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Have I got this right?
6 years ago

Michele is harvesting the White House garden again.  WHAT???  Isn't it cold over the winter in Washington DC?  So how did everything grow so fast eh?


Another day another lie.

6 years ago

Apparently they are trying to encourage people to 'grow one thing' yet it has been proven she never grew anything (Michele that is).  That and this government has put up to many anti farming/gardening regulations it enough to make you spit. 

6 years ago

What kind of veggies is she supposedly growing, Cam?   Some crops are cool-weather.   In spring, there's lettuce, peas, carrots & cole-type vegetables. Now if she has tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, etc. then that would be impossible even in DC.


She certainly doesn't do it herself though and, as you said, the gov't is, in turn, while promoting eating fresh vegetables, putting a straggle hold on farmers and homeowners growing them.

6 years ago

Dunno but my other question is does Obama need some depends?  Seems like his administration is trying to build him up because (surprise) a huge number of vets do not support him so they are leaking critical information about the killing of terrorists - and how he chooses who lives and who dies.


Washington post story today is huge ..... what a moron!

6 years ago

Michelle is out promoting a book, "American Grown" Here's a sample recipe.  In an effort to combat childhood obesity, here's a dessert with plenty of butter and sugar.

6 years ago

Trust me....Moochelle isn't tip toeing through her garden.....I will bet, most of her plants are not grown from seeds.....I'm sure they are transplanted at a very good ripening moment.  Or, they have a gardener that does all the work, and Moochelle gets to pick the fruits from her gardener's labor!!!  What a joke!


I agree Cam...the story was huge today about the drones, the "killing list" and boots on the ground in North Korea to look for secret underground missle makings.  Duh....wouldn't this be a security breach if the mission was to look for secret underground missle buildings?  I am shaking my head on this one....why announce this.....are none of our actions "Top Secret" anymore?  Is this how we let our enemy know what we are up to???

6 years ago

Do you have the link?  I can't seem to find it.  

6 years ago

Sandra...I'm assuming you mean the Boots on the ground in No. Korea?  It was on the Drudge the first thing this morning...and it's no longer there that I can find???  I will do some searching....maybe it was pulled???

6 years ago

This is what I found:


  • US military denies parachuting into N Korea

THE US military has vehemently denied a media report that special forces have parachuted into North Korea on intelligence-gathering missions, saying a source had been misquoted


6 years ago



Current affairs magazine The Diplomat quoted Brigadier General Neil Tolley, commander of special forces in South Korea, as saying soldiers from the US and South Korea had been dropped across the border for "special reconnaissance" missions.

But Colonel Jonathan Withington, public affairs officer for US Forces Korea, said some reporting of the conference had taken Tolley "completely out of context".

"Quotes have been made up and attributed to him," he said, denying that any US or South Korean forces had parachuted into the North.

"Though special reconnaissance is a core special operations force (SOF) mission, at no time have SOF forces been sent to the north to conduct special reconnaissance," he said.

The Diplomat quoted Tolley as saying that the North had built thousands of tunnels since the 1950-53 Korean War.

"The entire tunnel infrastructure is hidden from our satellites," the magazine reported him as saying at a press conference in Florida last week. "So we send (South Korean) soldiers and US soldiers to the North to do special reconnaissance."

According to the magazine, he said commandos parachute in with minimal supplies to watch the tunnels undetected.

At least four of the tunnels built by Pyongyang go under the Demilitarised Zone separating North and South Korea, Brig-Gen Tolley was reported as saying.

"We don't know how many we don't know about."

6 years ago

I get the Washington Post online, but can't find it there.   Anything that would cause Obrother to lose control of his bodily functions it is definitely worth reading.


Just found a "killing lists" story in the NYTimes.

Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will

6 years ago

Thank you, Maui!

6 years ago

Yes, that was the Killing lists story also....and it's no longer on Drudge either.  This morning, there was a big picture of obama standing in front of the American Flags with the headline...obama's killing list!!!  Now the article is no longer there to read....very strange that Drudge is pulling the articles.  Even the Drone article is gone.....

6 years ago

There was a huge uproar over this because of all the secrets that were disclosed.  I think if this is what he is doing then he is playing God ...... oh, I forgot ..... he thinks he is God.

6 years ago

Well it isn't a secret any more. It is all over the net. I just googled "parachuted into North Korea". 

“We don’t know how many we don’t know about,” he admitted.

Among the facilities identified are 20 air fields that are partially underground, and thousands of artillery positions.

In February, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that had built at least two new tunnels at a nuclear testing site, likely in preparation for a new test

Read more:

The telegraph a reputable UK news paper goes on to say

The sites reportedly include 20 airfields that are partly underground and thousands of artillery emplacements.

He added that the special forces troops were dispatched with minimal equipment in order for them to be able travel quickly and keep the risk of detection by North Korean troops to a minimum.

The US and South Korea are aware of four invasion tunnels that were excavated beneath the DMZ and were apparently intended to allow the North to avoid the static defences and to have thousands of troops emerge without warning and within striking range of Seoul.

Some of the tunnels have since been turned into tourist attractions and visitors can descend a steep intersecting tunnel from the South Korean side and explore the invasion route.

One end terminates in a rock face where small holes had been drilled for the next round of demolition charges for the tunnel. The other is plugged with a concrete block with a small aperture that looks towards the exit in North Korea.

Tolley suggested that there may be more such infiltration routes beneath the border.

"We don't know how many we don't know about," he was quoted as saying.

A spokesman for US forces in South Korea has dismissed the media report.

"Some reporting has taken great liberal licence with his comments and taken him completely out of context," Colonel Jonathan Withington, of the public affairs office of US Forces Korea, said in a statement.

"No US or ROK (Republic of Korea) forces have parachuted into North Korea," he said. "Though special reconnaissance is a core special operations force mission, at no time have SOF forces been sent to the north to conduct special reconnaissance.

"The use of tunnels in North Korea is well documented," he added. "Several of the known tunnels along the DMZ are visited by tourists every day."


One thing is for sure. North Korea isn't going to be happy about this. 

6 years ago

I still find it very interesting how the Drudge scrapped 3 of their big headlines early this morning!!!  I would love to have an explanation of this.....did Big Brother step in and stop "Free Speech"???

6 years ago

Maybe it was Obama himself Maui!! Like he thinks by forcing the news sites to take down info it's going to be kept secret!?!? What an idiot!!!! And the fact that he lets the info out in the first place just proves to me he is intent on the destruction of this country by letting the enemy know what our defense plans are!!


As far as Moochelle growing a garden and now writing a book!? Urgghhhhhhh.... What an arrogant broad!! Like she thinks anyone is going to listen to her!! Especially when she eats and parties the way she does!!! What hypocrites!! She don't know the first thing about growing veggies or anything for that matter...except maybe pot!! And I am sure Obama could guide her on that!!

6 years ago

WOW!  Don't you just love how this administration keeps things top secret?  They have written a new definition for the words.  If it gets you re-elected RELEASE THE INFORMATION!


I would hate to be a member of the military right now.  nothing is sacred with that moron.

6 years ago

Well I have to believe that the majority of our fighting men and women would just as soon stick a knife in his back as look at him and would refuse to do any kind of traitorous orders! I think they know it's their necks to that will suffer by following his orders! Especially knowing he is the liar in chief he is!!

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6 years ago

Ohhhhhhhh...and I love these ads on the bottom here about Obama honoring our Vet's...BS on that!!

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