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Closed What's Up in Your Week? PART 14
4 years ago

What's Up in Your Week? PART 14

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13 hrs ago

Good Morning/Day everyone.
Hi Ruth, how nice you have spring flowers to enjoy.

I know we are getting there. In a few days it's suppose to be 60F so that will make the flowers just want to shout!
Vicky, sounds like it was a lovely day for all of you. Such a treat to spend with your Mom doing those things to.
Hi Pauline and all who stop by.

Enjoy your day and weekend everyone.

4 years ago

More new memebers....WELCOME feel at home.

aline cohen  aline cohen Rebecca Martin Rebecca Martin

Tiffany L.

Tiffany L.

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Enjoy your weekend everyone.
4 years ago

fgWelcome Aline, Rebecca and Tiffany

4 years ago

Aline   Rebecca   and Tiffany

4 years ago

Went to another leaving party after my English group last night. I had to say goodbye to Alex my Rumanian friend. SAD.


4 years ago

Hey Pami & Ruthie they are fantastic looking welcomes I love it.

Poor Pauline, that must be so hard to say good-bye to people you get to know & like. But the photo is great & I'm really pleased you share with us all the time. Great stuff.

Hello to ALL our Mad Hatter Group, hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Hugs.

4 years ago

Yes Lyn its very hard to let people out of your life but I'm so lucky I have so many newcomers all the time so it makes up for the ones you lose. Love you guys so much.

4 years ago

U R right Pauline, you touch their lives & I am sure they never forget you or those parties. But soon we can see your own Birthday party. Hugs girl, you are never alone we are here for you.

4 years ago

Good Morning Hope the day/evening finds you all doing well. I am up early this Sunday. Even before the birds started their good morning how's the day chirping. They were going crazy when the day break finally broke. 

Hi Ruth

Pauline lovely photo and like Lyn said thanks for sharing with us. You and them are so fortunate you've shared good times and memories with your photo's to look back on to. Ohhh another party looming and this time it's yours this time!

Lyn hope your going off to dreamland soon and get a good night's rest.  

4 years ago

I'm not sure about having another party at my place for my Birthday, I think I prefer to go to a restaurant and relax without the hassle and then later all my friends can come over to my place for a Birthday drink. I say this now but things can change very quickly here ! lol

4 years ago

To anybody who lives in the UK, Happy Mothers Day.

mothers day.jpg

4 years ago

Pauline great picture. When is your Mother's day now or someother month?

Your Birthday...relax & be happy where ever you choose it will be fun.

Hey Jack you are doing a great job of adding to stuff.

Its nice that some new faces pop up now & then. Great stuff.

Hugs to everyone & thank you for being here.

4 years ago

Hi Lynnie...our  Mother Day is in May...I agree with you, it's great to have some new friends in our group.

Hi Pami.

Pauline I guess  your Birthday will be  a fantastic one , so as you are

4 years ago

Morning Mad Hatters, another new week.

Last day of March for me and on to April.

Lyn, how's the day?


Pauline, I don't blame you for wanting a nice relaxing dinner. Parties can be loads of work.

4 years ago

Hi Jocelyn: Here's some stuff/video I think is AWESOME!

Ocean in 3D
I don't know if this is the "best video ever" but the clarity is unbelievable,      
I got the 3d effect, no special glasses or anything.
I imagine only people actually living it can see it any clearer.

4 years ago

Good morning

Pauline, I lived the Caribbean lifestyle many years

how do you do in depression/hurricane season? 

Currently on the California coast on my boat.

this week the open air concerts start at my marina, Willie Nelson is the first. 

4 years ago

Hi Tasunka, Luckily enough we have'nt had a cyclone or earthquake in years here in Guadeloupe, and the weather is around 30° degrees all year round even my pool is 28° today, I do prefer the pool cooler though. Where did you travel to in the Caribbean? I just love Willie Nelson I once had a beer with him in California, great guy. ( As long as he has'nt smoked to much) lol

4 years ago


Sounds like a great way to spend some time on the ocean Tas and Pauline you living in the Caribbean is to. Hey Jack I will have to watch that video next time. Have a great day everyone.

4 years ago

AWWW  thanks for sharing this video with us Jack...what a stunning underwater world, this full colors  and variety ... I love it 

4 years ago

Hello everyone, I hurt my back & was off working my customers gardens for FIVE days. That's not good for me, but I gave my body time to heal. But Tuesday, today, tomorrow & Friday I'm kicking butt as they say.

Hey Jack I loved the video.

Hey Pauline 4 days time till you are 'party/restraunt dinner girl.' What would you like for your birthday?

Tomorrow how about we start an Easter Thread? Who would like that, just let me know please? Hugs you are all fantastic.

4 years ago


Good Morning Hope the day/evening finds you all doing well. I am up finally, I slept in and slept like a log to.

Jack the video is great, thanks.

Lyn, glad your back is better. Yes, a Easter thread will be great.

Hi Pauline, Hi Ruth.

Have a great day everyone.

4 years ago

Great video Jack, the filming is amazing, thanks for sharing. Lyn I really don't know what I want for my birthday I have told Dom I'm running low on perfume so we'll see. lol

4 years ago

What restaurant do you like to go to best? So then you can relax and enjoy yourself.

4 years ago
4 years ago

wow , I guess that would be a good choice Jack...what do you think Lynnie and Pauline ???

4 years ago

WoW Jack thats what  you call a restarant but I don't think we'll be able to make it there for Saturday night.LOL  My favourite food is Indian but not everybody likes it, so we are going to the Marina to "Zoo Rock Cafe" which serves fantastic meals and they also have a live band on and dancing. Suits me fine, there will be 20 of us going so should be fun.

4 years ago

Hey Jack have you ever been there young man? Looks like all ages its so cute the work they put into it. Great place.

Zoo Rock Cafe sounds good & I am sure you will dance your legs off. Since you will only be....21...but how many months after that? LOL. Have a wonderful Birthday. You are always good at bringing home photo's for your Mad hatter family.  

4 years ago

Oh yes.....Sunday brunch or Friday night Jazz. Food & service is more than you expect. Location over looking Lake Geneva is awesome........Jack

4 years ago

Looks like a great place Jack.

Enjoy your birthday celebration with dancing and dinner Pauline.

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 years ago

Yes I'm just going to start getting ready for my party night, I've decided not to ware my stiletoes tonight because of all the dancing and drinking LOL.

4 years ago

I love it Pauline.......I've decided not to ware my stiletoes tonight because of all the dancing and drinking....very pleased to hear it because we need you in one piece. Have a brilliant time. HUGS.

4 years ago

enjoy your B'day party Sweetie. After all the dancing and drinking you need a yummy cake, hope you like it ..

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