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Do Cats Know That They Are Cute? Do They Work on It?
9 years ago

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I remember sometime last year reading a post where someone complained that many people will get rid of their cats when they stop being cute. I wondered "Do they ever stop being cute?" My long haired tabby is over three now and he gets cuter every day, not only how he looks but the way he acts. He looks like a baby animal one would find in a book for small children. Whenever I go to take a leak, he jumps on the window sill next to me. As soon as he knows he has my attention, he'll turn his head and start rolling around. I've pissed on my feet because I've had to suddenly catch him falling off the window sill so I usually avoid looking at him until I've finished.

I wonder if, like people, he knows that he's cute and works on being cuter. People who are cute usually know it, often too well! People also diet, exercise, groom themselves, wear makeup, etc., in an effort to make themselves better looking. Of course, cats don't diet nor wear makeup, but they could know that they are cute and learn how to do things that show how cute they are. Lately, whenever I go into the kitchen he joins me and puts his front paws on the top of one of the doors under the counter for me to rub his stomach. Since I'm a slob, I don't need any distractions the few times I get energetic enough to wash the dishes, but he's always there! Petting him, especially when he acts like that, is surely more fun than doing the dishes!!

Even my orange tabby, who is usually a brat, looks cute and can act that way too.

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March 6, 2001
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