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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Please pray for the orphanage in Burma; [Myanmar], that was attacked. All children are safe but prayer is needed.
9 years ago

July 22, 2009


Monday morning, al Shabaab Islamist militia shot to death Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman, a Somali Christian convert, in a small village 62 miles north of the capital Mogadishu. Eyewitnesses told Compass News the Islamic extremists appeared to have been hunting Abdiraman, a convert from Islam, and when they found him they did not hesitate to kill him. 

Abdiraman was a the leader of an underground “cell group” of Christians and is survived by two children, ages 10 and 15.  His wife died three years ago due to illness. “We are very sad about this incident, and we also are not safe,” one eyewitness said. “Pray for us.” 

Intent on “cleansing” Somalia of all Christians, al Shabaab militia are monitoring converts from Islam, especially where Christian workers had previously provided aid.  Linked with Islamic extremist al Qaeda terrorists, al Shabaab rebels have mounted an armed effort to topple the current president’s Western-backed Transitional Federal Government with the intention of imposing sharia (Islamic law) throughout all of Somalia.

Reports of attacks against Christians and the enforcement of sharia law in Somalia are on the rise.  On July 1, Compass News reported that Islamic extremists beheaded two young boys because their Christian father refused to divulge information about a church leader. On June 25, Open Doors International reported that Somalia's hard-line al-Shabaab insurgents amputated a hand and a leg each of four teenagers found guilty of stealing mobile phones and other possessions.  This was the first incident of such amputations by the rebels who follow a strict version of sharia law.    

We ask, Father, for Your divine comfort and love to be showered over Abdiraman’s two children and the “cell group” to which he was able to minister. We pray for persecuted Christians worldwide that they “may be delivered from wicked and evil men” (2 Thes 3:2).  Our hearts break for the many in Somalia and other countries who do not know You and we ask for more ways for Your Word, Your Truth and Your message of salvation to penetrate these nations blanketed in darkness.            

9 years ago

August 5, 2009

Dear Donna,

Following an accusation of “blasphemy” of the Quran, Islamic extremists set ablaze more than 50 houses and a church in the town of Gojra in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday, August 1.  At least 14 Christians died in the attacks.  The dead include women and children, with several other burn victims unable to reach hospitals for medical care, according to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAA

Clerics at local mosques broadcasted messages that those “who love Muhammad and Islam should gather with them to defend the Islam because it is in danger,” according to CLAAS and reported by Compass.  As the crowd size grew, the attacks intensified.  The Islamists managed to block main roads and railways to keep fire brigades from fighting the house fires.   Authorities, in an effort to keep more Muslims extremists from entering from neighboring villages, blocked the roads into Gojra.   Another six people died when Islamists shot at police and the police responded in return with tear gas and gunfire.

The same rumor of desecration of the Quran prompted an arson assault by Islamic extremists on the village of Korian last Thursday.  At least 60 houses were gutted in that attack.  Punjab Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah reportedly said an initial investigation of allegations of the Quran being blasphemed indicated “there has not been any incident of desecration.”  Pakistan is ranked No. 13 on the 2009 Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries which are the worst persecutors of Christians.

Father we pray for the victims of these heinous and violent crimes, asking for Your peace that passes all understanding to dwell in their hearts and homes.  We bring before You the families enduring the loss of a loved one. Father, please replace their pain with love and forgiveness. We trust to You their comfort and ask that You empower believers in Pakistan to stand strong in their faith in You.

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team

9 years ago

August 19, 2009

Dear Donna,

Last August, 17-year-old Manini Digal was caught by extremists during the outbreak of violence in Orissa, India.   They tore off her clothes, assaulted her and then set her on fire.  Through the help of Open Doors Manini received the medical care she needed and survived; she stands today to praise God for His protection and her recovery.

Along with other Christians in Orissa, Manini will remember the one-year anniversary of the anti-Christian violence sparked by the August 23, 2008 assassination of Hindu leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati. Although an extreme Marxist group claimed responsibility, Hindu nationalist groups blamed Christians for the assassination. This Sunday India’s church leaders will commemorate the anniversary with “Peace Day” which will include marches, fasting and prayer vigils.

