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6 years ago

Please take immediate action! Dogs in the streets of Beograd urgently need your voice. please modify and send the letter provided ASAP and let Serbia know that the world IS watching and will not tolerate this barbaric level of stray management and cruelty! Thank you Desanka for the information!



OUTRAGEOUS! TAKE ACTION! Serbia: Is A Financially Driven Animal Mafia Preventing Stray Animal Numbers Reductions ? Serbian An
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Michelle - 5 minutes ago -

It is of utmost importance that rash, cruel unprovoked actions against the strays of Belgrade which are vaccinated, neutered & cared for by locals and pose NO THREAT be explained & immediately stopped pending investigation. Serbia is NOT following EU law!

The situation, names and e mail addresses have now changed in Serbian politics.
These are the correct e mail addresses and persons associated with the killings – please contact them to express your concerns and disgust at what they are approving.
Minister of Agriculture  of Serbia is Mr. Dusan Petrovic,
Mr. Zoran Micovic, is Director of Veterinary Department  of Ministerium of Agriculture  of Republic of Serbia.  Mr. Zoran Marinkovic  is the responsible officer for the Animal Welfare department of each Veterinary Department,
Mayor of Belgrade is Mr. Dragan Djilas,

Block addresses for copy and paste and sending protests and sample letter are:,,,,,,
Secretariat for Environmental Protection, Belgrade
Goran Trivan, Secretary
Dragoslava Budimirović, Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia
In Copy to
Mayors Office, Belgrade
Miroslava Dajč, Head of Office
Vesna Ivić, Head of City Administration, Belgrade
Office of Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Verica Kalanovic
Ministry of Justice of Serbia
Ladies and Gentlemen,
please take note of the above (link) described events taking place throughout March 2012, in New Belgrade, as witnessed and communicated to us globally by Serbian animal welfare campaigners.
It is of the utmost importance that these rash, cruel and unprovoked actions against the strays of Belgrade – vaccinated, neutered and cared for by locals, posing NO THREAT, as they are, and were – be explained, and immediately stopped, pending investigation and discussion as concerns the continuation of the successful TNR programme these animals are part of.
As you can see through the above link, what you are approving and undertaking in New Belgrade is reaching a global audience.  Serbia will not benefit from these actions; quite the opposite.  It is up to you to move into the 21st Century regarding animal welfare, and show the rest of the world that you will not continue to ignore existing animal welfare legislation which exists within Serbia.
If you wish to become an EU member state, then you have a duty to enforce the rule of law.  Currently you are failing on this.&n
6 years ago


Please lend your voice to this petition if you have not already signed! If you have, please take a moment to share and cross post! Animals in Serbia desperately need your voice! TY! Hvala (Thank you in Serbian!)

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Cher - 600 days ago -
Please order the Government of the Republic of Serbia to act under the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia to:
6 years ago

My Letter To Serbian Authorities. Modify, copy and paste as you wish....but send!


Dear Madams and Sirs:

     The global animal welfare community joins Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) and animal welfare entities around the world in the condemnation of Serbia for its lack of sound animal welfare management and its continuous and egregious violation of EU laws governing the welfare of animals, particularly cats and dogs.

I speak for hundreds of thousands of animal welfare advocates across the globe who are outraged by the lack of leadership the Serbian government has demonstrated in regard to animal welfare and safety.

Among the grievances documented are an absence of lawful and regulated governmental control over:

~ irresponsible pet ownership (although veterinary law and animal welfare law both demand this control be undertaken by veterinary inspectors)

~ non-microchipped dogs and cats who are routinely thrown out onto the street to reproduce with other non-sterilised animals and produce a
never-ending cycle of strays

~ strategic public education directed at humane and compassionate animal care strategies for pet owners

~ punitive measures taken against animal abusers who harm/kill animals via conscious aggression or purposeful neglect

~ the humane housing and care of feral animals and stray pets as well as a humane animal collection policy

