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8 years ago

DearDonna ,

Persecuted Christians want to do more than survive the spiritual battle; they want to advance the kingdom... And many desire to join them, going on the offensive to reach their persecutors with the gospel. But they need the support of the body of Christ to remain in the fight.

Consider the courage of Muta, who writes to his wife from prison:*

My dear, the longer I stay in here, the more I love my Savior and tell people in here about His goodness. His grace enables me to overcome the coldness of this place and the longing for you and our children. I love you more than I can say. Please help the children understand that I am here as a prisoner of Christ, for the greater cause of the gospel.

Muta's commitment is a moving example of why we believe that no door is closed to the gospel and no force of darkness can extinguish the light of Christ in His people.

Help Believers Advance the Kingdom!

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The 2010 Global Summer Offensive will help empower our persecuted brothers and sisters to live out the gospel in the harshest of circumstances. Our $300,000 online goal this summer supports the vision of advancing the kingdom where faith costs the mostAnd you can play a crucial role.

Some of the urgent projects this summer include:

  • Covert operations to deliver Bibles into places like the Muslim World
  • Support teams positioned in deep cover, which provide resources and
    encouragement to believers living in hostile places
  • Safe houses that offer refuge to Muslim-background believers
  • Supporting believers imprisoned for Christ, along with their families

Your help is vital to this operation. With your gift, believers like Muta will remain strong on the front lines of spiritual battle and more believers will find the strength to join the fight. Please consider the part you can play in bringing courage to believers on the front lines.

Thank you for giving both your prayers and your support, and for joining us in this exciting effort to mobilize the body of Christ. Our prayer over the next few months is that you discover a renewed passion for shinin

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