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8 years ago
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It’s hot and humid. As the morning dawns and the sun rises higher, the growing crowd is grateful for the shade of the trees.

For many, it’s been a long and arduous journey. All have come by foot. Some have trekked for miles through the dense jungle. Others have crossed deep rivers to get here today.

A special crowd
For sure, it’s a special gathering. And what makes it even more striking is that the crowd is made up of children! This is Sunday school, Vietnamese-style! The children sit quietly as the teacher begins her lesson. All are hungry to hear and learn from God’s Word.

For many of these children, especially those from non-Christian homes, the weekly Sunday school lesson is the only opportunity they have to access the Bible. Since the publication of the Open Doors special illustrated Children’s Bible in 2006, our teams have been working tirelessly to change this.

The blessing of a Bible
Little Sai is one girl who has been blessed to receive her own copy. “Please pray for me to read the Bible and understand it more,” says Sai. “When I grow up, I want to become a full-time gospel worker. I will tell other people about Jesus,” she says boldly.

Sister Linh, a Christian mother, also tells us how much the Open Doors Children’s Bible is valued. Linh’s 8-year-old daughter, Cara, has read her copy from cover to cover four times.

It’s not only believers who would love to own a copy of Open Doors’ illustrated Children’s Bible! Pastor Van, whose wife teaches in a government school, shares, “During the break time, the children would continue to read the Bibles that my wife had taken in. One time, the head teacher took one and read it,” says Van. “There were also non-Christian parents that approached the school wanting to buy some copies! My wife told them that the Bibles are not for sale—they are gifts!”

Help meet the demand
Your support for Open Doors Bible delivery projects will enable our co-workers to provide more copies of the Scriptures and Children’s Bibles for believers like Van, Linh and Sai—helping to meet the huge demand that is reported all over Vietnam. “We want this book introduced to every Vietnamese and taken into every home,” says Brother Duong, an Open Doors co-worker in Vietnam. “Thank God that he has touched many hearts from around the world to pray for us and support us!”


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