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Buffalohair, Save America Buy American
7 years ago
Save America Buy American
It’s time for Americans to take back their economy.

It should be as plain as the nose on your face that government, for what ever reason, is helpless in dealing with the destruction of the US economy. There should be a way to capture and convert all the hot air politicians on both sides of the isle are flatulating. Sadly it’s the ole song and dance routine. And there is no question China is the primary benefactor of their financial course of recovery. The stock market is no longer and indicator of national economic health but the wealth of foreign investments. Surprisingly China has saturated the market place with cheap cut offs on a wide range of consumer and industrial goods once manufactured in the USA. I keep finding Dream Catchers and other native goods that are made in China and that’s where I had to draw the line. Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s old news but why are you not paying attention?


Now we get junk and burn millions of gallons of gas going back and fourth to Wal-Mart or other Chinese outlet store across the country returning sub standard or deadly goods. I remember when Wal-Mart took pride in buying and selling US made goods. I don’t hate Wal-Mart just their purchasing agents since they are the ones buying the junk from China. Even the Navy got sting buying Chinese electronics, gads what are people thinking? But if that’s what Wal-Mart and other chain stores and corporations want to do, then let’s stop buying from them. They will either go away OR buy American if they plan to stay in business, provided you have the balls to make a stand. For this to be a success it is also time for more entrepreneurs to cut a completely new economic course with US industries that focus on quality, craftsmanship and American jobs, that’s true economic recovery. And the effects would be immediate.


New businesses that focus on American made anything will feed the economy directly without the need for new and intrusive laws or rewriting the Constitution. You don’t need a Harvard PhD to know this mathematical equation. The trade deficit is nothing more than a titanic gash in the hull of our economy neutralizing governmental attempts to stimulate growth. The economic recovery act was well meant, they say, but admittedly ill conceived at this juncture with devastating consequences. There is no doubt you know all this stuff and possibly more but the point being, why are we letting all this happen? Are we actually that stupid or do we just drink to much fluorinated water? We can alter this course of financial destruction if we did it with conviction though. After all, we have the ultimate weapon of corporate mass destruction, the dollar bill. Our dollar is their life’s blood, curtail its flow and things will change.


It is all but impossible to simply stop buying Chinese goods. China has taken over markets in every possible economic vector physically crippling the US economy. Corporations that simply abandoned American for China did not help either. Let them stay in China, and not come back since we are tired of their junk anyway. Though we can’t stop buying all Chinese goods, we can curtail our purchases. I’ve managed to stop buying many outwardly Chinese made goods and it was a tuff one at first since I had to pay more attention to my purchases. Finding an American alternative to Chinese junk was also a challenge at first. It was out of convenience but costs were a factor at first. But what did I save if I had to replace an item a few times in a year before you get a “good one”? I’ve already lost count of the times I had to return some defective doodad or another from China and it’s only July. Beware of the latest Chinese ploy to sell their junk. The red, white and blue sticker that “alludes” to being American made is precious. The sticker looks a ‘Made in America” one but when you read the fine print it says the item was “Designed” in America. When you examine the item further you eventually find the Made in China tag.


There are about a zillion other articles on this “Buy American” thing so I’m tossing in my two bits on the subject with the rest of them. Maybe this “off the wall” notion of Buying America might take hold and we can rebuild our own country for a change. Too many politicians are deeply entrenched in Chinese financial interests rendering them useless or blatantly collusive. I don’t mind helping people around the world but it’s time to take care of ourselves first. If not, the vultures of the International Monetary Fund will erase our Constitution and replace it with Austerity and the loss of our national sovereignty. Then we will know why the people of Greece are all pissed off. Funny, in a dark way, how Greece was the birthplace of democracy and now it’s the place of democracies demise.


Save America Buy American


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, American Shame: Hate Crimes in Nevada go Unabated in the Land of the Free
7 years ago





City of Fernley

Fernley Nevada Mayor Leroy Goodman

City Manager
Greg Evangelatos, AICP
City Attorney
Brandi Jensen
Mary Hardisty

Ward 1-Council Member
Kelly Malloy

Ward 2-Council Member
Don Parsons, Sr.

Ward 3-Council Member
Roy Edgington, Jr.

Ward 4-Council Member
Curt Chaffin

Ward 5-Council Member
Cal Eilrich
Fernley City Address:
595 Silver Lace Blvd.
Fernley, NV 89408
(775) 784-9858

Your Devil’s Advocate and Tree %#&!*%

Posted by littlerunningdeer on June 30, 2011 at 11:37 pm
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Buffalohair, American Shame: Hate Crimes in Nevada go Unabated in the Land of the Free
7 years ago

American Shame: Hate Crimes in Nevada go Unabated in the Land of the Free

Bonta Photo

Imagine going to a gas station and being accosted by Skin Head Nazi Thugs, then as law enforcement arrives at this egregious hate crime one of the hooligans proclaims;“You hear those cops coming? They’re not going to help you. My daddy is a cop in this town, and nothing is going to happen to me. You %#&!*% %#&!*% are going to jail.”


