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Guidance and Contemplations for Going Within November 09, 2004 4:32 PM

Inner Reality –vs- Outer Phenomena: There is only one true reality, which we have many perceptions of. Why is it that you only temporarily feel fulfilled, happy and content? The greatest wealth and worldly successes known to exist in material form can never pacify the inner being. We have been taught that success is measured by our professional rankings and title, by how much money we make, how powerful we are and by how many possessions we own. This way of thinking has caused the most successful people as defined in our society to suffer from depression, alcoholism, heart-break, greed, materialism, confusion, loneliness, and every dis-ease known. Once you go past all the materialistic goals and attachments a bigger reality is opened; one that requires you to go within. Have you ever taken the time to get to know this reality? The inner feelings which stops us from making certain choices and draws us to pursuing others is very real. Our society is not in contact with this reality. We are experts at suppressing and distracting ourselves from feeling. Somehow we believe that a bigger house or flashier car will make everything better. Nothing changes until we expand our perception of existence. To discover the vastness of the Universe you must understand your own nature and existence. Begin by listening to your inner voice. Observe your thoughts and you will become an expert in understanding yourself. Slowly re-program your thoughts from negative, angry ones to positive, loving ones. When you truly take the time to get to know yourself a whole world of possibilities is opened up to you. Instead of feeding your ego begin feeding your soul by choosing to interact with others honestly, lovingly, and acceptingly. When we release our attachments to material gain, ego boosting and acceptance from others our self-image transforms from the physical shape to the universal form of our human bodies. Which exists from the subtle energy-light body of the Universe. All of our collective thoughts have created the outer phenomena in the World. If you truly wish for happiness then you will nurture and acknowledge your inner reality. When you begin to acknowledge and listen to the Universal knowledge you become one with reality and the true nature of all phenomena is understood to be emptiness- void of any substance. Seek guidance from realized beings that will guide you to having faith in the true teacher within. Become one with your breath, connecting compassion and love with knowledge and equanimity; for the happiness of all beings.  [ send green star]
Part 2: Guiding Wisdom November 09, 2004 4:33 PM

Guiding Wisdom: I follow my heart in all I am doing. Radiating love through my soul’s purpose and intention. Heart guiding all, embracing love evolves my soul’s purpose and intention. Present in each moment. Unlimited, non-judgmental; everything is relative. All I do is meditation, the true nature of my being. Mindfulness is practiced through body, feelings, mind and all phenomena. We are all Universal energy. I practice un-attachment. In all beings I respect the opportunity for enlightenment. As if one, with their Buddha nature. Cultivating compassion for all suffering in the World; with respect and love I am open to all paths chosen by sentient beings. I dedicate all the merits of my practice to the enlightenment of all beings in the Universe. All appearances in time are equal. May I remain humble when sharing knowledge and experiences gained through my being in practice. Communicating with utmost honesty and sincerity to benefit those I share with. The inner heart of light glows in the depth of my soul, opening to Universal truth and knowledge. Intuition guides me to unfold all that is needed for the presence of my being. Knowledge gained through research is most beneficial and necessary for this path. Let us cultivate direct efforts and awareness through being patient, mindful and skillful in what we work on now. At each moment we are creating our reality, the manifestation of our deepest thoughts and being. Let us remain grounded in all we do. Not rushing through experiences; let us acknowledge each challenge with the time and space needed for us to grow and gain wisdom. Let our intentions be pure and guide us in our actions. All wisdom gained we will share openly to all who cross our path. Letting love, knowledge and oneness be the connection of all our actions. We remain open to clearing all karma of the past and in it’s clearing we are at peace with cause and effect or yin and yang of all Universal being. If I fall into the lure of samsara lessons, may you continue your path uninhibited. Through un-attachment let our ego’s fade away, along with all phenomena. Knowing all obstacles are nothing more than distractions from our purpose of self-realization. When we choose to go within all Truths are remembered. Perceptions of the World and ourselves are expanded. We realize all suffering is created in our minds. Emotions come from thoughts of the past. Our essence is energy light body. Faith embraces love and life. Being happy. NOW!  [ send green star]
Part 3: November 09, 2004 4:33 PM

