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7 years ago
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7 years ago

Christians in Libya Plead, "Please Pray for Us"
"By God's grace, and because of your prayers, we're still alive. Thank you for all your prayers." But these Libyan pastors also plead, "Please pray for us!" as the climate remains unstable.
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7 years ago

Open Doors Calls for Prayers, Peace in On-going Egyptian Violence
Clashes between Christians and security forces last Sunday left at least 26 people dead and 180 injured. Christians in Egypt are asking us to join them in a time of fasting and prayer Wednesday through Friday of this week.
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7 years ago

Hours After the Violence, an Egyptian Believer Shares His Heart
In a personal interview an Open Doors colleague shares his heart-felt personal thoughts on the recent tragedy in Egypt.
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7 years ago

Unrest Continues in Nigeria - Christians Killed
"Muslims soldiers took sides with fellow Muslims and were shooting and killing Christians," said David Gyang, a church elder. In a week-long massacre at least 45 ethnic Berom Christians in Plateau state have been killed. Several people fleeing the town asked, "When will the killings of Christians in Nigeria stop?"
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7 years ago

Khartoum Ready to Return to War
Less than six months ago, South Sudan broke away from Sudan, creating the world's newest nation, the Republic of South Sudan (RS. Tensions between the neighbors remain and have crystallized into fears of direct confrontation. The aid group Oxfam observes that "the potential is high for the existing conflict to spill over into a full-blown war."
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6 years ago

Egyptian Elections and Impact on Christians
The Egyptian elections ushered in a strong majority for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's new government. Though many Christians are accepting the situation and abiding by the outcome, some church leaders hold the position that this election was not sufficiently objective. Carl Moeller sent a message from Cairo earlier this week asking for our prayers. View Video. To learn specific ways you can pray for Christians in Egypt,
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