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3 years ago
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3 years ago


1.] Praying at the Towers~Gathering at the Strongholds to Pray for Protection of others and yourself, in the name of Jesus~

2.] Shepherds Guarding  Their  Sheep~Prayer for protection of the flock~

3.] Prayer for Angelic Guardians~Hedges of Protection:

Surrounding people with Godly angelic protection~

4.]Praying a strong wall of Godly, spiritual principles that help to protect us and others.

5.] Praying a covering over those we are praying for:I will cover you with my wings.

3 years ago



 Praying at the Towers~Gathering at the Strongholds to Pray for Protection of others and yourself, in the name of Jesus~

3 years ago

If ever there is a time when we need to gather at the Towers to prayer; this is the time! Natural disasters and other worldly problems happen every year, but this time they are wildly out of balance, and out of control. In every part of the world, there are natural disasters happening, beyond anything we have seen before.

Whether you claim global warming; or the prophecies of the last days, these actual events are happening. Than again; perhaps global warming, causing disasters, is a part of the prophetic last days! In any case it is a time for prayer action.Prayer Guardians can definitely be a part of that.

Towers and strongholds; are anyplace used for prayer that is a strong place for Jesus, and also symbolically speaking, Jesus is our strong Tower! So if you are talking about God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, you are talking about strong towers. If you are meeting at a strong church for Jesus, a prayer gate, a strong fellowship for Jesus, a strong home for Jesus, or any strong meeting place for Jesus, you are also talking about a strong tower.And we need to be in strong prayer for protections continually from now on, (while still getting your rest, working, and with some free time for family, and to care for yourself,) we need to be in worship and prayer whenever we can. The people of the earth need our prayers of protection, Christians across the earth need our prayers of protection, and animals need our prayers of protection. We need to pray that there will be enough crops to feed the people of the earth, we need to prayer that people will survive these terrible disasters, and that Satan will not get the upper hand because of these disasters. So many countries are being hit by disasters that we need to pray that God send us supernatural and Godly help; that He send guardian angels, and that hedges of protection be placed literally around and across the entire earth. Look at all the signs upon the earth; un-natural disasters, terrorist and extremist spreading across the earth, starvation will increase, refugees are increasing, (and suffering terribly because of the weather situation), and many other circumstances. Only with prayer at the strong towers can we defeat Satan's roaring attack. Mostly we need to pray for protection for all, including ourselves, and always in the name of Jesus.

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3 years ago

Here I have two suggestions! First pray for the shepherds for they have a temendous job in taking care of their flock! And secondly for the shepherds to continue in prayer for protection of their flock!

Shepherds by the nature of their job discription are Prayer Guardians, Prayer Warriors, and Intercessors for the sheep in their flock. And it is a full time job. In this day and age good Shepherds that pray for protection of their flock are really needed. Unfortunately it is a dangerous world we live in, and Satan has really stepped up the beat so to say, so that a Shepherd must be a Prayer Guardian for protection from this world; and from the dark spiritual realm of Satan.

Ezekiel 13:5

5.) "You have not gone in the gaps to build a wall for the house of Israel to stand in battle on the day of the Lord."

While this refers to Israel; it also refers to the Shepherds of today, as a warning, and as instruction. Shepherds are to go in the gaps and build a wall of protection for the oncoming battle.

As your homework assignments; you must read Ezekiel chapter 34; especially verses 11 through 15!

2 Corinthians 10:4

4.)For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.

That means prayer! Prayer is our strongest weapon against strongholds. If it seems as if I am critizising Shepherds, I apologize, for this is just what the Holy Spirit is leading me to write to you, but the Shepherds know who I am speaking of, and that is why I must tell you to pray for Shepherds who are our protectors; and caretakers, for they indeed have a heavy burdon, yet are blessed with guidance and reassurance from the Lord Himself!

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3 years ago

Ezekiel 22:30

30.)And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none.

We have discussed the fact that angels can make a hedge of protection, but before today, I have not really discussed the fact that Christians can also form a hedge of protection. The verse I am using perhaps is actually more of an intercession, than guarding, but nonetheless, Jesus has given us power to both intercede, and to guard. And in this dark world; with all that is going on, we need men and women of God, who are willing to be a hedge.

For instance, if your family is not Christian, they are subject to the evil one in this world, and may suffer attack, and degradation, but you as a Christian, can claim the Blood of the Lamb for them, and guard them with prayers of protection. You can be a hedge for them. Your prayers; in other words are the hedge of protection, that they need. The same goes for any community, from the smallest hamlet, to the largest city, from the small state, to the largest territory, and even nations. However, in your prayers of protection, you need to add prayers of salvation for people, and prayers of transformation. For the Lord will ask you; are there ten good people there? God wants everyone to be saved; but will not interfer in free will. He can work on a person's heart though, and bring them to see things differently.

3 years ago

And we can be a hedge of protection for the innocence caught up in a raging battle. The refugee, the immigrant, the poor, the hungry, and the ill. The children, the widow, the orphan, the homeless, and the disaster victim. These people need a hedge of protection. There are far more than these, the slaves, the kidnapped, the victims of violence, the persecuted Christian, the isolated, the disabled, the shut-ins and the many other people, who are lost, and feel hopeles, fearful, and confused. And there are even people living underground, in subways, tunnels, caves, and in hiding. They also need a hedge of protection. These people all need someone to stand in for them as a hedge of protection; and in prayer you can do this, along with prayers of salvation, and transformation. If you do not stand up in a hedge for those who need it, and stand in the gap, there might not be anyone who does.

