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HOT!!! Republicans Respond To Obama's 'State of the Union' Address - NEW Must See Youtube Video
6 years ago
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So why should we Americans even attempt to believe in this continuously driveling bag of empty campaign promising rhetoric, that most obviously came streaming from our TV sets last night, as they telecast just another hijacked 'State of the Union' Address???

The real State of the Union Address reads:

WARNING: U.S. Economic Collapse Lies Dead Ahead!!!



US Politics & Gov't 


PinkMindy  - 3 hours ago -


We can expect nothing less than some more 'same of the same' perpetual national gridlock, with an endless disgraceful display of finger-pointing and blame-storming ...


If President Obama is re-elected 4 More Years and that would spell the end of America!!

hot!!!  |  4 comments  |  33 recommends


Thank you for your continuous support to report fair & balanced news, because Care2 fails miserably to do so ... Care2 must be an affiliate of CNN as they attempt to protect President Barack Obama shame-foolishly!!!


~ END ~



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