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9 years ago
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100,000 Signatures Urgently Needed

Gao ZhishengKidnapped Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng has been missing 153 days, and with each day that passes, his life hangs in the balance. The petition asking for Gao's release is now very close to 100,000 signatures, and we need your help to reach this goal quickly.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu has been invited to speak at a Congressional-Executive Commission on China roundtable on July 10 where he will present about Gao Zhisheng's case. Please help make a greater impact for Gao Zhisheng's freedom by helping us to reach 100,000 signatures so that the petition can be presented at this important meeting. This is a great opportunity to have a voice before U.S. lawmakers and the media on behalf of Gao, and to pressure the Chinese government to immediately reveal Gao's whereabouts and condition.

Please encourage family and friends to sign the petition today at, and be a part of this movement for freedom and justice on behalf of Gao Zhisheng. Thank you for your partnership to free Gao Zhisheng and to expose, to the world, the truth regarding his case. We are committed to pressure the Chinese government until justice is brought to victory.

» Go to now to sign the online petition.

Thank you for your continued support. Your financial support enables a sustained cry for freedom for Gao Zhisheng and many others persecuted in China.

Submit your secure online donation to help the persecuted in China.

9 years ago
UN DEFAMATION OF RELIGIONS RESOLUTION: Open Doors launched a grassroots campaign called the Free to Believe Campaign to help combat the UN Defamation of Religions Resolution.  Nearly 5,000 Open Doors supporters have signed the "Free to Believe" petition to “Say NO to the Defamation of Religions Resolution.” Using the support shown by our petition, the advocacy department joined with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Heritage Foundation, and Jubilee Camapign to lobby UN country missions in NYC to vote against the resolution. Five countries changed their votes in the recent 3rd Committee vote in a positive response. Open Doors staff will be in NYC prior to the General Assembly vote to continue our lobbying effots. The UN General Assembly will likely vote on the resolution in December. If it is passed, it will intensify persecution of religious minorities in various countries.
9 years ago

Free to Believe

The UN General Assembly may vote as early as this week on whether to pass the UN Defamation of Religions Resolution.  If passed it may be used in Islamic countries to legitimize the unjust punishing of people, like Jeahanzaib Asher in Pakistan, and other pro-Islamic countries of the world. 
Please pray for favorable results as Open Doors and other organizations travel to New York this week in hopes of influencing the vote and overturning the resolution.  If you have not yet signed the Free to Believe petition, please take action today!  We ask that you also share it with as many people as possible... The more digital signatures, the better! 

Father, we call upon you to stop the passing of the U.N. Defamation of Religions Resolution.  Open the eyes of those voting to see the danger of this seemingly benign declaration; that hidden in the “good” words are intentions to harm those who love You.

9 years ago


ChinaAid recently received another report from inside sources in China that Gao Zhisheng has been severely beaten by authorities. The report stated his current living condition is worse than death and that Gao is crying daily in pain and desperation.

The Chinese government has responded to the increased worldwide pressure for Gao Zhisheng's release by cutting off communication with two of Gao's siblings living in China and placing them under police surveillance.

In a November 26th interview with Radio Free Asia, Gao's brother, Gao Zhiyi, stated, "For every question, there are three unknowns. No one knows anything. They won't talk to us and they won't meet with us... Even if Gao Zhisheng had committed a terrible crime, his family would still have the right to know what had happened to him!"

On Saturday, December 5th, Gao's older brother (Zhiyi) and sister lost all communication contact when their phone lines were disabled, following the release of the RFA interview.

Now more than ever, Gao Zhisheng needs our help!

In a recent visit to Washington, D.C., ChinaAid met with several leading congressmen who have been moved by their constituents (those like you) telling Gao's story - and they have proposed a Congressional Resolution on Gao Zhisheng's behalf. Our American leaders have begun to listen, and with more voices, we can make that resolution a reality!

So far, 5,284 people have contacted their local U.S. Representative to speak out on behalf of Gao Zhisheng. Continue to add your voice! We have to keep the momentum going on behalf of this innocent man who himself was a defender of the persecuted.

Please take action now.

1) Encourage others to Sign the Petition to Free Gao Zhisheng. You can forward this email to all your friends.

2) Email your U.S. Representative. Even if you have already done this, you can do it again with the updated information. Encourage your friends to do likewise. Learn more about contacting your U.S. Representative

3) Join ChinaAid in fighting for prisoners of conscience like Gao Zhisheng throughout China with your financial support. Make a monthly or one time contribution now.

We thank you for your support of ChinaAid, and urge you to continue spreading the word. Gao's story is gathering force in Washington, DC. With your help, our leaders will know that we concerned American citizens will not rest until Gao Zhisheng and his family are free to enjoy their fundamental human rights.

For more ways to take action, visit

For more information on other cases of religious persecution, visit


This online offer is being presented by ChinaAid and The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by clicking here or calling at 888-889-7757. To view our privacy policy, click here.

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9 years ago

Chinese Official Says Gao Zhisheng "Went Missing"

Act Now to Help Gao's Family Learn the Truth!

Since mid-December, 2009, ominous rumors have circulated about Gao Zhisheng, hinting that he has died after brutal torture in prison. However, no reports have been confirmed, and the Chinese government continues to refuse comment on his condition and whereabouts.

Gege, Gao's daughter, had been reportedly "pale and tired-looking" with worry for months. After hearing a rumor of Gao's death just before Christmas, Gege became so emotionally distraught, she was forced to be hospitalized. She remains fragile and under medical watch in a New York hospital.