Being Guidance: I choose now to relinquish ego, embracing emptiness and mindfulness. Cultivating compassion, love, joy and equanimity for the enlightenment of all beings, I dedicate my practice. Present in each moment. Open to Universal Knowledge and non-judgmental; everything is relative. Guidance from the heart chakra connects body, mind, and spirit to pure light energy. Feeling the subtle waves of intuition is the key to all realms of existence. Mindfulness is exercised through meditation which is practiced all the presence. Releasing attachment to time emptiness is understood. Awareness that all beings are one I choose un-attachment to any phenomena. Seeing all suffering as paths to enlightenment, I respect all beings equally as my mother, the Buddha and Bodhisattvas. Embracing and opening fully to this path which I may travel many aeons. In this lifetime I strive to free all beings from suffering through my own self-realization. Understanding that I can not guide others while I am still in the realm of Samsara; my meditation becomes my home, work, and life. Until the day when all truths are understood with perfect harmony and balance; this is my path. I am energetic light the evolving body of life. Here to guide all beings to true healing. Free from ignorance and pain. Floating blissfully in Nirvana. Until this realization exists. I choose Universal Being.  [ send green star]
Part 4: November 09, 2004 4:34 PM

only by request after interest and understanding shown in first 3 parts. thank you ~Ki  [ send green star]
Part 5: November 09, 2004 4:38 PM

Being Wealthy or Getting Wealthy?: The greatest wealth is not something you must work hard to go get for it is already within you; but must be accepted, acknowledged and embraced. Material gain is only a distraction from the greatest wealth obtained by going within. Once you have material wealth you must continue working hard to get more. Once you have embraced your true wealth an endless open field of more is always there. What is true wealth? It’s not material gain: house, car, stocks, antiques, collectables, etc. It’s much bigger and more valuable than these possessions. It’s not seen where the CEO or VP sits with all their power and control. It’s more powerful yet subtly present without control. What is truth? The truth is not one way, this way, right or wrong. The truth is ever evolving and void of preconceptions. The truth does not analyze, criticize, or patronize but knows all being equally relevant and valid. What is the greatest wealth? It is being free from power and control. Seeing yourself and others as a real jewel; priceless. It is living each moment as if it were your last moment. Breathing deeply and fully. Taking know one or nothing for granted. Expecting nothing but enjoying everything; immensely. Investing your energy in peace by being loving, kind, caring, sincere and compassionate to all beings. What is the difference between getting wealthy and being wealthy? Getting Wealthy: You must learn a service or skill, which will get you paid and then “climb the ladder” for more money. Competing with everyone who gets in your way. You accept that wealth is measured by the dollar earned and how much stuff you possess. You are in debt to the government. Earning more to spend more on bills. Paying off credit card bills, hospital bills, health insurance, car, home insurance, college tuitions, loans, mortgages, etc. Being Wealthy: You study going within through teachers, mentors, hands-on learning; in order to free yourself from suffering and understand yourself and others. Wealth is felt inside as less suffering, more understanding, compassion and love. Wealth is not measured by how much stuff you have but by how happy you are internally regardless of your external circumstances. Benefits of each: Getting Wealthy: All material wealth is obtained through the destruction and exploitation of natural resources. The benefit is short-term relief from suffering through living in an illusory state of fulfilling desires, expectations, wants and unnecessary needs. Long-term there are no real benefits of this way which supports and promotes directly or indirectly suffering, greed, attachments and materialism. Being Wealthy: The Earth is treaded on lighter-preserving and sustaining natural resources. Keeping the Earth cleaner and healthier. Only simple living quarters are needed which leaves more room for natural pleasures and enjoyment of mother nature.  [ send green star]
continued: November 09, 2004 4:39 PM