Is the crisis over?  Orissa Christians remain targets of violence and persecution by Hindu extremists.  This year India jumped from No. 30 to No. 22 on Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most severe persecution. Last week the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) placed India on its watch list for frequent outbreaks of violence against minorities, especially Christians. The report sharply criticized the Indian government for failure to protect the rights of religious minorities. 

Over 4,000 Christians remain unable to return to their homes because of the threat of violence.  They need our prayers more than ever.  On Monday, August 24, we invite you to call and join the Open Doors staff as we mark the anniversary of the Orissa violence by upholding our fellow Christians in prayer.  (Prayer phone-in instructions).

9 years ago

August 19, 2009

Dear Donna,

Somali Christian Shot Dead near Kenya Border

According to Compass Direct News, Muslim extremists shot and killed Ahmed Matan on August 18 near the Somali border with Kenya.  Matan, who converted from Islam to Christianity, had been a member of the underground Christian church since 2001.  The shooting comes at a time when Islamist groups, led by al Shabaab, are hunting down converts to Christianity as they seek to establish sharia (Islamic law) throughout Somalia.

“I am afraid for my life, the al Shabaab want to get proof that I follow the Christian faith,” Matan told Ismael, a former leader of a secret Christian fellowship in Somalia to which Matan belonged. “They have not been seeing me in the mosque and seem to have realized that I am not part of them.”  

Father we join in prayer for Matan’s family.  He was a father of three, and his last child is just 3 months old.  We also pray for the small but faithful fellowship of Christians in Somalia, that they might  worship You in safety and without fear. Father, please protect them and provide for thier every need.

9 years ago
Dear Donna,
There is an extraordinary situation taking place right now that you need to know about today. It involves Christians who are under attack by Muslim extremists.
Radical Muslims are specifically targeting families simply because they are Christians. Injured, hungry, and destitute, they have nowhere to take their sick children; nowhere to get treatment for the wounds they suffer; and no way to even get the most basic of medical supplies like aspirin or bandages. 
For security reasons I cannot mention the specific location, but I can tell you it is a situation that is all over the daily news, TV, and internet.
Our brothers and sisters plead for much-needed relief.
In response, we are launching Project Hope. I have recorded a personal message for you to explain this crucial project in more detail.
In Christ
9 years ago

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9 years ago

Dear Donna,

Now is your chance to give a voice to oppressed Christians in Orissa, India.

Just over a year has passed since Hindu extremists launched a horrendous attack on Christians.

The suffering was too immense for words. Humiliated, violated, beaten and martyred. Those who survived were forced to flee their homes.

It all started with a setup. The blame for the assassination of Hindu leader Swami Laxmanananda fell on Christians in the surrounding community.

120 Christians murdered, 250 Christian churches demolished and now over 50,000 displaced people looking for a home.

But you can help change this.

In response to this outbreak of violence, Rep. Trent Franks and Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver have co-sponsored a letter to the Chief Minister of Orissa, Navin Patnaik.

Take one minute to send a message to your representative asking him or her to sign the letter to the Chief Minister of Orissa.

The more support the letter has, the greater the pressure is placed on the Chief Minister to take action on behalf of persecuted Christians in Orissa.

Advocating with you,

Lindsay Vessey

Lindsay Vessey
Open Doors Advocacy Director


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9 years ago
India Hindu Militants Attack Christian Training Meeting

Another violent attack on Christians in India is raising concerns about whether the Indian government is taking appropriate action to support religious freedom.
The brutal attack left at least four pastors seriously injured and eight missing. It began late on the August 11 when dozens of hard-line Hindu militants from Sri Ram Sena ('Lord Ram's Army') and the youth wing of Visva Hindu Parisad ('World Hindu Council') broke into a conference facility where a "Teacher's Training Program" was being hosted by the Seva Bharath Mission India. Bangalore-based Global Council of Indian Christians, a Christian advocacy group, reports that none of the 50 male pastors or 24 young women attending the conference were safe from the terrorists violence.
"Even the young women...between 17-23 years...were not spared," GCIC said. "They were humiliated with verbal abuses and man-handled by the attackers. All their Bibles and mobile phones were confiscated."

