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7 years ago
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This thread is for any legislation that affects Christians in a negative way or in a positive way~you may put any legislation of this type here. If you have questions please message me and I will help you.

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7 years ago
.R. 440 – SPECIAL ENVOY CAMPAIGN: Just last week Open Doors launched a campaign in support of H.R. 440, a bill that calls for the establishment of the Special Envoy to promote religious freedom of religious minorities in the Near East and in South Central Asia. There has been an increase in number of attacks on religious minorities in this region including a siege on Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad which resulted in the deaths of at least 58 people on Oct. 31st 2010.  If you haven’t take action yet, please take a moment to send your U.S. Representative a message asking him/her to co-sponsor this important bill. This is a perfect opportunity to personalize a message to your U.S. Representative!
7 years ago

Open Doors provides form letters for our advocacy campaigns as we do not expect our supporters to know all the details of each bill, resolution, or letter we support.  If you have limited time, sending the form message is better than not taking action.  BUT…if you really want to maximize your impact for persecuted Christians, please take a few extra minutes to personalize the message before you send to your legislator. This is done by simply clicking in the message box and adding or editing the form letter. The easiest way to personalize the message is to explain at the beginning of the letter why you care about the issue. You can leave the remainder of the form message if you so desire.  Read report to learn how you can be a more effective advocate>>

7 years ago
H.R. 440 – SPECIAL ENVOY CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Open Doors is campaigning in support of H.R. 440, a bill that calls for the establishment of the Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and in South Central Asia. This is a very important bill, and, thanks in part to you, 29 more Representatives have co-sponsored it since we launched our campaign at the end of February, bringing the total number of co-sponsors up to 60. Thank you for taking action by contacting your Representative, and for using your voice to help the persecuted church!

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