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OMG! Did you know...
7 years ago
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Cate posted a news story and when I followed the link, it had a zillion article links. I found this one to be quite disconcerting!

How lawmakers vote...

No wonder they want to pass a bill to protect themselves, they are the most dispicable group of lowlife on Earth.

If anyone has a good article that needs a it here.

Thank you.

Love & Peace

7 years ago

Good information about the Kennedy brothers, and why they were assassinated.

BILDERBERG (the 130 most important people on the planet)
7 years ago

Every year they meet and decide what will be best for the world. Or at least for their pocketbooks.
"Satire" story
7 years ago
Although I wrote this story as satire, the only things not real in it are Bush's statements (though I figure they are pretty close to what he's thinking).  The links in the story go to the actual documents.

When Will Bush Decide He Has Enough Power
We the People
7 years ago

should take our power from these so called guardians of the people. Even so called democratic goverments have their own hidden agendas. Here in the UK, our MPs helped themselves to 87 million pounds worth of expenses !!! They can have two homes, secretaries and other add ons. Their are a number of good research sources for those interested to do so, authors such as JIM MARRS - DAVID ICKE - JORDAN MAXWELL MICHAEL TSARION to name a few. Groups/associations to be wary of include Council for Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers (as mentioned in previous msg), Skull and Bones, The Illuminati aka New World Order. One of the current problems here in the UK is apathy, people walk around with no interest in what is going on; this may be linked to two things - 1. fluoride in drinking water 2. chemtrails. Combined effects are to turn people into non thinking  beings ! Luckily their are people who are AWAKE ! So things are not as bad as they seem !!!


Henry Makow
7 years ago

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7 years ago

Doom and gloom versus the science of peace...I like that link about the Divine Cosmos website.

It states:  


Most people on Earth are sleepwalking… living in a vast illusion. 

Unwittingly, unknowingly, they participate in a worldwide agreement… to see reality a certain way.

Like a bizarre religion, facts may not have anything to do with this mass dream.

The hidden, unspoken 'collective agreement' about "the real world" is subconsciously worshipped as if it were the Will of God.

Great stuff...I have one question, do you bring awareness about the wrongs of the world and maintain a positive attitude? We don't want to spread doom and gloom that the world is ending...that kills hope. Hope is the thing that we need, but...we also need to be free-thinkers, awake and ready to do what it takes to get er done.

Another great paragraph from that site... 

What if consciousness — this supposedly private phenomenon in our own minds — is actually the basic characteristic of energy throughout the entire Universe?  

What if the very mind that you think with… as you read these words… is already totally plugged in to a collective Consciousness Field… which every person interacts with as if it were private and personal — as if it were only their own thoughts they were thinking?

Whose thoughts are you thinking right now?

What feelings are you feeling right now?

Where are the highest, noblest and most wonderful thoughts and feelings coming from… ultimately?

What Intelligence are you tapping into — and allowing it to BECOME your conscious mind — when you think the most loving, radiant, peaceful thoughts?

What if your thoughts of love and peace were VASTLY more powerful than thoughts of hatred and fear?

What if simply clearing up the debris in your own mind — getting all the clutter out that is caused by emotional pains, buried in your past — has an immediate, positive impact… on the supposedly 'private' thoughts of everyone else? 


This is not a fake. This is not speculation. This is not drooling New Age ignorance.

This is The Science of Peace.

So, are correct when you said that Swami Prahabupada said that the world would be a charred cinder had it not been for the Krsna devotees chanting the Maha Mantra.

Thanks again, Lenny for the link to David Wilcock. He's got a wonderful viewpoint!

Love & Peace

Believe it or not, a group of 7000 people meditating - people who weren't even sure if it would "do" anything — were able to reduce the amount of crime, fatalities and terrorist activities around the world.

7 years ago
Both males and females need saved!  I'm not a feminist...are you a chauvinist? Equality is the best way to go here, Sarvo. No caste system...ok? I don't buy it.
I feel your pain! lol
7 years ago
Although it is an unpopular position, women who respect their husband are a rarity in the United States.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Kennedys and other speaking on Freedom
7 years ago
JFK, RFK Jr, Spader, the Lord, and Kucinich on Freedom in America

Click the link above to view

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Science of Peace
7 years ago
Nice article, Mata H!

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Its important
7 years ago

that we become more self reliant, and not look outside (ie. religion) for help. What a lot of people don't realise is that we have all the answers WITHIN. In order to do that we must WAKE UP. Look within, you don't need a guru, priest, master etc. Because all you are doing is taking on board someone elses belief system/s. Religion and education CONDITIONS us to behave according to what is acceptable to THE SYSTEM. We need to be able to express ourselves honestly, be who we are; when we do that people ridicule us, point hte finger! I like to repeat what OSHO said, " Enjoy your experience as a human being." SIMPLE! It is! WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FROM WITHIN!!!

Or to put it in more simple terms...
7 years ago
Mata says,
7 years ago
"Both males and females need saved!  I'm not a feminist...are you a chauvinist? Equality is the best way to go here, Sarvo. No caste system...ok? I don't buy it. "

You presume to know so much about me and what you seem to think I stand for. Kerri decided to do that too.

We are not the body. We aren't black or white or fat or thin or Russian or American or men or women. We are the eternal spirit soul. Anyone who thinks they're the body and limits themself in that way denies themself the chance to become transcendentally situated and move on to the spiritual realm. Instead they're guaranteed to take repeated births and deaths in this material world which is only destined to become more and more hellish as Kali Yuga progresses.
Yes, change comes from within.
7 years ago

I know Cal, relationships are very difficult sometimes... my mum always said, familiarity breeds contempt, it takes two to tango and all that .

So, unless there is a true friendship, lots in common and real love and commitment, prepare for a karmic nightmare. Religions can be very gender biased. Although Jesus is my hero, the religion that built up around him is NOT my cuppa.

Here is an eye-opening video about how our war vets are getting ripped off.

Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be soldiers!

Think this thought over and over...what if they threw a war and nobody came. 

Love & Peace

7 years ago

Sorry, Sarvo. I didn't mean to step on your toes...I never was a good slow-dancer. You give me a good rock beat and I'll dance your socks off!

That website just set me down the wrong road I guess. Are you OK? It seems that you are very sensitive lately. Must be the full moon.

Plus, I agree completely, that we are not this body...but in this lifetime we must strive for equality, don't ya think?