Pastor Joseph Christopher escaped and attempted to get help from local police. Pastor Christopher states the police response was "indifferent" and that police only watched as the militants burned Bibles.
The police then detained many of the pastors after the militants accused them of "forcible conversion" and "denigrating Hindu gods." All but eight of the pastors where eventually released. The eight pastors identified as Vasant Kumar Hanoka, Simon Rathnappa, Basavaraj Rudappa, Madhan Kumar Yamanappa, Prakash Arjun Kagwadar, Jayraj Shiromani, Vijay Mayekar and Kumaraswamy Govindappa, are still missing after being charged with unlawful assembly, rioting, criminal conspiracy and "acts intended to outrage religious feelings by insulting religion or religious beliefs."
This comes as a devastating set-back for the Seva Bharath Mission India. The program is well known in the area for helping to promote adult literacy and education programs for all ages. The training program was organized to train the men and women attending to teach to help expand these education programs.

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9 years ago
Islamic Militants Behead Christian Orphanage Workers

For the second time in as many months, Christians in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu have been faced with violent and brutal deaths at the hand of Somalia's main Islamic insurgent group, al-Shabab.
Four Christian aid workers were beheaded after refusing to renounce their faith in Christ.
Fatima Sultan, Ali Ma'ow, Sheik Mohammed Abdi and Maaddey Diil, four Christians working for an NGO that helps orhans, were kidnapped on July 27. The members of the group were then beheaded for refusing to denounce their Christianity.
An unidentified junior al-Shabab militant notified families of the victims that the four Christians had been beheaded for apostasy. He allegedly described the Christians as promoters of "fitna," a Muslim term for religious discord.

The militant, who called himself "Seiful Islam" ("the Sword of Islam"), told the families that the bodies will not be given to them "as Somalia does not have cemeteries for infidels." According to a witness of the beheading "All the four apostates were given an opportunity to return to Islam to be released but they all declined the generous offer."
Al-Shabab has also claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against Christians and U.N. backed aid organizations in Somalia. The group has declared that United Nations agencies working with the new transitional government are "enemies of Islam." This incident is the second group of Christians murdered by the group. Seven other Christians were beheaded after being accused of converting to Christianity from Islam and spying for the new government.
"Al-Shabab has once again demonstrated its utter disregard for the dignity of human life," said Jonathan Racho, International Christian Concern's Regional Manager for Africa and the Middle East. "The majority of Muslims in Somalia, who are also the victims of al-Shabab's cruelty, do not support their ideology or practices. It is high time for the international community to take robust measures to end the heinous crimes that Al-Shabab and other extremist groups are committing against the people of Somalia," Racho said.
9 years ago

Dear First Name friend of the persecuted ,

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We have offered this year's IDOP kit free of charge because we have a passionate commitment to praying for our brothers and sisters living under the heavy burden of persecution.

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The 2009 IDOP prayer kit offers you everything you'll need to join Christians in uniting to pray for persecuted Christians on Sunday, November 8th, 2009.

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9 years ago

October 7, 2009

Dear Donna,  

Somali Militants Kill Christian Woman 

How thankful Mariam Muhina Hussein, must have been last week, when a woman arrived at her home asking about Bibles and wanting to discuss Christianity.  However, a Compass Direct source reported that this woman, wife of Sheikh Arbow, was sent to confirm the presence of Bibles at the Hussein residence and to find “Christians who have defiled the Islamic religion.” 

The next day, Mariam again answered the door.  Sheikh Arbow stood before her and casually asked to check something in the Bible.  Mariam innocently complied with his request, but upon retrieving the Bible, Arbow declared his true mission and demanded that she get the other 6 Bibles out.  Arbow then fired three bullets at Hussein and she died instantly.

Father, You have seen fit to bring Mariam Hussen into Your presence.  Comfort her family and fellow church members that their faith would remain strong and they would not slip into bitterness or hopelessness.  Use this event to spark the growth of Your church in Somalia.     

9 years ago

Pastor Vanamali Pareshudham 

Pastor Vanamali

Dear Donna,   Indian Pastor Attacked by Hindu Extremist 

Three strikes to the back of his head and Pastor Vanamali Pareshudham fell unconscious.  After 8 days the police still had made no arrests.  The attack is presumed to have been at the hand of Hindu extremist RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) who opposed his preaching and the new prayer house he recently opened in Narketpalli, Andhra Pradish state.  Pareshudham has experienced fierce persecution, even from his parents, since his conversion to Christianity 6 years ago.  

