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4 years ago

Welcome, Jeanne R. !

6 years ago

Thank you for my welcome. We have furbabies. 4 bunnies and 2 guinea pigs. The bunnies names are Hayward and Galadriel (they are a bonded pair), Herman and Lily. The piggies are sister and were adopted together. Their names are Goldie and Kate, but we call her Katybear. ) All rescues! Galadriel is our newest baby rescued a year ago and we still can't pet or touch her.

6 years ago

Welcome, Tami J. !

7 years ago

Welcome Victoria T. !

7 years ago

Welcome, Anne M. !

8 years ago

Welcome to the Care2 community & to Prayers for Pets, Allegra W. !

8 years ago

Welcome both to Care2 & Prayers for Pets, Leoni B. !

8 years ago

Welcome, Andrea O. !

8 years ago

Welcome to Prayers for Pets, K.B. !

8 years ago

Welcome, Heidi H. !

8 years ago

Welcome, Barbcat, my friend ! You & this group are a perfect match.

Post requests for prayers in the current "Prayers/Intercessions" thread, so we can check easily in one place for the pets in need.

Our "Rainbow Bridge" thread is to announce a pet's "passing over", and to offer sympathies.

And if you like, there's a Group Tag for your Profile Page !

8 years ago

Welcome to Jamie S. !

8 years ago

Welcome, Lynae W. ! Good to have you with us.

8 years ago

Welcome, Mimi !

I'm sorry about your Suzie girl...


I'll make sure to add her to our Prayers/Intercessions thread, where some of us check in to see who needs healing thoughts & prayers.

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hi im new here
8 years ago

hi Pamylle..thank you for the invitation..i need you and eve1 here to please save a prayer for our Suize..that she recover from whatever she has..myb partner just call me and she still waiting in the waiting room while our Suzie is in pain..i will appreciate all your trying to saty calm and positive but it is hard when you are alone home waiting for news..thank you

8 years ago

Welcome Neall S. !

9 years ago

Thanks for the welcome Pamylle,i have to be honest too,my feelings are very similiar to Joanna's,i'm a very compassionate person and i also believe in the power of our hearts & minds...i'm happy to be part of this group but all the cruelty really gets to me...its in my head almost contantly...not nice!

9 years ago

A BIG welcome to our newest members:


-- Anne T.

-- Marta B.

-- Margaret S.

-- Animalib N.

Good to have you with us !

9 years ago

Welcome to our group, Wanda S. !

Glad you've joined us !

9 years ago

Welcome, Joanna D. !

Traditional religious "beliefs" (which I am often not comfortable with as well) are not required here.

That intention affects our manifested reality is now a scientific theory, and not solely a matter of mysticism.

It is beneficial for us to be in a state of loving intention & compassion, and it does no harm to the recipient, at the very least.


We are honored to have an activist of your caliber here, and welcome whatever energy & sensibilities you bring !

9 years ago

Joanna, my sweet and dear friend.  Energy works for good or evil.  And in this little group we combine our energy for good.  I often doubt my own beliefs in a Creator - especially when I see another horror story.  Belief is very personal, but you are welcome here.  Spread your beautiful energy over these animals - and we thank you for all you do, for your caring, for your actions.  Big hug from me and all the woofs and kitties here.

9 years ago

Dear Friends

Eureka just sent me a link to the photos of animals - I'm sorry but it's too much to read and watch them all....


At first I didn't want to join the group

because of that I wrote above

because I can't pray, I don't believe in any god, I don't believe there is anything after our death, because I think "don't pray just do something"


and maybe because of that it is so difficult for me to understand that there has to be so much evil on the world, that we have to suffer, that we have to die - very often like all the animals and my friends too early....


but I believe in power of our hearts and minds, I believe that if we want something enough we can achieve that

and maybe if we want together the same it doesn't matter if we ask gods, fortune or whatever for help, it matters that we all produce a kind of good energy which might help


that's why I'm with you with all my heart

9 years ago

Welcome to our circle, Shirley R. !

Good to have you with us !

9 years ago

Welcome, all. there is strength in numbers. The more we demonstrate our love for all animals, the closer to our personal God we feel.
all animals go to the great hereafter, enjoying eternity, free of pain and abuse and abandonment.
thank you, Pamylle, for your continued in leading this special group.
Love and hugs, clara

9 years ago

Welcome, Marie T. !

Good to have you here with us, adding your compassionate energy to the lovely dynamic of this very special group.

I agree with you, dear Eureka - this group is indeed a "sacred space" !

9 years ago

Apologies.  I've been very lax in welcoming friends.  Pamylle thank you for doing the honours.   For me personally this group is a sacred space - unlike anything else at Care2.  Here I can truly open my heart - and just work with the healing power of my Creator.  It is a space where I can be quiet inside, listening to the animal voices, clearly hearing them and seeing them, even those who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  When I touch up photos of animals who need prayers, even just a RIP, my soul flies.  I absolute suck at Photoshop, and have not had time to learn the software package well, but as I dabble I know that the animals on the screen are with me, watching my fumbling efforts to honour them.  It is a balm for my so often agonised soul and my form of prayer.

Welcome to this sacred space.

Love of all creatures great and small
9 years ago

I am so happy to have found a group of people who I can associate with I could not live without animals in my life. I have 3 cats and three dogs at the moment they are such a big part of my life when I awake in the morning and see their smiling faces it gives me hope for the day,
The last of my 9 cats died 3 years ago aged 23 (Hugo) I still miss them all but I guess I had Hugo longer I pray for him every night. I cried and cried seeing Eurekas site and I shall add as Many of those dear being in my prayers.
Thank you Eureka for making me even more aware of the desperate plight all over the world of these darlings who give us unconditional love and comfort.
Together let us try and do as much as possible for them.

9 years ago

A warm welcome to our newest member:


-- Leanne H.


Glad you've chosen to join us here !

9 years ago

Thank you, Pamylle~~good to be here! I have 2 dogs and a cat and all the woodland animals in my backyard! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

9 years ago

Welcome to our newest members:


-- Teresa d.

-- annmarie d.

-- Tami S.


So glad you've joined us ! We look forward to getting to know you and your furkids !

9 years ago

Welcome to our circle, Sue C. !

9 years ago

I am overjoyed to awaken this morning & to find you have joined us, dear Eureka ! Welcome !

9 years ago

Thank you for inviting me to join this group Pamylle.  The tears are flowing - I needed to be here.  I know you are all holding me tight right now.  Blessings and gratitude.  Eureka

Welcome & Sign in New Members
9 years ago
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Welcome to our group, Victoria K. !

We hope you will find some comfort here among friends who understand how important animals are in our lives.




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