Love & Peace

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7 years ago
I can't give birth to a child and nurse it at my breast. That's not fair. I want equality now. 
7 years ago
Sorry you think I'm slow.
7 years ago, I get it... it's baby envy! I should have known.
7 years ago
There's envy here in the material world?
7 years ago
I don't remember calling you slow...but, at least I didn't call you unintelligent. There's a big difference.
7 years ago
Why is this post so godawful long?
7 years ago
7 years ago
I was there at Esalen Institute in Big Sur in '68 and someone asked the founder of Gestalt, Fritz Perls, "Fritz, is sex dirty?" Fritz answered, "Yeah, if you're doing it right."
Cal says,
7 years ago
"I don't feel that being degraded for your sex is good for either males or females."
Check out the SEX thread over on Care2Guru
7 years ago
7 years ago
Krishna has unlimited conjugal relationships
7 years ago

Cal! Why is this post so godawful long?  I was wondering that same thing!

I think that he's trying to keep the peace between us Sarvo.  You can play with my dolly...but don't try to breast feed it because it's lac-to-intolerant.

7 years ago
Krsna knows how to juggle?
7 years ago
7 years ago
I'm sexually deprived...and I don't like to talk about it.
7 years ago
Thanks Cal...
7 years ago're a scream.
7 years ago

Well, I'm that, too...Cal.




TMI! What do ya think all that sex talk is over at Guru?

SEX? Did someone say...... SEX?
7 years ago

7 years ago
Dang....that takes talent!
7 years ago
It's only natural.
7 years ago
Where'd everyone go? Probably over to that 666 thread, I mean sex, sex, sex thread.
7 years ago
And long-winded?
7 years ago
Thanks Cal. We love you.
7 years ago
I don't think sex is dirty...I think it's hilarious!
7 years ago
Dirty, no.  Messy, yes.  Hilarious?  It CAN be! 
Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,

We love you
7 years ago
Back at you!

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Song idea
7 years ago
"Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be soldiers!"

Perhaps I can get Willie Nelson to do a remake of an old song, though it should be, "Mama's, don't let your kid's grow up to be soldiers!"  lol
Hilariously messy...
7 years ago

Do you think he'd sing it thatta way? Where does he lean politically? I know, Neil Young used to be pro-bush (No, not the Whoopi kind.) but now he's got an album out against bush. I wonder if good ol Charlie Daniels has finally seen the light? He was very pro-bush.

Willie Nelson
7 years ago
Willie Nelson is supporting Dennis Kucinich, and seems to be setting up for the Department of Peace.  He has the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute going now.  I used to sign onto his website before that one was up, but got nothing but hate mail because I took up for Willie defending the Dixie Chicks.  lol

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Chemtrail and NWO Links
7 years ago Cliff Carnicom ( Good site for chemtrail infomation, but overly cautious and worried about upsetting The Powers That Be to call a spade a spade. Informative all the same. . Barium - ( Great web site on recent chemtrail information and documentation by Lydia Mancini Radar Matrix ( ) Incredible pictures of not only of chemtrails, but astounding radar images of EMF bombardment and broadcasting that this government is raining down on its citizens. Great pictures of the weather effects from HAARP. Lots of good stuff there. Check it out.


VOX News (
Forbidden Knowledge (
Alex Jones, Info ( (
Your Christian President (
David Icke (
The Illuminati News  (*/http://www.illuminati-

Hi Lenny,
7 years ago

Ehhh, yessss... sorry about the lost thread.  Lots of interesting things at that Educate Yourself website, although some of the links weren't working.

I also just watched this video about the lovely Clinton Machine.

Hillary! Uncensored- Banned by the media.

7 years ago

New World Order...hmmm, so it was Margaret Thatcher who put the bug up Poppy George Bush's butt about Saddam Hussein not being allowed to have Kuwait?

Taken from the article...

Bush's meetings with Thatcher in Aspen on Thursday, August 2, and on Monday, August 6 at the White House are of the most decisive importance in understanding the way in which the Anglo-Americans connived to unleash the Gulf war. Before meeting with Thatcher, Bush was clearly in an agitated and disturbed mental state, but had no bedrock committment to act in the Gulf crisis. After the sessions with Thatcher, Bush was rapidly transformed into a raving, monomaniacal warmonger and hawk. The transition was accompanied by a marked accentuation of Bush's overall psychological impairment, with a much increased tendency towards rage episodes.

7 years ago

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal

Excellent Links
7 years ago

Cracking links Mata, Ive watched the hilary video, and its stunning. How do they get away with it? CONNECTIONS thats how, secret societies, etc. We the majority allow ourselves to be treated like muppets!!!When are we going to learn that we are the real powerbrokers and march on these institutions and kick em out!!!Wouldnt take much organisation, power of numbers, even the military(some) are not for these slimeballs!!!

A revolution is necessary, imperative!!!

Who are the real dictators? Our so called democratic leaders. They employed the likes of Saddam Hussein(trained by the CIA), Bush and Bin Laden families good friends. FALSE FLAGS -  USA PRESIDENT orders sinking of USA Navy SHIP.

And we BRITS are just as bad......


Viva Le Revolution!
7 years ago

I do have a radical streak in me, but I'm peaceful by nature. If it could be done as well as the Venezuelans did it, when there was a coup de tat overturned in favor of Hugo Chavez, and it was pretty much non-violent, then I'd be for it... otherwise, why create more negative karma when it's just as easy to start by cleaning up my own act?  Raise my children as peace loving souls...they can work on their hedonism in their next lives. They really are into the technology boon. They have to have all the latest gadgets. Well, during the time that I was born the telly had just been invented. And, I've read where Atlanteans are entering the Earth plane by the score...and they were a tech savvy people.

I didn't know that Saddam Hussein was trained by the CIA.

7 years ago

A friend e-mailed this to me...

Did you know that:

  • Twenty leading journalists, including winners of several Emmys and a Pulitzer, have described being prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting riveting stories on major cover-ups.
  • BBC News has exposed plans of the U.S. military to "provide maximum control" of the Internet, as detailed in a declassified secret Pentagon document signed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense in 2003.
  • A CBS News Report quotes former U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions." That's $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America.
  • Government documents released through the Freedom of Information Act show that the top Pentagon generals once approved plans to foment terrorism in major U.S. cities and even kill innocent Americans.
  • Multiple, reliable sources show that you may be eating genetically modified food every day which scientific experiments have repeatedly demonstrated can cause sickness and even death in lab animals.
  • Detroits leading newspaper reported that the 1908 Ford Model T boasted a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon. Yet almost 100 years later, the EPA average mileage for all cars is under 21 mpg.
  • A highly decorated US General wrote a book titled War is a Racket, which clearly depicts how he was manipulated and how most wars are waged largely to keep the coffers of the big corporations filled.
  • The former chief of a prestigious medical journal has revealed that the total profits of the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 were more than the profits of the other 490 businesses combined.
  • London Times reported that several 9/11 hijackers listed in the 9/11 Commission Report are alive. "Five of the alleged hijackers have emerged, alive, innocent and astonished to see their names and photographs appearing on satellite television. The hijackers were using stolen identities." See also BBC Report on this.
  • More than 50 senior government officials and 100 professors have publicly expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report. Many even allege government complicity in the 9/11 attacks.
  • For more highly revealing media articles hidden in plain sight with links for verification, click here.
7 years ago

Oh, and about the Pentagon?