More time is utilized to care for all beings and making the World a better place by cultivating compassion and love. No war, hate, and other destructive behaviors are supported. Being wealthy we choose to give fully to others our abundant wealth of love and compassion creating a more peaceful existence. Theirs no worries of not having enough wealth for ourselves or needing to compete with others to obtain more. Theirs only good from being wealthy. The list of benefits is as endless as the wealth of being itself. Impact of getting wealthy on the World: The list is as endless as the suffering, hate, greed, sadness, and unfulfilled natures of this way. Visit and see all the petitions and all the groups created by individuals. These are all phenomena created by getting wealthy. When does the cycle end? Will it stop before our Earth is destroyed or will we destroy ourselves in order to obtain this illusion of wealth outside of us? Guidance and Contemplation Practice: List your own benefits and impacts of getting wealthy vs being wealthy. Really observe your impact on the Earth and the impact of each of these ways of living. Expanding your reality beyond monetary values feel the depth of being values and experience how your way of living can improve as you help others.  [ send green star]
Part 6: November 09, 2004 4:39 PM

Prescription for Releasing Ego: When we embrace the feelings from our heart we open up to our intuition, which often guides us in certain ways or paths we’re unfamiliar with. When we explore these unfamiliar paths and overgrown trails a lot of chaos may be involved. Amidst the chaos many lessons and much growth is always present and ripe for the picking. When we practice cultivating love and compassion it might be natural for us to help complete strangers or stop unhealthy relationships because we see the underlying value of letting go to helping others. Subtly or dynamically when our intentions are with compassion and love we touch lives in ways we may never understand or know about. But it’s not important to know, just be always. This is the highest calling of a Bodhisattva. This is your calling if and when you choose to embrace and acknowledge it! Touching lives and helping people heal does not require physical presents but a pure mental awareness and opening of all your energy channels to receiving healing requests and opportunities to help others in the most unexpected ways. Let’s think about these two concepts for a moment: Acting for Ego gratification and Being to express love and compassion for others. When you are acting for ego gratification; holistically speaking, you are out of balance and out of touch with true reality. Symptoms of this imbalance may include; all starting with you: 1. You must be acknowledged for your good deeds. 2. “ need and demand appreciation and respect from others. 3. “ make choices based upon opportunities to be acknowledged, respected and appreciated by others. 4. “ are very concerned for your own welfare first; and then others, if at all. 5. “ love to talk about yourself; mostly complaining about your needs that have not been met by others. Prescription for Releasing your Ego: 1. Do something kind for someone without them knowing it was you. 2. Smile at everyone you pass by; rather they smile or not and visualize them as your equal or as you equally. 3. Give someone a hug and do it with love. 4. Listen to others instead of talking about yourself and your problems all the time. 5. Do something for someone you feel does not appreciate you and do it without expecting appreciation but just because it will help them. 6. Really think about how it would be to be in another’s shoes. Not someone rich and famous but someone you find less fortunate. Help them by volunteering for a shelter or other non-profit organization in your community. 7. Open your heart by spreading your arms out, breathing deeply and visualize yourself as not an “I” but as “the Universe”, one with all life forms. Say, “We are all one. I love and respect all life, my brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. My whole universal family. I express love and compassion all the time for everyone I meet. Letting go of ego and embracing love and compassion, every moment, now!”  [ send green star]
Continued: November 09, 2004 4:40 PM

The visualizations and affirmations are helpful for re-programming your ego self into a more open and free energetic-self. Hope you take these practices to heart and share love and compassion for everyone. This day, this moment, your breath is a precious blessing! Do not take it for granted. Lovingly, ~Ki Questions for Going Within: What am I creating in my life which is harmful or unhealthy for my growth? What choices have I made which are creating my present unhappiness? What choices can I make differently, which will free me from suffering? What chaos of others; family, friends, etc am I choosing to be responsible or involved in? Am I really changing their situations or encouraging their chaos by feeding the flames? What can I do now to help them make healthier choices? How can I be to encourage their growth and continue my own practice?  [ send green star]
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