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Prayer! (Being an intercessor!) MAY/2010~
8 years ago
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Intercessory Prayer! (Being an intercessor!) MAY/2010~
Parts of these teachings are from books, magazines and other materials, including the Bible~
8 years ago

From Today's Pentecostal Evangel, pg. 23 & 24, by Gary Denbow
1.] Pray in the presence of the Holy Spirit~
 The Holy Spirit is omnipresent~(everywhere present at the same time); however,  when you are praying in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit has made a special contact with you. This is when special manifestations occur. It is a privilege to be able to pray in the presence of God.
2.] Pray in the Passion of the Holy Spirit~
Effective prayer takes place when our human efforts are energized by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The key effect realized in your life and mine when the Holy Spirit moves into our hearts and souls is passion.

3.] Pray in the parlance (speech) of the Holy Spirit~
~The language of the Spirit supersedes human language in terms of understanding the mind of God.
~The language of the Spirit encourages our own spirit.
~The language of the Spirit connects the human spirit with God.
4.] Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit~
~You and I are privileged to pray with the same power that the disciples prayed with. We are invited into God's presence, and we come boldly there to make our needs known~(Hebrew 4:16). You and I have all we need through the baptism of the Holy Spirit to pray a prayer that would shake the very Kingdoms of this world.
Make these your goals~
~To move into the presence of God by faith~
~To remove all hindrances and pray passionately~
~Let's bind together to pray with power~
~To use the great benefit given to us through God, and to make full use of it.

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