The path of the aircraft debris passed approximately 225 ft diagonally through Wedge 1 and approximately 85 ft diagonally through a portion of Ring C in Wedge 2.


That's 310 feet of damage...from nose to tail the aircraft is only 155 feet. And where's the wing damage?



7 years ago

Oh, and here's the Pentagon layout.


7 years ago
So, if THAT was a big lie...and the weapons of mass destruction were a big's all a big lie. And I want to know why these political Bozo's aren't in prison losing their teeth and virginity?
7 years ago

we let 'em! As more and more people wake up then we'll see changes.


It would be terrible if everyone was asleep....
7 years ago
Actually it's worse than that. They're all pretending to be asleep.
7 years ago

Sarvo...I don't think that anyone is pretending to be asleep.

We're struggling to keep jobs and pay bills for all our needs, never mind the comforts of life.  Then you have the mindless GLUTTONS! If they keep pushing buttons, they will have a full-scale long will it take and to what extent will people bend before they snap?

And Lenny, how can you say that we let them when the election was rigged and stolen? They weren't even voted in!

The American people have become like sheep...unaware of a monster lurking...drooling with the thought of billions of tax dollars...we are a flock that has fallen prey to the hungriest of monsters...greed.

7 years ago
Some of the monsters are real.  They seem to be in office here.  They stole one election, and it seems they have taken measures to give them the ability to prevent another one.  You should read Bush's Executive Orders.

9/11 related videos:
Billy Bob asks Roger for Sum Help with a 9/11 Video
Charlie Sheen & Rosie O'Donnell Crazy!

1984 NWO Video:
Ron Paul Can't Win

Pot Shot at Bush:
Bush Vader

7 years ago

 I will vote for Cal-El for President...


I saw that not so subliminal message Cal....

Not so subliminal message
7 years ago
Where was that?  On the Myspace run for President page?
7 years ago
Spot on Lenny and Sarvo!!!!!

Mata.... you are right about the 'sheep' comment.... but if you are not sleeping and know what's going on, then no matter how busy your schedule is, maybe take sometime to do something about it.  People power is the only cure.

Peace and Love
7 years ago

I've written letters to The Editor of the town newspaper, one was published, one, they told me they only publish one per month from an individual...and the other, which I'll admit was dramatic and maybe a bit theatrical. They ignored.

I have pictures of all the dead Pennsylvania soldiers hanging up in my cubical at work...I've called the White House, sent emails to Senators and Representatives...VOTED in elections.

Everything but picket the White House &'s not easy to get time off work and the marches always happen at the wrong time...

I'm going to make a list of to do's...I thought about making a couple of voo doo dolls, name them bush & dick and poke pins in them...but, that wouldn't be very nice, would it?  

Ah, what the hell, I'll do it.  Heeeheee heeeeeeee... 

7 years ago


                      I want my mommy....

People Power
7 years ago

And Lenny, how can you say that we let them when the election was rigged and stolen? They weren't even voted in!

MATA, True People Power can remove these idiots from power. A time will come when the sleepwalkers will wake up and then the people will reverse what these monsters have done.

We must first turn inward and find our true self, then one by one the truth will light up each and every soul.


Stolen Vote
7 years ago
It will take a great awakening, which is already in progress, to get the people to recognize what has been going on in our government.  When I heard G.H.W Bush tell about his New World Order on television, I thought the Christian Right would rise up and try to do something to put a stop to it.  Instead, they supported him, and now his son.

If the Christian Right was "Christian" or "right," they would have recognized the implications back then and would not have supported this Bush.  I'm still almost dumbfounded that so many still have not opened their eyes.  I don't understand how they support war while saying that they believe in Christ's teachings.  They have become frenzied in the blood of war, forgotten forgiveness, condemn others for not living up to their perceived standards, and have done more to turn people against Christ and Christianity in the last few decades than any other group of which I know.

Bush is held up in their minds, it seems, as their image of Christ.  If you speak out against Bush and his ideology, they seem to feel you are speaking out against them.  I don't know what other religious prophecies may speak to the events that have taken place, but it seems clear that Revelation speaks much of these events.  There is also mention in Daniel and other prophetic books of the old testament.  I wish I had read the texts of other religions more thoroughly.

A couple key phrases come to mind from the Bible.  Antichrist and the Beast are those to which I am referring.  If this is correct, it will soon be time for those who understand to fight this power with love and inner strength of Spirit.  A conciousness of love and compassion is the only thing that can overcome this conciousness of hate and war.  Terrorism is the fruit of opression: Peace is the fruit of love.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


7 years ago

It is not enough to merely focus on the cross of Jesus and the divinity within him. Jesus taught people to "take up their own crosses" and follow his example and way. A person whose higher self has overcome his lower self will then become spiritually "awakened" and a spiritual "resurrection" will take place. The person will then begin to manifest the human-divine unity that Jesus, Buddha, and other avatars did. Once our spirit "comes alive" in our conscious mind through the spiritual practice of unconditional love for others, we become liberated from the cycle of evolution and rebirth. This process of spiritual awakening within an individual and within humanity at large is described in the Book of Revelation in dream symbols - the language of the soul. The liberation of humanity is when the "devil" (the delusion of separation and self-will) is then "cast into the abyss" (self-will is suppressed from consciousness by the divine will). The result will be "heaven on earth" (divine awareness within humanity). So, in conclusion, this describes in a nutshell the entire story of human evolution. It is the story of the struggle of the human spirit in overcoming the animal flesh. It is the Bible story, from Genesis to Revelation, concerning the fall and rise of the human spirit. It is paradise lost and paradise found again. The rest of the Bible is mostly commentary. (Edgar Cayce)

7 years ago
God's love looks at all of us throughout the eyes of eternity. God's overriding desire is to purify the darkness of our souls, irrespective of the suffering God has to put us through to achieve that end. However, it will greatly minimize our suffering if we learn to accept instead of fighting against our situation in life. (Daniel Rosenblit)

  Jesus knew he had to die on the cross to fulfill his mission. His mission was to demonstrate to humanity how to practice unconditional love through self-sacrifice in devotion to others and by overcoming self so that our divine nature can be manifested. (Edgar Cayce)

War Is Hell

Since war is so prevalent in this world, it should be no surprise that there exists a spirit realm where the human desire to kill can be fully expressed. At death, a person's inner nature is expressed outwardly in the spirit realm. People take their inner hellish natures with them after death. The result is what people refer to as "hell".