Andhra Pradish state has reported 14 acts of anti-Christian violence this year from January through August.  Pastor Pareshudham says, “I am afraid and fear facing more attacks in the future, but I will continue to preach and go to the prayer house.”

Father, thank you that Your gospel is being preached in power and authority by Pastor Pareshudham and others in India.  Protect these pastors and their families.  In the midst of their persecution, cause what was meant for evil to multiply Your work through-out India and ignite within Your servants courage to continue speaking boldly.     

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9 years ago


Persecuted Christians | Tina

9 years ago


While difficult to view, this photo of Tina shows the very real suffering which our brothers and sisters are facing in Iran and why they need your help today.

In Tina's case, she and her husband were arrested and held in custody for four days after it was discovered that they had converted from Islam to Christianity.

"During this time we were physically and mentally tortured," says Tina.  "All the while our precious daughter was left unattended at home."

Believers like Tina are not alone.  Thousands of Muslim converts around the world are abused and tortured when they are arrested as a result of their faith in Christ.

The good news is that through your online gift today, you can help fund projects to support these precious membersof our family.

When you give an online gift, you'll help ensure we are able to provide persecuted Christians in Iran, the Middle East, and wherever we are at work, with the Bibles, literature, training, and encouragement they need to stand strong in the midst of persecution.

Thank you for understanding just how crucial it is for us to fully fund the projects to help suffering Christians like Tina.

And thank you for giving whatever online gift you can today!

In Christ,

Carl Moeller
President/CEO, Open Doors USA

9 years ago

FLARE IN BJP-RUN MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA: Since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in Madhya Pradesh in December 2003, Christians in the state have suffered increased attacks and concerted efforts to tarnish their image, church leaders said. Full Story>>

9 years ago
In the Trenches: Egyptian Christians 
attacked and imprisoned.
Read more>>

9 years ago
Threats intensify as India's Christians 
reach out with the gospel.
Read more>>

9 years ago
Pakistan - After seven Christians were burned alive in Gojra, Punjab Province, extremist groups have attempted to provoke further attacks against Christians there by leaving torn pages of the Quran at a church.
9 years ago


Media Contact: Emily Sollie, 410-230-2802, 443-220-3269 cell,

Lutheran World Relief Alarmed by Violence in Northern Colombia

Baltimore, November 13, 2009 - Lutheran World Relief is concerned over increased violence against LWR partners in northern Colombia, South America. In the province of Córdoba, murder rates over the last two years have reached historic highs, with more than 500 assassinations last year. LWR partners, representing rural farming communities, internally displaced populations and Evangelical churches are under threat.

The October 29 murder of Ramiro Montes Valencia—teacher, community council president and member of the Beautiful Light Evangelical Church—highlights a disturbing trend of violence in Córdoba. Recent threats, murders and disappearances have been aimed at civil society members taking steps to protect their communities and advocate for improved living conditions in the province’s more marginalized towns.

Lutheran World Relief is saddened by the murder of Montes Valencia, who was killed by unidentified gunmen while waiting for public transportation near the Pica Pica community in the Montelíbano municipality. Montes Valencia leaves behind his wife and four young children. LWR calls on Colombian and US officials to quickly investigate this murder and ensure that Montes Valencia’s family has access to necessary protection measures.

Despite a 2003 government-sponsored demobilization of paramilitary forces in Córdoba, the region has not experienced peace. Annalise Romoser, acting director for public policy and advocacy at LWR explains, “Re-organized paramilitary forces, largely made up of former rank and file paramilitaries, are terrorizing communities in Córdoba and impeding their access to vital land, resources and justice mechanisms. Violence in Córdoba—a region already hard hit by poverty—represents a serious humanitarian crisis.”

Romoser adds that because of violence in Córdoba, the number of internally displaced Colombians in the province has increased in recent years, contributing to the nation’s already significant internally displaced population of four million.

LWR partners in Córdoba affected by violence have received inadequate attention from the Colombian government, including the state agency charged with serving internally displaced people (IDPs), Acción Social. Displaced communities are unable to return home due to precarious security situations and sheer fear. In cities and towns they suffer from unemployment, lack of food and clean water, and unsanitary living conditions.

“Violence in Córdoba and the impunity perpetrators enjoy is a threat not only to our partners, but to development as a whole,” notes Michael Watt, LWR regional director for Latin America programs. “LWR has accompanied displaced communities in Colombia since 1996, but growing violence has required the organization to increase our focus on protection and emergency measures, while limiting our ability to support development and rehabilitation programming, such as improving rural families’ livelihoods and facilitating a return home for IDPs.”