This week, after searching out the policeman who originally detained Gao Zhisheng back in February, 2009, Gao's brother Zhiyi was told that Attorney Gao allegedly "went missing while out on a walk" on September 25, 2009. Gao's wife refused to comment, but was reported to be extremely upset after hearing the news.

This is the first time a Chinese government official has hinted that they no longer have Gao Zhisheng in their custody, leading ChinaAid to believe Gao's condition has taken a turn for the worse.

"It is totally unacceptable for the Chinese government to lose track of their own prisoner," said President of ChinaAid Bob Fu. "It is absolutely clear that he was forcibly taken from his home in February 2009. Nearly a year later, the Chinese government now says they do not have him."

Though the rumors of death cannot be confirmed, Bob Fu remains extremely concerned for this new development.

"We have every reason to suspect that the Chinese government has something very serious to hide. Gao's family has every right to know what happened to him. It is unbelievable that a high security prisoner would go missing while "out on a walk," without suspecting that there is a major cover up of his condition."

The Chinese government can no longer hide their actions from the world and must be held accountable for their treatment of Gao Zhisheng. Now is the time to act!

Sign the Petition to Free Gao Zhisheng, and encourage your friends and family to join the effort.

Contact your U.S. Representative and call for them to pressure the Chinese government to disclose the true condition and whereabouts of prominent human rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng. Even if you have sent a letter in the past, this new development calls for renewed action.

Gao's family deserves to know the truth, and so does the world! For more ways to help Free Gao, visit


9 years ago

Dear friend,

It’s been over a year since President Obama was inaugurated, yet he still has not appointed an Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.

Sign a petition today to President Obama>>

With the recent release of the 2010 World Watch List, we have decided to launch this crucial advocacy campaign. As your eyes are opened to the breadth and severity of persecution worldwide exposed in the World Watch List, this petition is one huge way you can make a difference for persecuted Christians.

In leaving this important position unfilled while appointing multiple czars for various other issues, the president has demonstrated that religious freedom is not a high priority on his agenda. Yet, not appointing an ambassador is in contravention of U.S. law.

Please act today and sign our petition asking President Obama to appoint an Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom immediately!

In 1998, a unique piece of legislation was passed and signed into law by President Bill Clinton called the International Religious Freedom Act. This bill created a special office, the Office of International Religious Freedom, within the State Department. This department researches and tracks the state of religious freedom in every country of the world except for the U.S., and produces annual reports on each country.

Each year, this department announces a list of the worst violators of religious freedom called Countries of Particular Concern (CPC). The government has a wide variety of options available to work with each country to improve religious freedom, including creating agreements or imposing sanctions on these CPCs.

The Ambassador at Large overseas this department, engages in diplomacy with countries that suppress religious freedom, helps negotiate within the U.S. government to determine which countries should be named as CPCs, and advises on U.S. policy towards each of these countries.

Considering the many religious conflicts around the world and the many Christians and people of other faiths who are persecuted for their beliefs, it is unconscionable that President Obama has failed to fill this position.

Please join with Open Doors and sign our petition to President Obama, urging that he not delay in appointing a qualified Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.


Lindsay Vessey

Lindsay Vessey
8 years ago

Stop the Chinese Government Lies
about Gao Zhisheng!

The Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., recently informed a San Francisco-based human rights NGO, that Gao Zhisheng was alive, working in Urumqi, a city in rural western China. The same day (on Chinese New Year's Eve), an informant had released a report with photographs "taken very recently," claiming Gao had become a charismatic operational manager in a Xinjiang factory, working with the locals and "even whistling a happy tune daily."

This blatant lie is an outrage! It shows that the Chinese government is simply playing games with Gao's case. The report cannot be confirmed, and the photos were clearly faked. Furthermore, the report about Gao was posted just one week after ChinaAid, with the help of friends like you, conducted a site-wide ad campaign on the popular website, calling on the Chinese government to respond.

365 adThe Chinese informant's article also claimed that Gao Zhisheng had been in direct contact with his wife and children. "This is nonsense!" Gao's wife, Geng He angrily pronounced. In a livid statement released on February 17th, she refuted the claims that Gao was in contact with the family, and reasserted that no one could confirm Gao Zhisheng to be in Xinjiang. She expressed great frustration with the lack of communication and deception by the Chinese government.

China Free Press agency Canyu first exposed the fake article on February 15th, pointing out tell-tale marks of tampering in the photos. One photo, said to be taken in January, shows Gao in a black summer shirt sitting beside a Uyghur farmer in a winter jacket, with blooming willow trees native to Xinjiang, showing early spring budding in the background. The other photo shows Gao in the same summer shirt standing in a Urumqi marketplace. Gao's image in both photos bears a striking similarity to a well-known photo taken of Gao in 2007, prior to his arrest and torture.

Photo from www.Canyu.cnOther details in the report, including private inside knowledge of Gao's son recently becoming ill, indicate the family is being kept under close government surveillance, even while living in the United States.

These lies propagated by the Chinese government distract concerned citizens from the real situation. Even worse, these false reports have been very disturbing to the family who eagerly awaits word of their beloved husband and father.

Please help us stop these lies by the Chinese government and force them to tell the truth concerning the whereabouts of human rights attorney, Gao Zhisheng.

Follow the action steps below and alert all your friends and family members. Call on your international leaders to press for accountability from the Chinese government. The Chinese government cannot tell stories forever - with your help, the world will know the truth.

Steps to Action

  1. Encourage friends to Sign the Petition
  2. Send a message to our Leaders:
  3. Donate to serve the persecuted in China
Visit for more ways to get involved

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