  Hell is like a great battlefield that is jammed with hordes of angry souls who are locked in fights to the death where no death is possible. They are locked into habits of mind and emotion, into hatred, lust, destructive thought-patterns that cannot be satisfied. Souls can even be found arguing over some religious point, trying to kill those who do not agree with them. (Dr. George Ritchie)

  Hell is a psychological condition which represents the hellish inner thoughts and desires within some souls. Here they become uninhibited and their hellish condition is fully manifested. No demons are there to inflict punishment. Each soul acts out their own anger and hatred by warring and tormenting others. (Emanuel Swedenborg)

  Hell is a state where a wild orgy of frenzied taunting, screaming and fighting occurs. These souls are completely ignorant of any higher spiritual realities. They are a mob driven by unbridled cruelty and passions. (Rev. Howard Storm)

  Murderers in hell do not see a devil. Instead they see visions of their own face distorted by hatred, greed, anger, and other defeating emotions. Souls such as these will stay in torment for a long, long time, until they believe themselves to be totally lost. At this point, they may at last cry out to God to rescue them. This wail of despair is heard by God and they are rescued. They are then given opportunities to make amends through the process of reincarnation. (Ruth Montgomery)

7 years ago
all for the information on this thread, and Mata I posted that video in the election group.

I think it was Sarvo that mentioned the Bilderbergs and thier Power. It's not just the Bilderbergs... there's the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Federal Reserve and probably a couple more we don't know about yet. If you trace the origins and people involved with these groups it all leads back to the Rothschilds and their "minnions". You'll come across the same names over and over again... Rothschild, Rockafeller, Warburg, etc. It's a huge web of deciet and so far it seems to end at the Rothschilds. They (and their minnions) have their hands in everything... The unconstitutional Federal Reserve, the illegal IRS, the buying and changing of the history books (dumbing down), experimenting with biological "war fare", genecide... as far as I can tell everything "bad" is somehow conected to them.

Oh and those post are long because they're posting from their e-mail and not deleting the the "extra" stuff.
7 years ago

Lenny writes . . . .

We must first turn inward and find our true self, then one by one the truth will light up each and every soul.

I would add that when we find this truth we will also find that there were no monsters outside of our selves.

When the monsters of greed, addiction, sloth and torpor, envy, prejudice, anger, hatred, ill will, confusion and ignorance have been unequivocally defeated. The Bilderberg, Vandeburg, Fascists and Zionists, IRS and IRA will cease to exist or wield power. They are all just symptoms highlighting how we are doing in our own personal work of growth and overstanding. 

7 years ago

Hi Dynamite, yes...Sarvo told me about Bilderberg a year or so ago...people have no clue as to the extent of corruption in the government. I hope good guys like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich get elected. It's really sad that the US is basically mob ruled. It is a mob, too...wealthy, elitist turds.

There is an excellent book, I don't know if you've read it, but it's titled  'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. He is a Christian Pastor from California, and although he doesn't mention reincarnation...I see it in the way he words some of his statements. It has been insinuated that I'm obsessive...but then, that could have been a mirrored comment.'s one of many great statements he made.

"Measured against eternity, our time on Earth is just a blink of an eye, but the consequences of it will last forever. The deeds of this life are the destiny of the next. We should be realizing that every moment we spend in these earthly bodies is time spent away from our eternal home in heaven with Jesus. Years ago a popular slogan encouraged people each day as if it was the first day of the rest of your life. Actually, it would be wiser each day as if it were the last day of your life.

Also from the Bible "Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God." Romans 12:2

The Bible offers three metaphors of life.

  1. Life is a test.
  2. Life is a trust.
  3. Life is a temporary assignment.

  • We test our character, faith, obedience, love, integrity and loyalty. When you understand that NOTHING that you do is insignificant, even the smallest incident has an effect on character development, and eternal implications.
  • Life is a gift, and we are stewards of everything that we have. Our time on Earth has been entrusted to our care and management. When given something valuable, one must be worthy of trust. God promises three rewards in eternity.
  1. Affirmation
  2. Promotion
  3. Celebration

Most people fail to realize that money is both a test and a trust from God. God uses finances to teach us to trust, and for many people, money is the greatest test of all. God watches how we use money to test how trustworthy we are...and the Bible says, "If you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, who will trust you with the true riches of heaven." Luke 16:11

Jesus said, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded: and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12:48 Life is a test and a trust, and the more God gives you...the more responsible he expects you to be.

  • The Bible compares life on Earth to temporarily living in a foreign country. This is not your home or final destination. You're just passing through, just visiting Earth. From the Bible..."Those in frequent contact with the things of the world should make good use of them without becoming attached to them, for this world and all it contains will pass away."  1 Corinthians 7:31 And... "The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever." 2 Corinthians 4:18

You will never feel completely satisfied on Earth, because you were made for are a divine child of God, who will one day go home to your father, who IS in heaven.

The ultimate goal of the Universe is to show glory to God.      To love God and All That, thanksgiving and delight. "As the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like God and reflect his glory even more."  2 Corinthians 3:18

OK, Sunday's lesson is over... Sorry, I guess I was on a Holy Roll.

It's a good book...

7 years ago

A video clip about President J.F. Kennedy's bodyguards being told to step away. One shows complete disbelief.

Then the sh!t head vicepresident takes over and involves US in the Vietnam quagmire. Thanks, Texas...for your best.

7 years ago
 Cheney’s Halliburton Stock Rose Over 3000 Percent Last Year

Raw Story, October 2005
Title: “Cheney’s Halliburton Stock Options Rose 3,281 Percent Last Year, Senator Finds”
Author: John Byrne

Senator Frank Lautenberg’s website
Title: “Cheney’s Halliburton Stock Options Soar to $9.2 Million”

Faculty Evaluator: Phil Beard
Student Researchers: Matthew Beavers and Willie Martin

Vice President Dick Cheney’s stock options in Halliburton rose from $241,498 in 2004 to over $8 million in 2005, an increase of more than 3,000 percent, as Halliburton continues to rake in billions of dollars from no-bid/no-audit government contracts.

An analysis released by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) reveals that as Halliburton’s fortunes rise, so do the Vice President’s. Halliburton has already taken more than $10 billion from the Bush-Cheney administration for work in Iraq. They were also awarded many of the unaccountable post-Katrina government contracts, as off-shore subsidiaries of Halliburton quietly worked around U.S. sanctions to conduct very questionable business with Iran (See Story #2). “It is unseemly,” notes Lautenberg, “for the Vice President to continue to benefit from this company at the same time his administration funnels billions of dollars to it.”