LWR continues to support partners in Córdoba and advocate on their behalf before the US Congress and Colombian government. LWR calls on the US government to work with Colombian officials to investigate all acts of violence in Córdoba and develop decisive plans to protect communities in the region and dismantle re-organized paramilitary groups operating in the region.

“Protection, an end to impunity and political will to address the growing number of illegal armed groups in Córdoba is essential for rural development to take hold and families to break free from poverty in the region,” says Romoser.

From ACT Action by Churches Together
9 years ago

Violence erupted between Muslim and Christian communities in Gojra City in Punjab Province, Pakistan, following rumours of the desecration of the Holy Quran on Thursday last week.  In two days of violence that followed, a mob attacked a Christian community and torched 47 houses.  On Saturday 01 August, another 100 houses from a Christian colony in Gojra City was torched, according to an assessment by ACT member Church World Service- Pakistan/Afghanistan’s partner in the area, the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAA.  Seven deaths have been reported, including 4 women, a child and two men.

According to CWS, data on the impact and number of burned houses being released by the media is under-stating the situation compared to information provided by CLAAS who are working in the area. Local officials, including District Police Officer and District Coordination Officer, are amongst those accused of negligence for the incidents that occurred according to Minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti (Reuters). Gojra city police have arrested more than 65 people for their alleged involvement in the violence. Security has been increased to maintain order in the city while the situation remains tense.

National and international response

Assistance to Christian families affected is trickling in very slowly, in a country where Christians are a small minority comprising only 1.6% of the total population. Staff members of CLAAS have been in the affected area for three days to express solidarity with the affected families and to assess the situation.

Caritas Faisalabad along with the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP), and the Society for Human Development Pakistan have also conducted assessments. Caritas shared that they are today (August 4th) distributing food items to affected families. Through individual donations, one hundred beds and bedding have also been provided to affected families.

ACT Response- Planned activities

CWS report the urgent need to provide immediate assistance such as food and non food items (kitchen sets and hygiene kits) to the affected families and intend to send a request to the ACT Coordinating Office for Rapid Response Funding today for provision of assistance to around 294 families who were residing in 147 houses that were damaged.  Other ACT members in Pakistan are not planning any immediate relief activities in the area.



Any funding indication or pledge should be communicated to Jesssie Kgoroeadira, ACT Finance Officer (

Action by Churches Together (ACT) International is a global alliance of churches and related agencies working to save lives and support communities in emergencies worldwide

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A letter from Pastor Sirdar
9 years ago
sister we are fine by lord's grace 
although every where bomb blast and violence but we are fine by his grace Sister but we are worried you know where we are living now due to flood now government decided to destroy our houses so pray lord provide us resources to buy or rent a house
your brother victor
9 years ago
Dear Donna,  Somali Christian Executed

In the early morning of November 14, Abdikarim Yusuf’s body was found on a quiet residential street in Mogadishu, Somalia. According to Compass Direct News, he had been taken into custody October 28 by the extremist group al Shabaab after a 15-year-old Muslim boy reported Yusuf’s attempt to convert him to Christianity.  A search of his home did not reveal any incriminating evidence. 

Contrary to Islamic law requiring the witness of three people for execution, he was executed on the basis of one teen’s report.  He sustained two bullets to the head and his body was dumped on a local street, possibly as a warning to others.  Compass reports evidence that he may have been tortured.  

Yusuf’s grieving Muslim family, having been unaware of his conversion to Christianity, now lives in fear of authorities.  Local underground Christians indirectly assisted the family in burying him with dignity the day of the shooting. Those Christians who knew him have been relocated as it is not clear whether authorities obtained names or other details from Yusuf before his death. 

Father, we grieve Abdikarim Yusuf’s death.  Thank you for his faithfulness to You even in death. Protect the local Christians there and cause Your message of truth and of grace to be effectual in bringing many to a saving knowledge of Christ. Redeem this land of chaos and darkness with the light of Your gospel.

9 years ago
A blaze at St. Danny's Boarding & Girls' High School in Murree, Pakistan has left the town's Christians with no educational institution for their daughters.

