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7 years ago
Hi, I am new in this group. 5 years ago I moved from Latvia to England. My name is Aina and it means - Landscape. My surname is Taurina and it means - Butterfly. Why I didn't join to butterflies group? Ah, butterflies are beautiful, but I love trees and birds. My understanding about ecosystem is simple: Sun->Earth->Water->Trees->Green Leaves-> Oxygen=Life Very important thing in this system is a Bird. It eats Worms. If the Worm be out of control, it will eat all green plants very quickly....could you imagine, what will happen? We all die. So, I am motivated to call all people to plant a Tree and enjoy Bird's song. I am an artist and I love to paint Birds. I am looking to collaborate with interested people to share my ideas. Yours truly Aina
7 years ago
Hello Aina, Nice post. Excellent to look at the ecosystem perspective through its many layers or strata. In eastern North America in forests north of the glacial front there are few to none native earthworms... however, there are earthworms introduced in many of those places and they have become invasive... so go birds, eat them up! Homer
7 years ago
Hi Homer! Happy to meet you as a Biology Lover...:) I always plant a tree if I have any opportunity. I have this like from my grandmother. We every spring went to forest to look for a young wild apple tree. It was very interesting later to see and try to eat from nature selected apples...Many of them were not edable... Invasions of different creatures often is an unpredictable process. We don't know who will eat that kind of eartworms...maybe birds, maybe mice...are there some wild cats or foxes to take a control over mice? I would like to write short stories about those simple ecosystem rules and I chose to start this huge job with Trees & Birds. I think you and many other highly educated people will say - there are a lot of information everywhere about those problems...yes, I agree, but everything is written in very complicate scientists language. If we want to spread those simple ecosystem rules among all people we must write in simple language. I'll try because I studied English since 2006 from none and I very good know which words are common for foreign people. I studied for 4 years together with adult people from many countries who never read any science magazine...For me no problem to understand for example "introduced" or "invasive" or "the glacical front" but millions and millions of people afraid of those words, so all good messages about ecosystem are not read... Thank you if somebody was patient enough to read it.
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