According to the Vice President’s Federal Financial Disclosure forms, he holds the following Halliburton stock options:

100,000 shares at $54.5000 (vested), expire December 3, 2007
33,333 shares at $28.1250 (vested), expire December 2, 2008
300,000 shares at $39.5000 (vested), expire December 2, 2009

The Vice President has attempted to fend off criticism by signing an agreement to donate the after-tax profits from these stock options to charities of his choice, and his lawyer has said he will not take any tax deduction for the donations. However, the Congressional Research Service (CR concluded in September 2003 that holding stock options while in elective office does constitute a “financial interest” regardless of whether the holder of the options will donate proceeds to charities. Valued at over $9 million, the Vice President could exercise his stock options for a substantial windfall, not only benefiting his designated charities, but also providing Halliburton with a tax deduction.

CRS also found that receiving deferred compensation is a financial interest. The Vice President continues to receive deferred salary from Halliburton. While in office, he has received the following salary payments from Halliburton:

Deferred salary paid by Halliburton to Vice President Cheney in 2001: $205,298
Deferred salary paid by Halliburton to Vice President Cheney in 2002: $162,392
Deferred salary paid by Halliburton to Vice President Cheney in 2003: $178,437
Deferred salary paid by Halliburton to Vice President Cheney in 2004: $194,852

(The CRS report can be downloaded at:

These CRS findings contradict Vice President Cheney’s puzzling view that he does not have a financial interest in Halliburton. On the September 14, 2003 edition of Meet the Press in response to questions regarding his relationship with Halliburton, where from 1995 to 2000 he was employed as CEO, Vice President Cheney said, “Since I left Halliburton to become George Bush’s vice president, I’ve severed all my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interest. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind and haven’t had, now, for over three years.”

Comment: A similar undercovered story of conflicting interest and disaster profiteering by those in the top echelon of the U.S. Government is of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s connections to Gilead Sciences, the biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu—the influenza remedy that is now the most-sought after drug in the world. This story was brought forward by Fortune senior writer, Nelson D. Schwartz, on October 31, 2005 in an article titled “Rumsfeld’s growing stake in Tamiflu,” and by F. William Engdahl for GlobalResearch, on October 30, 2005, in an article titled “Is avian flu another Pentagon hoax?”

Rumsfeld served as Gilead’s chairman from 1997 until he joined the Bush administration in 2001, and he still holds a Gilead stake valued at between $5 million and $25 million, according to Federal Financial Disclosures filed by Rumsfeld.
The forms don’t reveal the exact number of shares Rumsfeld owns, but whipped up fears of an avian flu pandemic and the ensuing scramble for Tamiflu sent Gilead’s stock from $35 to $47 in 2005, making the Pentagon chief, already one of the wealthiest members of the Bush cabinet, at least $1 million richer.

What’s more, the federal government is emerging as one of the world’s biggest customers for Tamiflu. In July 2005, the Pentagon ordered $58 million worth of the treatment for U.S. troops around the world, and Congress is considering a multibillion dollar purchase. Roche expects 2005 sales for Tamiflu to total at about $1 billion, compared with $258 million in 2004.

The media has routinely downplayed Cheney’s involvement and financial investment in Halliburton, one of the largest U.S. defense contractors that received supersized no-bid contracts in Iraq. Ultimately, the importance of the story is that the Vice President of the U.S. is able to use his position of power to reap rewards for his former company in which he has a financial investment. Halliburton may also benefit from a chilling effect in which the Pentagon is more likely to favor Cheney’s firm to seek favor with the White House.

Cheney continues to hold 433,333 Halliburton stock options, and receives a deferred salary of about $200,000 a year. According to Cheney’s most r

7 years ago

Cheney continues to hold 433,333 Halliburton stock options, and receives a deferred salary of about $200,000 a year. According to Cheney’s most recent tax returns, he held $2.5 million in retirement accounts, much of which likely came from his former defense firm.

Cheney recently filed disclosure reports that show he is valued at $94 million.

Senator Lautenberg’s disclosure, brought forward by Raw Story, received no mainstream coverage. While the press has often noted that Cheney was formerly Halliburton’s CEO, they routinely fail to mention how much money he accrued from the firm during his service there. They also fail to mention that he continues to receive a pension. regularly reports on Halliburton and contracts awarded to the company. also has a good library of resources on Halliburton and other defense contractors as well as the Vice President.Another way to get involved is to contact your local senator or representatives about your concerns, and to ask them to push the Vice President to sell his stock options in Halliburton.

for those who believe everything is energy vibrating different levels
7 years ago

this is a silent, non-violent revolution because it is taking place within each individual.  the purpose is keeping high vibration within.

Humanity shifted its consciousness, but it hasn't shifted to the point you thought it would.  So the resultant is that if you observe carefully the shift.  There is still within each individual, a great deal of fear, and it is this fear that is preventing the true awareness of conscious choice.  The true awareness that each individual has through their own ability to choose, an expression of vulnerability that is their true power, and that no one can harm them unless they really truly choose to allow it.  The resultant is then, when this process occurs, then all of humanity will shift.  Then you will see that humanity will become the co-creators of the universe that you exist in. 

That's fine and good...but,
7 years ago

This bit of information explains one had to give 'stand down' orders...they were playing reindeer games! (Link to

When Alten broaches 9/11 truth issues, Bohannan challenges Alten, with the 'you're telling me that you know facts that no one else in America knows about 9/11' line. Alten responds that "There is a massive 9/11 truth movement of highly competent professionals in America, that involves tens of thousands of activists and researchers."

Alten explains that false flag terror events often require that simultaneous war games be held to enable such false flag events to happen, and that is what happened on 9/11. Alten discovered this disturbing information while researching for his new historical fiction book, he explains to Bohannan.

Alten then talks about multiple war games mysteriously held to draw our Air Force fighters away from New York and DC on 9/11, that enabled the strikes of that day. Alten says, "Shocking to me, when I did my research for this book, was that there were 5 separate War Games being conducted in the North Eastern quadrant of our country with NORAD, which sent out jet fighters over parts of Alaska and Iceland and over Canada. Which pulled them out of the North Eastern section of the country.
7 years ago

Some great videos about the Twin Towers in NYC.

7 years ago

The politicians have been cheating us?  NOOOOOOOOOO!

