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6 years ago
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This is a petition site that anyone can use specifically for petitions to help Christians. You may put on petitions for Christians and we especially welcome petitions for Persecuted Christians and those who are being challenged in their faith! We welcome petitions for home and house churches, and the right to freedom of religion. We also hope for petitions to help teens and college students to establish independent interdenominational student worship centers.


Please feel free to post your petions on this thread~


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6 years ago


PRAY FOR THE PERSECUTED CHRISTIAN:MAKE A COMMITTMENT~ PRAY FOR THE PERSECUTED... Christians around the world, our brothers and sisters, are being persecuted because they have made a... more»
6 years ago

NORTH AFRICA: Fatima’s story

Fatima lives in north Africa and she is a Muslim background believer. Married, with four children, she became a Christian when a friend asked her if she wanted to get to know Jesus and was willing to change her life. But, her friend warned her, if she did, she would need to live out her new life in secrecy.

Fatima made that commitment. She started to attend a secret Bible study meeting and gradually her life began to change. She has seen real answers to prayer.

But her faith is lived out behind locked doors. Now, whenever Fatima shares in Bible study with anyone, she ensures the doors are locked and that her husband, Jamal, is out. He is opposed to her faith and has threatened to report her to her neighbours and the police. With no support from her husband, Fatima relies upon fellow secret believers to pray with and support her in her Christian faith.

In Fatima’s country, Open Doors is providing secret places for underground Christians to meet and experience fellowship without fearing for their lives.

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6 years ago
PRAY! MAKE A COMMITTMENT TO PRAY TO END TERRORISM AND VIOLENT EXTREMISM! PRAY! MAKE A COMMITTMENT TO... If people all across the earth had not prayed when Hitler tried to take over the earth in World War II... more»
6 years ago
MAKE A COMMITTMENT TO PRAY FOR THE PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS IN NIGERIA! MAKE A COMMITTMENT TO PRAY FOR... The Christians in Nigeria are being attacked by extremists, who are hateful and violent towards... more»
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