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8 years ago
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8 years ago


Earlier this month, I shared an update from Brother Andrew about the increasing persecution in our world today—especially where Islamic extremists have a strong or increasing hold.

Like you, I was inspired and encouraged by the story he told about Malo, the radical Muslim who came to know Christ because a Christian doctor had the boldness to share his faith with him. You can read Malo’s story here. Read Malo’s story>>

I know your heart is not only with new believers like Malo, but also with those believers like the Christian doctor who told him about Christ. Both groups of believers, baby Christians and new believers, need the support that Open Doors can provide them.

And right now, you and I have the opportunity to meet their spiritual and physical needs in a very real way. As Brother Andrew shared, we’re currently awaiting funding that will...

  • help Iraqi Christians who suffer greatly having lost everything at the hands of extremists
  • support a new network that is capable of delivering Bibles and Christian resources into a country that is severely persecuting Christians
  • provide training and support, including safe houses, that helps our suffering brothers and sisters remain a powerful witness to family and friends

The cost for these and other projects this month is $230,500. So will you pray with me that God would stir the hearts of His people to give generously to meet this current need? And will you also consider giving a gift as well?

Thank you for your generosity.  Your gifts and prayers are invaluable to our brothers and sisters living on the frontlines of persecution!

In Christ,

Carl Moeller
President/CEO, Open Doors USA

8 years ago

Dear Donna,

Only a week ago, the calm of night in Jos, Nigeria was disrupted by a violent and merciless attack. Within a few short hours, an estimated 500 Christians in the Nigerian village of Dogo Nahawa were killed by machete wielding Muslims. Most of the victims were women and children.

You have demonstrated your compassion for persecuted Christians, so I am sure you are grieving with me. Together we mourn for these 500 lost brothers and sisters, and for the many more who still suffer.

In the midst of continuing threats, Open Doors teams are encouraging the bereaved and offering comfort to the wounded. But in the face of such suffering and continued danger, help beyond that can and must be offered:

  • Immediate Survival - An immediate injection of funds into our local medical clinics
  • Evacuation/Safety - Safe houses to get those in most danger away from those who seek to harm them; Funds are needed for the structures, food, beds and bedding
  • Orphan Care and Spiritual Support - Support and education for those who are orphaned, and discipleship and evangelism materials to help them stand strong in the storm

Even the UN has commented on the crisis presented for humanitarian relief efforts because of this tragedy. Watch the news update.

You have been a tremendous blessing during many difficult situations; will you again join with me in prayer for this one? Along with your prayers $65,000 is needed now to provide medical aid, shelter believers from further harm, and help many find renewed hope in Christ. Please give to meet these urgent needs today.

Thank you for your faithful support of our persecuted brothers and sisters. May the Lord bless you.


Carl Moeller
Carl Moeller

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