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Where Butterflies Come From
5 years ago



never forget the joy of a smile...

5 years ago

Different! It certainly made me smile. Wasn't expecting that.

5 years ago

I wasn't expecting that, either...if it makes you smile, enjoy.

My reaction: ho-hum...I suppose everything must be sexualized in a narrow these butterflies only come from young models...? More "drool factor" than the sheer delight butterflies suggest.

5 years ago

My guess is Pamylle what you describe come from your choice of vision not mine.


I will say to be blunt, you make no butterflies as your own glass is neither half full nor half empty, it simply has a leak.


I make giant butterflies as does my dog...I also make the occasional moth. I do this for if I did not I would be like you.


There is no spirit in you only words.


Your lack of insight and aloofness from joy in any form is a very dark place indeed, you are the only person on this site who has not smiled especially since the concept was directed at Care2 for the Butterfly credits and the constant bitching about who gets what and why did Miss X get more than me.  Selfish greed indeed.


Several Care2 staff sent green stars because it's an innocent and surprising bit of fun; sorry you missed it but you always seem to do so.


Have a bland day and remember no mater what if you see a child laugh or make funny faces when someone farts, instruct them in how wrong it is.




the butterflies said leave them alone, they fart too....

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