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Pt 7: Living Now and Being Present November 15, 2004 10:00 AM

Now is the moment you have been given. Nothing else is certain! What will you choose in this moment; with this very breath? Thereís actually no choice but living now, being now. The question is will you accept that your life is a gift, a rare jewel or will you live blindfolded, numb to reality choosing to live in your own small, boxed reality? In order to expand your awareness past the walls of your box and beyond all borders of societal reality; no outer travel of miles is needed. What you need is compassion and love. With the cultivation of these two ingredients itís possible for you to travel vast amounts of space without leaving your home. Your physical age will be less apparent because you will start thinking more curiously like a child. When your curious about the creation of all phenomena and begin seeking a greater understanding, the world you live in expands as your understanding increases. When you question everything, and nothing is accepted blindly without having some knowledge or experience then you will become more alive with confidence and energy. When you donít just settle for what is, but choose to create your reality now for the benefit of all beings, a deep satisfaction begins to manifest. This way of being and living touches lives throughout the whole Universe! Imagine for a moment in time having nothing of real monetary value, but feeling completely happy. This is an opportunity, which is very rewarding and obtainable by all. The poor defined by our society actually are at a great advantage for obtaining such an experience. They must live frugally and therefore can more easily adapt to this way of releasing material gain for inner gain. The best examples of being wealthy in this way can be explained through the following models: spirituality, Buddhism, holistic living and sustainable, intentional communities. Without emphasizing labels I will define each as it applies to being wealthy in the most simple terms. Spirituality: Acknowledging you have a spirit and soul, an energy-body and that you are much bigger than your physical body. Buddhism: Practiced through meditation towards non-suffering, enlightenment, understanding yourself and others without judgment and attachments to exterior phenomena. Holistic: Being and acting with an awareness and understanding of all levels of existence: body, mind and spirit. Practicing the most natural and gentle ways to benefit all these levels of being. Sustainable, intentional communities: Communities created which use minimal resources outside of nature for basic needs and which share a common vision, working actively together to carry out their common purpose. These are concepts which when embraced and cultivated will help manifest healthy collective thoughts in the world and will bring us towards creating a more peaceful existence on Earth.  [ send green star]
continued November 15, 2004 10:01 AM

What thoughts, plans, visions or dreams do you have for improving the world we live in or the community you live in? How can you make these a reality? Whatís your first step? Who do you know who will support you in your efforts? Itís important to connect and network with like-minded individuals that will support and encourage you along your way!  [ send green star]
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