The town in question is Fernley Nevada and the hooligan in question is Jacob Cassell the son of a prominent local law enforcement officer. Though the Bonta family was accosted with bats and other instruments of death critically injuring family members the perpetrators were released on the scene by local sheriff’s deputies. In a well written accounting of this event in *Indian Country Today, written by Velerie Taliman, the story gets much worse since justice was far from served and the perpetrators continue to wreak havoc on ethnic minorities within this region. I will not reinvent the wheel so I advise my readers to log onto Indian Country Today for the bare bones faces about this crime of hate. This deserves the attention of the United Nations and possibly the International Criminal Court since the Paiute Nation is a sovereign nation as prescribed by the United Nations and this victimized family is members of the sovereign Paiute Nation.



I follow news stories from around the world where human beings are victimized by criminal factions within government and industry and this fetid event should be recognized by the people of the world. Though this event occurred within the confines of the continental United States it does not mean this callous disregard for human rights should be ignored. The local officials must be held accountable for the conduct of their law enforcement agencies since it was more than apparent justice was not served and racial bias prevailed. Since I have family living in the Pyrimde Lake and Duck Valley regions of Nevada I find this to be a personal affront to my sensibilities since it is hard to define the line between objective journalism and pure anger. I am not a happy camper.

Now I am addressing my readers from around the world and urge them to take a stand against this tyranny and the officials who continue to ignore this travesty of justice. This is wrong on all levels and for one of the criminals to be the son of a law enforcement officer, immunity to the laws of the land is unconscionable. The fact Jacob Cassell is a hate mongering skin head only exacerbates the issue there is wholesale disregard for the indigenous communities throughout America. This event opens up a most hurtful can of worms within all indigenous communities through out the Americas at the very least for this event is common place and under reported by the mainstream media.


It would behoove my readers to sign the petition I am including in this story but also to contact the United Nations and all political figures responsible for the promotion of human rights around the world for the United States is not above the law. In a statement made by Jacob he called us “%#&!*%” but I must contest since the proper term is “Tree %#&!*%”, a name I was raised with since the 1950’s. And it is my promise I will expose Jacob and the chain of authoritarian figures who allowed the Bonta family to suffer because of the color of their skin. If justice is not served the names of all the politicians who ignore this egregious crime against humanity will be known to the world for they are now under the microscope on a global scale.



To the City Counsel of Fernley Nevada, please be advised this is no longer a local issue but an international one. You are now known to the world and your conduct will be scrutinized for this was a travesty of justice, bada bing, bada bang, bada boom.


Indian Country Today Article:


News Story:


Alice's News Stories, Thank You Alice! She has a lot on Solar!
7 years ago

Alice D. Alice's contributions:

  Stories submitted:

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7 years ago



"They are laying out a long-term strategy towards the sustainable production and quality of food produced."




The solar project is the latest effort by Lakeside Dairy to become more sustainable. The farm's manure-handling equipment removes about 50 tons of solid manure a day, thus preventing it from going into the lagoon and giving off gases from decomposition.

Members Found News
7 years ago
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Alice D. sent us



Dairy Installs 3200 Solar Panels




Rabobank, N.A., a community bank that provides solar financing to California farms, businesses and public entities, is providing the construction and term financing for the solar project.




by Staff Writers
Hanford CA (SPX) May 26, 2011
Lakeside Dairy in Hanford has installed a new solar energy system to power its milking barn and other dairy operations and cut its use of conventional energy by 75 percent. The family-run dairy operation has 7,000 head of cattle and a custom farming business.


Developed, designed and installed by SPG Solar, the 891-kilowatt solar energy system consists of 3,240 Suntech solar modules and two Solaron inverters. It is projected to generate over 1.7 megawatt hours annually - enough to offset over 75 percent of the dairy's utility power usage.




"The recent volatility of milk prices has underscored the importance of hedging our input costs," said Mike Monteiro, the dairy's owner. "The solar energy system will help us fix our energy costs and hedge against long term increases in utility power rates."




The four-acre solar energy system powers Lakeside's entire dairy operation, including the 11,000 square foot milking barn, heifer corral lighting and fans, manure separator equipment, and well and irrigation equipment.




Rabobank, N.A., a community bank that provides solar financing to California farms, businesses and public entities, is providing the construction and term financing for the solar project.




"By combining the savings from lower utility power bills with federal and state incentives, Rabobank structured the term loan to potentially be cash flow positive throughout the lifetime of the loan," said Gianluca Signorelli, Vice President of Renewable Energy Finance for Rabobank. "Once the loan is repaid, the solar system is likely to create even larger savings for Lakeside Dairy."




"Lakeside Dairy continues to show its commitment to solar that positively impacts their operations today, reducing future electricity costs and investing in the community through the creation of green jobs," said CEO and President of SPG Solar, Chris Robine.




"They are laying out a long-term strategy towards the sustainable production and quality of


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