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Evolution Education WORLDWIDE
13 years ago

Dear friends,

I am trying to compile information on evolution in high school education worldwide to prepare a presentation and I need information on the status in as many countries as possible. More news on the presentation, I will send in a few weeks.

Moreover, I thought it would be a good thread in this group, so that we can know some more about the history of "evolution" of evolution education.

Been there
13 years ago
I did my student teaching in a small town in northern Wisconsin, with an awesome teacher and an adoring group of kids. I was able to learn a lot from these kids, and they from me. My main point was that I would teach evolution because it was a biology class, no arguments. I would love to see a class that teaches kids about the different religions and world views. Anyways, there's a site that I used A LOT for teaching evolution. Some awesome projects etc.. but there was a true/false quiz on there that I had the kids do to assess where their understanding on the topic was. Its 25 questions and then after they answer we discuss each point lightly because this is all before the unit has started. Then we revisit it after the unit to readdress any issues. Many of the kids who would give me "disgruntled" kind of looks at the beginning of the class kept their guard up- because they didn't want to be convinced otherwise- seemingly. But, because of my good relationship with the class, those kids learned what I taught them and were able to apply the information and answer thoughtfully to my questions. Although their answers were sprinkled with words like "supposedly" "it is believed" "scientists believe" and "maybe" - I got them to understand a lot more than they started out knowing- hey! its the goal of education!
Here's the link- spread the word- there's not much out there for teachers to use in evolution lessons... I think mainly because many don't want to do much so that they can avoid the uncomfortable situations.
I love to ramble on the subject- so if you have any specific questions let me know!
And I can't wait to hear more about your presentation!!!

13 years ago

Thank you Heather... I think you've done great with those kids!

Reading your post made me realize that I need to eloborate our aim.

If you have read the Creationism in Turkey thread, you know the creationists are more "powerful" in Turkey, financially, I mean. They are publishing numerous books and distributing them for free to create an anti-evolution (actually an anti-science) crowd of people. Unfortunately, the last few lines about evolution is taken out of high school books, recently and even the university students are mal-informed on the subject. Therefore, we are planning a symposium in a couple of universities to spread the correct perception of the theory of evolution.

The presentation I mentioned in the previous post is a small part of the symposium and in that we want to talk about historical cases of evolution education in countries, other than Turkey. Hence, we hope, people will see how nonsense it is to quit teaching evolution.

So, information on other countries' policies on education of evolution will be added to this presentation, if I may get it.

Senem, check this out too!
13 years ago
Creationism in RUSSIA???
13 years ago
In South Africa
13 years ago
Teaching evolution in schools "not a priority"
March 2003
Teaching evolution in South African schools has always been a no-no. Apartheid outlawed it, religious leaders condemned it and parents and teachers feared it. Except for a handful of scientists, nobody understood it.

I would hope that in March of 2006 things have changed!!!

Evolution - World-wide
13 years ago

I would like to add a little something, and that is, that evolution is not only a historical subject.  It is an ongoing topic that will continue from level to level for a thousand, if not more, years.

How do I come to say this, believe it, know it?

Evolution is the conscious acceptance of a force that brings about a positive (or negative, depending on one's favorite point of view) change.  Ergo, we have a thought, then make a choice; the result being we learn what we chose and we move on.  This is the path evolution takes for humans, maybe only some or a majority of them, etc, of course. 

And, there are many ways to find one's personal path and many paths to take, a zillion I would venture to guess throughout the Universe, that is, I would have to say.

Ok, all done.  Have fun and grow.


12 years ago

Creationism news from around the world

Published on November 2, 2006.


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