7 years ago

7 years ago

7 years ago


36 have been accused of spousal abuse

7 have been arrested for fraud

19 have been accused of writing bad checks

117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

3 have done time for assault

71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 have been arrested for shoplifting

84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet? Scroll down...





Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress.

The same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.
May 16, 2006

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The US government...
7 years ago

is terribly broken. Where's Durga when you need her?

The politicians?
7 years ago

Their most fond secret hope and most cherished desire is that they will qualify to participate at the Bilderberg meetings and be invited to Bohemian Grove.

7 years ago

 Bohemian Grove? Are you going to make me google it like you told me to google Bilderberg last year? Or will you enlighten me?

7 years ago

Alex Jones at gives all the details.

7 years ago

Sarvo, I can't really disagree with Alex Jones about the US becoming  a policed state, but if I spent too much time at his website...I think I'd just want to shoot myself in the head with my staple might not kill me, but it would feel the same.

What a bunch of depressing crap!

But I didn't see anything about Bohemian Grove.

I'll google...cause curious minds want to know. Did you notice that Camilla provided Care2 with a trusty cyber steed to travel the web?

Heeahh, we're off!


Almost forgot to post this...
7 years ago

What Real ID is Really All About

By Disciple Aaron Bolinger, Venango County, PA

contact for more info

(Use and distribution authorized)

 With the Real ID Act's implementation deadlines fast approaching, every state in our union is grappling with the issues around it. Tougher standards for "breeder documents" (birth certificates, Social Security cards, etc.), biometric photography, new computers & software, and high-resolution picture-taking – it seems an endless shopping list for state legislators and motor vehicle departments. All of these things drive the cost of driving and surviving still higher, while profits go to a few select companies.
Well, that is one eye-opener – look where the money is going, and who is profiting from these new "security" features. But much has been said on that already.
Dig deeper. There are as many reasons to be anti-Real ID as there are people fighting it. Some of the more interesting arguments shed light into just what is transpiring at the deepest levels of this fight.
We all know it is a constant struggle to remain free, especially in this "post-911 era." Some people have found answers, however, buried in the legal wrangling that caused many of our liberty-related problems two generations ago.
For example, literally millions of people no longer pay income tax after discovering that there is NO LAW that actually requires it.  Others have discovered that there is likewise NO LAW requiring ANY American to even have a Social Security number.
Those born at home were never issued a birth certificate. Others have cancelled their driver's licenses after discovering the existence of a basic and fundamental "right to travel" that was so well understood at the time when our Constitutions were written that it was just one of those "other rights" glossed over in the 9th and 10th Amendments to the federal constitution.
Those seeking liberty may have paused and realized that any "license" is "permission from government to do something that is otherwise illegal." Is marriage "illegal" outside government sanction? There was no such thing until mixed racial marriages were being sought that churches would not sanction. George Washington never had a state marriage license. Learning this, many have burned their marriage licenses, divorced under state laws, and remarried under biblical law.
Governments gain regulatory power over the products of their licensing. Forced public schooling, drugging children, and "registering" an automobile are all by-products of the nanny state run amok.
Granted, these things are big news to many. I speak with lots of people who simply cannot believe there is a person alive without a birth certificate, social security number, or driver's license, who is in any way connected to the USA.
Strange as it may seem, these truths are self-evident, if you know where to look.  Amish-Mennonite, Christian Science, and other theologies are known for being "separatists."  There are more.
Question: what happens when some people understand SOME of these rights, think it prudent to begin applying the tenets of liberty, and then begin tapping into the others?
Answer: Governments get nervous!
After all, many government officials would be out of a job if they couldn't micromanage elements of our society, and the people within it.  With so many dropping off government's radar, these folks HAD had to create something to keep enough people in the system to justify their jobs.
Enter Real ID.
Real ID is going to make it more and more difficult for these people – freedom loving Americans with the strength of their convictions – to function at all. And it appears that has been the plan from the beginning. Force "birth certificates" to be a "condition of employment." (It is being called "E-Verify.")  Tie these data-bases together. Take people who are seeking no government programs (Social Security, welfare, etc.) based on their religion/faith models, and try to FORCE them back into a system they departed.
When we discover that those who profess liberty the loudest are generally also those who have the deepest levels of faith, we see a spiritual component to this battle against "Real ID." And our state constitutions are VERY STRONG in the way in which they limit government's ability to interfere with matters of theology. For example:

"All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences ... no human authority can, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience, and no preference shall ever be given by law to any religious establishments or modes of worship." (Article 1, Section 3, Constitution of Pennsylvania)
Now, let us presume that SOME faiths see no problem with "Real ID" or "Social Security Numbers" and the like. But some faiths, and individuals who simply disagree with assorted institutionalized religions and denominations, have MAJOR problems with such things.
Is it not "preference" by law to compel something that violates individual conscience?
7 years ago

Real ID attempts to force the states that comply with it, without granting a "religious exemption," to violate their own constitutional limitations on religion. Conversely, granting a "religious exemption" puts these states in yet a bigger predicament – in that it causes them to create something "by law" that actually prefers one theology over another.
Either way, our state, and every other, is in a real bind with Real ID.
The only SANE and constitutionally safe means of dealing with Real ID is to flat out reject it. Only then can the theologically-inspired constitutional restrictions on which Real ID is targeted be avoided. No one person or faith is given legal standing or preferential treatment over another. The rights and liberties of ALL people are protected on an equal footing. And that is the very purpose of our American governments – protecting the liberties of the individual, with equal justice and opportunities available to all, without sacrifice or persecution on account of faith.
Real ID is real religious persecution. It is foremost a tool to control those people with theological convictions stronger than the state's.  As such, it needs to be dumped.
In Pennsylvania, HB 1351 and SB 1220 are prepared to do just that, but are stuck in committees. Meanwhile, PennDOT charges forward into this really insane federal program. William Penn would be in awe at the arrogance of those sworn to uphold religious liberty via their constitutional oaths of office.

Well, here it is...
7 years ago

The Bohemian Club video by Alex Jones.

Bohemian = Bilderberg
7 years ago

Wow, this is pretty feeble...and disgusting, my country is being run by a bunch of filthy, rich, corporate (total & complete) azzholez who worship an owl  beseeching wisdom from an owl, and they banish CARE. Death to CARE. This is their way of deadening their higher senses of value for life, for their war profit gain. Pretty hideous.

No wonder you went to India.

But truthfully, can run, but you can't hide.

The only thing that we can do is keep our faith in God so that we don't mirror the Bozo BoHos pitiful attempt at uncaring power.

It's like a soap opera episode of 'As the Worm Turns'.

Un 'freaking' believable!