     According to existing Serbian animal welfare law, the owner of a microchiped dog/cat has an obligation to finance everything that is necessary for that animal until its natural death, even if the dog/cat lives at a city shelter, city pound or in its proper home. Also expressly forbidden is the killing of healthy dogs and cats and their abandonment on the street, as is regularly practiced by Serbian citizens and city "zoohigijena" firms. 
     The numbers of animals discarded like trash in Beograd alone are mind-numbing to say the least. Prior to existing animal welfare laws, "Ovca Belgrade" killed around 6000-8000 dogs per year (not counting cats that were also killed). Every year a further  6000-8000 dogs have been thrown onto the streets by irresponsible owners, only to be caught and killed by the aforementioned city service. Serbian citizens have regularly funded this system which does absolutely nothing to address the eradication of stray animal populations.
     Over the last few years "Veterina Belgrade" initiated a successful TNR policy responsible for sterilizing and returning 2000-3000 strays per year, but
irresponsible pet owners continued to discard some 6000-8000 animals per year onto the streets. Veterina Beograd thus catches roughly half of the animals
but takes in over 5000-5500 dead dogs per year.....400-500 dead dogs per month! This has been the continuous situation for the past three years.
     Though TNR is the most compassionate, humane and PROGRESSIVE way to approach the animal population "problem" in Serbia, nothing will change
until your government enforces the law and addresses educating the public. The links below illustrate for the world just how corrupt and unwavering your
attitude remains in the face of animal cruelty.
     These links illustrate the severity of the crimes against animals being perpetrated by animal collectors in Serbia and the vehemence with which your
government has denied the work of TNR advocates who are trying to humanely manage stray populations without resorting to violence and death. The events
taking place throughout March 2012 in New Beograd in which sterilized, socialized, beloved dogs were viciously attacked, beaten, chased into traffic to their deaths and burned alive HAVE GONE VIRAL. The entire world bears witness to these horrific crimes against animals that were successfully managed by
caring individuals in a way that your government has been responsible for but egregiously failed.
     We stand against the rash, cruel, unprovoked actions against the strays of Belgrade depicted in the links above – actions taken against vaccinated, neutered, socialized dogs cared for by locals who posed NO THREAT to the the public and any future such violent attacks against animals that violate Serbian animal welfare law and European Union animal welfare law. We condemn the brutality of the attacks against these and all other animals who fall prey to cruelty and ignorance in your country, which has now earned a tarnished reputation in the eyes of the global community.
     We demand the above events be investigated and that the continuation of successful TNR programs throughout Beograd and the rest of Serbia continue
unencumbered by government authorities and corrupt, cold-blooded "city collection firms."
     Show the the world that you are a progressive nation of compassionate, progressive leaders willing to enforce existing animal welfare legislation and educate the Serbian public on responsible pet ownership.
     If you desire to become an EU member state, you have a duty to enforce the rule of law. Currently you are failing on this. The World is watching.

     Uphold the law.


6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

6 years ago

signed and fb

6 years ago

Noted, signed some and some already signed Thanx for post ) ) )

6 years ago


Dear Friends:  Please lend your voice to these urgent petitions for bears! In Appalachia, mother bears and their cubs are literally being buried alive by bulldozers! Unconscionable! Please also demand that Obama end the sale of black bear organs in the U.S. and that Canadian authorities in Manitoba stop trapping polar bears for zoos and other tourist attractions! If you have already signed, please take a moment to share, crosspost and forward!
TY! Michelle
Save Bears From Being Buried Alive in Appalachia! ACTION! 
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 Elizabeth - 15 hours ago - 
Recently, a native woodsman witnessed bulldozers covering the entrance of a black bear den with debris, leaving a crying mother bear and her cubs trapped inside to die.
6 years ago




Dear Friends:  This post needs more attention! Thanks to Kay for alerting us to this important action plan initiated by In Defense of Animals to protect elephants and other animals in Thai sanctuaries from further attacks by the Thai government! Please read the information from IDA provided below, note the story and immediately personalize and send the letter! Animals in Thailand are under seige by government officials who want to hide the corruption behind the elephant trade and punish whistle blowers who have exposed them to the world!


ACT NOW! SEND & SHARE! TY! Michelle 

Outrage In Thailand: Save Aged Elephants From Confiscation And Death! - Take Action With In Defense of Animals 
Animals  (tags: wildanimalselephantskilling ) 
 Kay - 5 days ago - 

The world-renowned Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Thailand, which rescues aging, sick and disabled elephants from the trekking and logging industries, has been raided repeatedly by government authorities 


From In Defense of Animals:

The world-renowned Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Thailand, which rescues aging, sick and disabled elephants from the trekking and logging industries, has been raided repeatedly by government authorities who are threatening to confiscate as many as eight elephants. Why? Because ENP founder Sangduan “Lek” Chailert, a celebrated conservationist, spoke out against the recent slaughter of elephants in Thailand’s national parks. These killings allegedly were orchestrated to supply baby elephants for tourism, with the involvement of government officials.

Elephant Nature Park, ThailandMore raids are now feared. So far, Lek has been able to protect these elephants who have already suffered enough, but they could be taken away at any time from their safe haven. She has bravely sworn to do whatever is necessary to protect them, even go to jail.

Confiscations at other locations, including the highly respected Wildlife Friends of Thailand (WFFT), have resulted in the deaths of two gibbons and one elephant. According to the group’s press release, the elephant was chained and unable to move at a government-designated location, and there was no keeper assigned to care for her or any of the other twenty-plus confiscated elephants. It states: “There is now great concern for the physical and mental well-being and lives of more elephants there.”


6 years ago

Did catch this one from Kay under your news dear Michelle and thank you for the head's up!  Also, Cal's news with the Force petition.  Always the tireless worker!  xx Mm

6 years ago

All signed and letter sent. Thank you.

6 years ago


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Send a Green Star to Lydia Price.

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6 years ago

all done.

6 years ago

All Signed! And letter sent.

6 years ago

Updated,noted and signed Cal and Kay's posts Thanx Michelle

6 years ago

Letters already sent to Serbian authorities and all petitions signed.

BIG THANK YOU Michelle!!!


6 years ago

Thanks for sharing

6 years ago

Thank you Michelle for getting out this impostant issue.

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