Psalm 9:9

9.) The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a strong hold in times of trouble.

3 years ago

Hedges were used in Israel; of the Old Testament to protect their vineyards form harsh winds, and a strong sun. The hedges also protected the vineyards from predators. In Isaiah 5:1-7 Isaiah explains that God wants to tear down the hedges of protection because of the terrible and constant sin.

Isaiah 5 verse 7.) He looked for justice, but behold, oppression; For righteouness, but behold, a cry for help.

And in Ezekiel 13:4 and 5

4.) "O Israel, your prophets are like foxes of the deserts.

5.) "You have not gone up into the gaps to build a wall for the house of Israel to stand in battle on the day of the Lord.(Sometimes walls and hedges are compared to each other.)

It is clear that hedges are used symbolically as protection. And it is also clear that God expects us to have a hedge around our communities, homes, fellowships, and churches. God often disciplined the people of Israel because of His great love for them; and made His expectations clear. Our prophets are to build walls and hedges where the gaps are,  in preparation for the day of the Lord. And we as Prayer Guardians are also to plant; (pray), hedges of protection. We are also to stand in the gap; however, there is more! God has a heavenly home full of so many angels that we would be astounded. And Jesus has given us the right to petition for guardian angels, messager angels, and warrior angels, all to help us with protection, messages, and battles against the dark spiritual world. We have the right to commission the angels to help us. So when we pray for a Godly hedge of protection, we are asking God to send His angels down to earth to stand in the gap; and form a hedge of protection.

3 years ago



Praying a strong wall of Godly, spiritual principles that help to protect us and others.

3 years ago

In the Old Testament walls were built to protect the cities from attack; to keep the children and animals safe, and to keep wild animals out. These walls weren't for decoration; they were built to last, and were wide, thick, and tall. They completely surrounded the city, and were reinforced with strong towers, and strong gates. Sometimes there was an outside wall, and an inside wall. In some places where people are surrounded by terrorist, bombers, war, and rebels, it would be nice to have those walls back again, reinforced by stone, large bricks, and steel.

In this day and age, when we speak of walls, we are often talking about symbolic and spiritual walls. I chose walls as a theme because Christianity is built upon certain principles, and when we practise these principles, we are building a strong wall around our cities, homes, churches, and fellowships.

(Praying  a strong wall of Godly, spiritual principles; is in a way; like building a strong wall with bricks and mortor!)

When Nehemiah rebuild Jerusalem; the very first thing that he rebuilt was the wall. This is because he knew it would do no good to rebuild the city without a wall to protect the city. And this is a good practise; to build a strong wall of protection around our lives; by both praying for a strong wall, and by practising Godly, and Biblical principles.

To understand what these principles are; you need to study the gospel; and then, the rest of the books. Do not skip Acts either, because this is an extremely important book to read both in terms of history, and to understand what being a Christian is all about.

3 years ago

Some basis principles to remember when beginning to build this wall are:

1.] Salvation: Without salvation you have no foundation for your wall~The only way you can have salvation is through Jesus!  You must confess your sin, ask for forgiveness, and turn your life over to Jesus; you must make a committment to follow Jesus in your everyday life, and for the rest of you life. The good news is that you only have follow Jesus one day at a time! There will be hard times, but there will also be joy, light, and blessings!

2.] You than can ask Jesus to Baptise you with the Holy Spirit~ the Holy Spirit is a guide, a teacher, will convict you of sin, will help you in your prayer, will show you things you never could of imagined, will give you spiritual gifts, and fruits of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help you to learn spiritual principles, and to build that wall of protection.

3.] Praying everyday will help you to  build that wall of protection~

As a  Christian you need to be in contact with Jesus and His father, God, who is also our father; and we need to communicate, listen, and spend time in prayer. This is a solid truth, without prayer time each day, you will slip away from you relationship with the Lord. Without daily prayer time; your wall of protection will become weak!

4.] Bible Study~Daily Bible Study is also important! The Bible is you lifeline; and the Holy Spirit will teach you through it. Without daily Bible Study your spiritual wall of protection will weak and of no use to you. With daily Bible Study your wall will be strong indeed.

3 years ago

Just as there are many bricks; and many stones in a well made wall; it also takes many principles to build a strong spiritual wall. It is a daily process; which will have amazing results, but sometimes when a wall builder is up close to his work, he can not see the results until he steps back to look. Take a look at your life. Not just the fact that you have problems; but also, the strides you have made, the successes, the improvements!

If you follow the four spiritual principles that I listed above; you will begin to understand and live the other principles, which you will find in the Bible, and your spiritual wall will become strong and sturdy, and will be a wall of protection for you and others.

When this happens you will be able to pray for others to have a wall of protection through spiritual principles; and you truely will be a Prayer Guardian for the Lord!

And I urge you to pray for others asking for walls of protection! For there is a great need of walls of protection in this day and age!

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