7 years ago

Now I see why Krsna told Arjuna to kill the evil men. It would be an honor. And the image of Kali going crazy on the battlefield, her tongue lapping at the blood of the demons to prevent it from falling to the ground creating more demons. Yes, Kali cares. Kali will rid the Earth of the unCARING blood-money filth. Poli-ticks and Lobby-fleas. Where's the bug spray?

Luciferian Alex Jones says.  I like that Alex Jones...I'd have to call him Arjuna if there ever was one!

What is an economic depression?
7 years ago

Click and learn...but take a deep breath and have faith in God, because this world is either...f u b a r... or .

7 years ago

My nephew Joshua got the chance to meet Dr. Ron Paul...who I pray will be our next President!


Intresting website...
7 years ago

The Discovery

Article V of the U.S. Constitution specifies the ratification process, and requires 3/4 of the States to ratify any amendment proposed by Congress. There were 48 States in the American Union in 1913, meaning that affirmative action of 36 states was required for ratification. In February, 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox issued a proclamation claiming that 38 states had ratified the amendment.

In 1984, William J. Benson began a research project, never before performed, to investigate the process of ratification of the 16th Amendment. After traveling to the capitols of the New England states, and reviewing the journals of the state legislative bodies, he saw that many states had not ratified the Amendment. Continuing his research at the National Archives in Washington, DC, Bill Benson discovered his Golden Key. This damning piece of evidence is a 16 page memorandum from the Solicitor of the Department of State, whose duty is the provision of legal opinions for the use of the Secretary of State. In this memorandum sent to the Secretary of State, the Solicitor of the Department of State lists the many errors he found in the ratification process!

The 4 states listed below are among the 38 states that Philander Knox claimed ratification from.

  • The Kentucky Senate voted upon the resolution, but rejected it by a vote of 9 in favor and 22 opposed.
  • The Oklahoma Senate amended the language of the 16th Amendment to have a precisely opposite meaning.
  • The California legislative assembly never recorded any vote upon any proposal to adopt the amendment proposed by Congress.
  • The State of Minnesota sent nothing to the Secretary of State in Washington.

When his year long project was finished at the end of 1984, Bill had visited every state capitol and knew that not a single state had actually and legally ratified the proposal to amend the Constitution. 33 states engaged in the unauthorized activity of amending the language of the amendment proposed by congress, a power the states do not possess. Since 36 states were needed for ratification, the failure of 13 to ratify would be fatal to the amendment, and this occurs within the major (first three) defects tabulated in Defects in Ratification of the 16th Amendment. Even if we were to ignore defects of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, we would still have only 2 states which successfully ratified.


7 years ago

Today, the federal government pretends that it has all encompassing power to tax the income of everyone, and that the only way to change this system is to vote for congressmen who promise to modify or, even more unlikely, to repeal these laws. The American public needs to be apprised that another alternative exists, and that it is entirely possible to challenge the very foundation of this taxing power upon the grounds that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never adopted. This challenge can be effectively made by exercising your rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

7 years ago

Quote:  We are on the verge of a global transformation.  All we [ the CFR ] need is the right major crisis and the nation[s] will accept the New World Order.  End Quote.  David Rockefeller: Founder and Honorary Chairman, Council of the Americas; Chairman, Americas Society; Founder, Forum of the Americas; Chairman, Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]; Founder and Honorary Chairman, Trilateral Commission [TC]; Chairman, The Bilderbergs. 

[ How does the 11 Sept 2001 attack upon our country figure into this?  CLMsr ]


How do taxpayers stop financing those whose purpose it is to destroy us? First, expose their activity, then demand change.


Currently all we do is exchange FED money (interest attached) for real U.S. money (interest-free) dollar for dollar as Kennedy tried to do. We should not be required to pay interest on our own currency. According to Benjamin Franklin, this was one of the primary reasons we fought the Revolutionary War. Today we are still fighting the same family of bankers (Reference 4, Reference 1, P. 211, 212).

The U.S. Government can buy back the FED at any time for $450 million (per Congressional record). The U.S. Treasury could then collect all the profit on our money instead of the 300 original shareholders of the FED. The $4 trillion of U.S. debt could be exchanged dollar for dollar with U.S. non- interest bearing currency when the debt becomes due. There would be no inflation because there would be no additional currency in circulation. Personal income tax could be cut if we bought back the FED and therefore, the economy would expand. According to the Constitution, Congress is to control the creation of money, keeping the amount of inflation or deflation in check. If Congress isn't doing their job, they should be voted out of office. Unfortunately, voters can't vote the FED or its Chairman out of office.

If the government has a deficit, we could handle it as Lincoln and Kennedy did. Print money and circulate it into the economy, but this time interest-free. Today the FED, through foreign banks, owns much of our debt and therefore controls us. The FED will cease to exist as taxpayers become informed and tell other taxpayers. The news media and Congress will have no choice but to meet the demands of grass roots America. (Reference 1, P. 17, 22)

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7 years ago


By law (check the Congressional record), we can buy back the FED for the original investment of the FED's 300 shareholders, which is $450 million (Reference 1, P. 227, Reference 17, P. 36). If each taxpayer paid $25, we could buy back the FED and all the profit would flow into the U.S. Treasury. In other words, by Congress allowing the constitutionally illegal FED to continue, much of your taxes go to the shareholders of the FED and their bankers. Note: The people who enacted the FED started the IRS, within months of the FED's inception. The FED buys U.S. debt with money they printed from nothing, then charges the U.S. taxpayers interest. The government had to create income tax to pay the interest expense to the FED's shareholders, but the income tax was never legally passed (Reference 20 shows details, state-by-state why it was not legally passed). The FED is illegal, per Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. Not one state legally ratified the 16th Amendment making income tax legal.

Currently, fewer and fewer Americans are being convicted for refusal to pay income taxes. In IRS jury trials, the jury, by law, must decide if the law is just. If taxpayers do not believe the law is just, the jury may declare the accused innocent. Judges are legally bound to inform juries of their right to determine the fairness of a law. Judges often do not disclose this information so they can control the court outcome. Luckily, more and more citizens are becoming informed. If one juror feels the law is unfair, they can find the defendant innocent (Reference 19). In Utah, the IRS quit prosecuting taxpayers because jurors verdict is not guilty. Please tell your friends and sit in the next jury.

If we eliminate the FED and uphold the Constitution, we could balance the budget and cut personal income tax to almost nothing. In Congressional hearings on September 30, 1941, FED Chairman Eccles admitted that the FED creates new money from thin air (printing press), and loans it back to us at interest (Reference 17, P. 93). On June 6, 1960, FED President Mr. Allen admitted essentially the same thing (Reference 22, P. 164). If you or I did this we would go to jail.

