would take food out of their own cabinet to feed their neighbor if they saw that they were hungry. We know that our media getting a clear picture out of what is happening to our own Country, so we are living in much confusion. I do believe the idea is beginning to become clearer, and our government is in line for major changes come this fall. The people who are pushing this Medical Martial Law idea are about to get the boot, that idea has very little chance of ever getting passed into law. Most of us know that our leaders have failed to follow our own laws. I bet you don't hear over there that polls have shown the 52 percent of Americans have believed since last October that President Bush should be Impeached. We know we have been lied too, and the Indictments against President Bush and many in his administration are being written up at this time.
I hope you have a nice day over there, we in Indiana USA are finally getting some much needed rain.
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