Bishop Alexander John Malik, of the Church of Pakistan, said that the school was "set ablaze under mysterious circumstances and reduced to ashes" November 3. No injuries were reported.

He also condemned local authorities for failing to put out the fire before the complete destruction of the school. "Their equipments and fire extinguishing engines failed and therefore rescuers and fire fighters from the capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi were called-in, to help the Murree Fire Brigade Department," he said.

Pakistan's Christian Federal Minister for Minorities,  Shahbaz Bhatti, condemned what he called the "sad episode of uncontrolled burning of the Christian school" and stating that "no fire fighters reached there timely to save the property of the Christians."

He was angered and saddened by authorities and the media who "mocked, persecuted and discriminated the vulnerable and hapless Christians in St. Danny's School."

Police had no immediate comment about the attack and no group has yet claimed responsibility.
9 years ago
MASSIVE ‘RECONVERSION’ EVENT IN INDIA AIMED AT CHRISTIANS: Hundreds of tribal Christians and adherents of aboriginal religion from villages in Maharashtra state were reportedly “reconverted” to Hinduism yesterday in the Mumbai suburb of Thane at a ceremony led by a Hindu nationalist cleric. Full Story>>
9 years ago
ATTACK WORSHIP SERVICE IN UGANDA: About 40 Muslim extremists with machetes and clubs tried to break into a Sunday worship service outside Uganda’s capital city of Kampala on Nov. 1, leaving a member of the congregation with several injuries and damaging the church building. Full Story>>


9 years ago

Pakistani Christian on the Run

Jehanzaib Asher, 22, was living a peaceful life with his Muslim neighbors.  Taliban militants however persistently tried to convert him to Islam.  Finally, last February, Asher could no longer remain silent and defended his faith by citing verses from the Bible, while being careful not to comment on Islam. Nevertheless, he was badly beaten.
Later, these militants began spreading false reports that he and his cousin had blasphemed Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. According to Compass News Asher’s picture is posted at check-points through-out Pakistan in an attempt to help the Taliban and other Islamists identify and kill him.  Asher is now on the run and hiding as they seek to find him and take his life.

Father, we thank you for Asher’s faithfulness and pray that the Scripture he spoke that day will take root in the hearts of the attackers and the on-lookers. May they see You in him and believe.  And may Your hand of protection be upon him and his family.

9 years ago

Christian Attacked in Jerusalem
Yossi Yomtov, a Jewish Christian living in Jerusalem, has been attacked four times in recent months because of his faith in Christ.  He reported to Compass Direct News that the attacks have involved being sprayed by pepper spray and stun guns as well as verbal harassment and being punched in the face.  Some of the assailants have been youths wearing kippahs, cloth skullcaps typically worn by observant Jews.  Others have been teens or young adults of French origin.  Attempts to obtain police help have been largely unsuccessful, though recently the police have agreed to investigate one of the attacks.  To date there has been no progress in the investigation.

Yossi received Christ in 1984 while living in the United States.  He said he became a Christian after he “hit the bottom” – taking drugs and engaging “in illegal activity." Yossi told Compass, “I’m not secretive about my belief like some other people, and I often talk about it.  That’s how many people are aware of me believing in Jesus Christ.”  

Father, we commit Yossi into Your hands of protection. Encourage him in his faith.  As he faithfully speaks about Your Word, cause the seed sown to take root in the hearts of many living in Jerusalem.  In this place where Your Church began, may it flourish.

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team

9 years ago

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Firebombs were thrown at three more churches in Malaysia on Sunday and another was splashed with black paint, the latest in a series of assaults on Christian houses of worship following a court decision allowing non-Muslims to use "Allah" to refer to God.

Despite the attacks, thousands of Christians nationwide attended Sunday services and prayed for national unity and an end to the violence.

9 years ago

Ethiopian Believer Killed as Persecution Increases

Markos, a successful Christian business man, was murdered on December 20 in a brutal machete attack in the Muslim-majority state of Oromia, Ethiopia. Believers claim that he was killed for giving financial assistance to his church after it was attacked by a mob of Muslim extremists in September 2009. While an investigation into Markos' murder is currently underway, district administrators insist that Markos was killed to create political instability and not for his faith. However, the persecution of believers has increased here and in other areas of the country. Markos leaves behind his wife, Sintayehu, and their seven children aged 10 to 25.