It is time to abolish the FED! Tell your friends the truth and win America back. We don't even need to buy back the FED. We only need to print money the way the Constitution requires, not the new proposed international money. We want to keep our sovereignty and print real U.S. money.

Why has Congress allowed the FED to continue? If a Congressperson tries to abolish the FED, the banks fund the Congressperson's opponent in the next election (Reference 17, P. 35). The new Congressperson will obviously support the FED. When Congresspeople retire, political campaign funds are not taxed. Get elected and be a millionaire if you vote right. By the way, the profit of the FED is not taxed either (Reference 1, 9). Once America understands, and takes action, Congresspeople will then gladly abolish the FED. In 1992, Illinois Congressman Crane introduced a bill, co-sponsored by 40 other Congressman, to audit the FED. This is a step in the right direction.

America is a great nation. As "We the People" become informed, the media and Congress will be forced to buy back the FED, balance the budget, significantly cut taxes, and stop allowing bribes to determine voting strategies. I have already heard from politicians who claim they will change their platform to include abolishing the FED if enough people become informed.


The FED hopes you will be passive and not act on this information. We believe in grass roots America - we are waking up America. Ultimately, the battle plan is to inform all Americans and demand change in the media and Congress. True Americans should run for office and throw out the politicians who allow this fraud to continue. Congress may refuse to deal with this issue. That's why each person needs to go to their local county/state government with the proper paperwork and ask them to abolish the FED. With the proper documents, they are legally obligated to do it.


7 years ago

Um, I wanna be leader! Oh, sorry, I'm Canadian. Why don't you guys do like we do? Everyone gets paid in pine cones here and says 'eh'!

7 years ago

Biggest liability for all Canadians? Their southern border.

7 years ago

Let's not get political. We love Canada. Period.

7 years ago

Unfortunately, because they are, after all, politicians; the leaders in Canada have been more or less reduced to shills for America and the whole corporate scene.

7 years ago

BTW, Mel, your explanation of the FED and the IRS from two weeks ago is the clearest best I've ever seen. Thanks. It's also very encouraging that more and more people are catching on. There may be hope yet.

Paid in pinecones, eh? Crackin' up, out loud.
7 years ago

Thanks, Sarvoji.


Kenneth, please don't take what Sarvoji says about Canada doesn't do any good to show loyalty either. He is convinced that my beloved country is doomed and that the cow paddy is about to hit the fan. And just because our countries are connected, you get a hard knock, too. He thinks that India is heaven.

What do you think about the NAFTA deal? Can you imagine the whole American continent as one?

It's funny how seeing all souls as one is so different from seeing a one world government, eh? 



7 years ago


7 years ago

Mel, thanks for the warning about Sarvo. Anyone that deals with him gets the same digs, innuendos, veiled little barbs eventually. He can't help it. That's his level, though I will in spite of it, think kindly of him for the most part.
But I have to differ Mel, it does do immense good to be loyal to one's country or beliefs. I'm not going to let anyone taint my enthusiasm for such things.

I don't know much about the technical workings of NAFTA, but Canada would never go for amalgamation with the US if that's what you mean. Different forms of government, different ways of thinking, that sort of thing.

7 years ago

Addendum: Sarvo, let's start anew. Just after I posted this I went to the other discussion and you wrote a nice post. So, let's just start anew and learn things from each other all around.

7 years ago

90 something percent of communication is non-verbal but here we depend on only words. Not surprisingly there can be semantic snarls here and there along the way. I grew up in Minnesota and used to canoe the border lakes region of Canada for a month or two every summer. I love Canada and always will. I said the only problem with Canada is it has to tolerate it's southern neighbor and the fact that some of its more greedy politicians kowtow to the US at the expense of their own constituents.

7 years ago

Well, hell why didn't you say so at the start! You must be talking about the Boundary Waters that link with Quetico? (that's the top of N. Minn.) I canoed that a few decades ago and it was fantastic.

You're right about words. I (and Mel apparently) seemed to think you didn't like Canada or the US!

I was going to say that it's great that you love India, but you have to respect other people's love for whatever country they love too. I go with the 'motto' of Never Permit Your Affinity to be Alloyed. Which means never let somebody debase or reduce something that you yourself have affinity for. It's okay if YOU change your affinity about it on your own decision, but not if someone else tries to do it.

7 years ago

I don't hate the diseased person. I hate the disease. Right now America is diseased.

An invitation to join my site
7 years ago

Hello, This is a personal invitation to join the mailing list for my website. Our Mission: Our site is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Love, Hope, Peace, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. We promote human and animal rights, and a clean environment. From time to time, I add new information, video, audio or pictures to my site. By joining my list, I'll be able to quickly send you email when I think there's something new you'd want to know about. Just click this link and you'll be added: You can see the site here: If you've got a spam filter on your email account, please make sure to set it to allow my mails to come through! Thanks and I'll talk to you soon, spaceeagleproductions PS: If you don't want to subscribe, click here:

An invitation to join my site
7 years ago

Hello, This is a personal invitation to join the mailing list for my website. Our Mission: Our site is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Love, Hope, Peace, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. We promote human and animal rights, and a clean environment. From time to time, I add new information, video, audio or pictures to my site. By joining my list, I'll be able to quickly send you email when I think there's something new you'd want to know about. Just click this link and you'll be added: You can see the site here: If you've got a spam filter on your email account, please make sure to set it to allow my mails to come through! Thanks and I'll talk to you soon, spaceeagleproductions PS: If you don't want to subscribe, click here:

An invitation to join my site
7 years ago

Hello Sarvo, This is a personal invitation to join the mailing list for my website. Our Mission: Our site is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Love, Hope, Peace, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. We promote human and animal rights, and a clean environment. From time to time, I add new information, video, audio or pictures to my site. By joining my list, I'll be able to quickly send you email when I think there's something new you'd want to know about. Just click this link and you'll be added: You can see the site here: If you've got a spam filter on your email account, please make sure to set it to allow my mails to come through! Thanks and I'll talk to you soon, spaceeagleproductions PS: If you don't want to subscribe, click here:

Oh, for heaven's sake, Cal!
7 years ago

We got the message, BUT, your posts don't HAVE a link!

Republican Party...Conservative Perversion?
7 years ago

127 Republicans Behaving Badly
by davefromqueens
Sun Aug 10, 2008 at 07:02:20 AM PDT
Okay, if Republicans are going to attack Democrats over sex, then the gloves come off. There are 127 notorious Republicans on this list.

More than 100 of these Republicans have been involved in scandals involving children while the rest are involved in some sex scandal that was either quite deviant, scummy, or hypocritical. A list of Democrats of a similar nature would not even take up all your toes and fingers.