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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Pastor Sirdar and his wife, have recently traveled on missions in his area of Pakistan, and they are in need of bibles and money for the mission work. He tells me that some of the Christians there do not even know what a bible is and that the churches and villagers have great need. He also told me of an orphanage in financial need and the villagers great need for churches and pastors, among other things. Please pray for his mission work and the great needs that of the surrounding areas, where he lives.
Your sister in Christ!
9 years ago
Dear Donna, 

Colombian Kogui Christians Escape During Temporary Release for Christmas

Indigenous Kogui Christians in Colombia, detained by authorities because of their faith in Christ, were released temporarily on December 21. Upon their release, local authorities forced them to sign a document promising to report back on January 10, but they determined as a group not to return. 

The thirty-three men, women and children were held last October against their will because their Christian beliefs were considered a threat to indigenous traditions. The main constitution of Colombia gives everyone the right to their own religious beliefs, but local authorities in indigenous areas are given a somewhat autonomous rule. Christians in Bogota are attempting to help draw national attention to the situation in hopes of bringing about their official release. But, if the Colombian government rules in favor of the local authorities, they would be able to confiscate the Christian homes and lands. This would leave them without any means of income and would place a ban on all Christian activities.

Father, we call on you to grant wisdom to the government officials and bring about justice for these Kogui Christians. Soften the hearts of the indigenous leaders toward Christians. And protect those who are in hiding that no further harm will come to them.

8 years ago
Brave believer's faith rewarded


frontline faith update   
"Jesus Christ shed His blood
on the cross for us, and the
blood which I shed today
is nothing in comparison."

One brave believer described holding a Christian service in her house with her family. “I did not hear the knock at my door that grew into loud banging.... I quickly hid my Bible.”

A local official burst in with two men, demanding to know why the door wasn’t opened immediately. They carried out an extensive search of the house. “Then one of the men discovered my Bible. He quickly concealed it and told the other men, ‘There’s nothing suspicious here. Let’s move on.’ My heart was pounding.”

The next day, the man returned alone. He returned the Bible and said, “I myself am a believer.” He said he thanked God for the opportunity to meet another Christian and asked me to pray—and to be extremely careful.

Another Christian was carrying Bible study books on his bicycle when a guard demanded to search his bag. As the brother removed his bungee cord it snapped and hit his leg, causing a painful, bleeding cut. The soldier stopped the search and urged him to find a doctor.

“I completely forgot about my pain,” this fellow believer says. “Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for us, and the blood which I shed today is nothing in comparison. My life is not dear to me if God wants it for His mission.”

8 years ago
Dear Donna,

There is no other place in the world so isolated, so spiritually dark and systematically inhumane as North Korea. Several million have died as a result of imprisonment and food shortages caused by the government’s isolationist policy, which led to the collapse of the food distribution system and poor harvests.

North Korean Christians are singled out for their loyalty to Christ instead of their dictator Kim Jong Il. Though many have remained strong in their faith, they struggle against despair. Some have the strength to pray for the salvation of their leader and simply desire to worship God freely.

Moved by their courage, it is time for us to use our freedom on behalf of these believers living in utter isolation! Our goal is to get 50,000 standing with and praying for 50,000 North Korean Christians.

But it all starts with you! First, you can download the prayer calendar to inform and inspire your prayers. Then help open the eyes of others to the reality of persecution in North Korea by:

Thank you for rallying with us to support our brothers and sisters living as lights within the darkness of North Korea's borders.


Carl Moeller
Carl Moeller

World Watch North Korea Video


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