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What's the average life of a cat?
9 years ago
In October, 1998, Jon Weaver posted the following to the rec.pets.cats.misc newsgroup:

"I know that its a morbid discussion, but I have been trying to find out the 'average' life of cats...
I know of cats who have lived for 15 years if not more, but it this an achievement or the norm.
I know that they are many variables where a cat could meet an untimely end (i.e. accident or illness), but if a cat was perfectly health and lived out its whole life.. What age would/should it live until?
Any info appreciated (By email if possible)
Best regards

To which Henry R. Christensen replied:

What's the average life of a cat? Well, of the cats I've known, it consists of getting themselves born, then enjoying everything they encounter. This consists of wondrous things such as:

  • dust in a sunbeam
  • gossamer on a gentle breeze
  • their own reflection in their water dish
  • the tail of another cat, especially if that tail is hanging over a window sill
  • being anywhere where another cat wants to be
  • knowing how long the dog's chain is
  • jumping from the window sill just when you thought you had the bathroom to yourself
  • attacking your feet whenever they move under the sheet
  • drinking from the faucet just when your ready to rinse after brushing
  • using your head as a stepping stone to the top of the drapes
  • looking indignant when your head is not available for the descent from the top of the drapes
  • unwrapping Christmas presents as soon as they are deposited beneath the tree
  • leaving tongue prints in the butter
  • adopting dust bunnies
  • occupying any open drawer
  • placing dirty sox in the litter box
  • playing with Q-tips
  • never admitting anything is their fault

That, Jon, is the average life of a cat. And a wonderful life it is as it makes the life of the cat's person well above average!

Copyright © Henry Christensen, 1998
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