Father, as Sintayehu and her children grieve the loss of husband and father, protect them, provide for them, bring about justice and subdue persecution. We ask also that You equip Open Doors’ workers as they minister to Christian leaders through biblical and leadership training.

8 years ago

Dear Donna 

Christians Targeted, Killed in Mosul, Iraq

On Monday (Feb 15), in a cry of distress, an Open Doors co-worker reported, "Christians are being targeted inside their own homes and killed. Several others have been killed in front of the last check point before leaving Mosul while the Kurdish and Arab security forces were watching."  Also at the university in Mosul, Christian students are being targeted. The Open Doors worker reports, "Christian students are pointed to by some Muslim students at the university then taken away and killed. Please get folks to pray!"

"For years Christians have been targeted in Mosul and the surrounding area," says Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller. “It is one of the most violent areas in Iraq. With the parliamentary elections coming up March 7, more violence against Christians is expected."

Father we pray for the victims of these heinous and violent crimes, asking for Your peace that passes all understanding to dwell in their hearts and homes. We bring before You the families enduring the loss of a loved one, Father, please replace their pain with love and forgiveness and empower believers in Iraq to stand strong in their faith in You.

8 years ago

Hundreds Dead in Nigerian Violence

 Recent sectarian violence in central Nigeria in the month of March has left anywhere from 300-500 people dead, many of them women and children.  Hundreds have been left homeless and many have fled their homes to avoid the violence
This is not the first time clashes between Christians and Muslims have left hundreds dead, similar attacks against Christians left approximately 300 dead in January.  
The majority of the violence has been centered around the small city of Jos. The attacks came when groups of Muslim men armed with machetes, guns and knives rushed into several villages around Jos and just began attacking Christians. Several hundred arrests have been made in connection to the most recent attacks. Security forces have been put on high alert to help prevent further violence, but it seems unlikely that there are enough security forces to protect the smaller villages.
The most populous country in Africa, with a population of more than 150 million, Nigeria is almost evenly divided between Muslims and Christians. With more than 78 million Muslims, it has the sixth-largest Islamic population in the world, according to a study last year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

8 years ago

At 11:20 PM, February 6, 2010, Pastor John Hayab arrived in Washington, DC, met by the worst snowstorm Washington has suffered in 20 years. He had traveled from Nigeria, by car, plane, bus, and train, and now faced the two feet of snow that shut the city down. However, he had a message to give, and it couldn’t wait: Nigeria was in a state of outright religious war.

A sectarian attack just a few days before, in January, left 300 dead. This was only the latest in a history of religious violence that has claimed over 13,500 lives in the past decade. Historically, Nigerian culture was pluralistic in nature. However, with the growth of radical Islam, Jihad has been used to enforce Islamic law. This is especially pronounced in northern Nigeria where attacks and counter attacks have been carried out in the name of God for over a decade. ...

8 years ago
Despite increasing persecution against Christians, Muslims in Nigeria are coming to faith in Christ through evangelism, prayer and miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. Recently our representative sent us the story of a prominent Muslim’s conversion to Christianity in northern Nigeria:

Mustapha Sani is from Kaduna State in the northwestern part of Nigeria. Mustapha’s family is one of the ruling families of the Zazzau Emirate Council (a ruling body in Kaduna State), and his father, Alhaji Sani Halliru, was a former Makama Babba (leader) and a devout Muslim. Mustapha himself was soon to be turbaned as the new Makama Babba upon the death of his father.

However, in April 2009, a recurring nightmare began to plague Mustapha. ...
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8 years ago
At least 32 children were among hundreds killed on March 7th when a Muslim mob attacked a Christian village near Jos, Nigeria. The Muslims invaded the village at 2 AM local time and slaughtered the Christians with machetes. In some cases the Muslims wiped out entire families. They also burned down the homes of several Christians. ...
8 years ago
3/8/10 Nigeria (ICC) 500 Slain in Muslim Jihad Attack in Nigeria- Nigerian Muslims murdered 500 Christians in a village near Jos on Sunday, March 7th. Most of the victims are women and children. The Muslims invaded the village at 2 AM local time and slaughtered the Christians with machetes. A local government official told ICC that around 380 Christians were buried in one mass burial space. He added that other victims were buried by their families, and there are still bodies being collected.

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