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5 years ago

Dead heat for Romney and Obama in latest Michigan poll

Who are you most likely to vote for in the Presidential election - Democratic President Barack Obama, or Republican Nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, another candidate, or are you undecided?

Republican Nominee Mitt Romney 46.86%
President Barack Obama 46.24%
Another candidate 4.94%
Undecided 1.96%

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for president Four years after endorsing Obama, News finds the hopes of those days went unfulfilled

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ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 
5 years ago

Consistent with a recent Pew Research survey that found a majority of voters voting for Romney are now affirmatively voting for him instead of merely against President Barack Obama, Republicans in Colorado have said they have not seen the level of enthusiasm for Republicans that they are seeing for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in a decade.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago


ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

AFF poll: Minnesota a toss-up

Romney takes 46 percent of the vote to Obama's 45 percent in the poll, which was conducted by the GOP firm NMB Research and shared with POLITICO. The Republican presidential nominee is up 13 points among independents, ahead of Obama 49 percent to 36 percent.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago


On Sunday, Madison's Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Mitt Romney for President. In 2008, the paper endorsed Barack Obama, but four years later, the State Journal believes it's time for Obama to go:
Not enough hope and too little change.

That is President Barack Obama's record on the economy, debt and Washington gridlock after four years in the White House.

The State Journal editorial board endorses Mitt Romney in Tuesday's presidential election.

Romney showed as the Republican governor of Democratic-leaning Massachusetts that he can find agreement across the partisan divide. And his vice presidential pick — Wisconsin's U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville — suggests Romney is serious about tackling America's fiscal mess.

Romney has an impressive record of success in the private and public sectors. He's a numbers guy who focuses more on results than ideology. That's why so many of his fellow Republicans during the GOP primary criticized him for not being conservative enough.

Romney has been a strong leader in business and civic life. This includes turning around many troubled companies and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Romney better understands how and why entrepreneurs and employers decide to expand and add jobs. He's more likely to get the private-sector going strong again. . .

But Obama is the president. The buck stops with him. This is now Obama's economy, even though the GOP shares in the blame for partisan games.

It was Obama and his fellow Democrats who went it alone on health care, making subsequent deals even harder to find. It was Obama who too often let Congress steer the ship in circles. It still is Obama who hasn't laid out a clear vision for the next four years.

We endorsed Obama for change last time around. Now we're endorsing change again: Mitt Romney.

Recent polls in Wisconsin show the Presidential contest in that state is neck and neck. However, Romney has the momentum, and his running mate, Wisconsin native son Paul Ryan is very popular in his home state.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago


According to the University of California, Santa Barbara American Presidency Project study of the top 100 newspaper editorial endorsements, Mitt Romney has seen a vast wave of switches from 2008 Obama endorsers. Obama, meanwhile, has seen only one newspaper that endorsed John McCain come around to endorse him. At the same time, many newspapers have also switched from Obama to “no endorsement.”

Here are the stats. As of today, 11 newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have now endorsed Mitt Romney:

  • The New York Daily News;
  • Long Island Newsday;
  • Houston Chronicle;
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram;
  • Orlando Sentinel;
  • Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel;
  • Nashville Tennessean;
  • Des Moines Register;
  • Illinois Daily Herald;
  • Los Angeles Daily News;
  • Los Angeles Press-Telegram.

The only newspaper that endorsed McCain in 2008 and has switched to Obama now is the San Antonio Express-News. Meanwhile, another seven papers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have switched to no endorsement.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

Guess who endorses obama!!!!!!!
5 years ago

IRAN VOTES FOR OBAMA, ANNOUNCES 'SUSPENSION' OF 20% URANIUM ENRICHMENT [UPDATE: REJECTS SUSPENSION] In an obvious attempt to keep President Barack Obama in power, Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced two days before the election that the country is “suspending” 20% uranium enrichment. Al Arabiya reported the news. Iran says that the suspension is a “good will” gesture. 

This move comes a month after Iran told the foreign press that if the West acknowledged its right to nuclear weapons, it would limit its enrichment. Of course, Iran has made promises to the international community before – and it has broken virtually all of them.

UPDATE: An Iranian MP has now quietly rejected all reports that Iran will suspend its uranium enrichment.


WELL I'LL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWE SHUCKS!!!!!
5 years ago

Ya gotta give another one to obama....Iran and now:


Team Obama must be sighing in collective relief this weekend.

Pee Wee Herman, the alter ego of actor Paul Reubens, has endorsed President Barack Obama in a typically colorful column over at The Huffington Post.

For me, this election is like the choice between store-bought ice cream (maybe even diet Ice Milk), and mouth-watering, homemade, unbelievably delicious frozen custard. How did I arrive at this conclusion? This week President Obama was working hard alongside Governor Bruce Springsteen of New Jersey (boy, he sure has gained some weight) to help the people most in need.

It struck me that the choice I'll be making Tuesday is like going for store-bought ice cream when it's obvious what you really need is homemade frozen custard. President Obama is like the delicious frozen custard you'd get at Kohr's. President Obama has the 1.4 percent egg yolk solids needed to run this country.

I know, I know FSM's a tough one to swallow...(pun intended)   

5 years ago

hey obama....maybe you and Pee Wee can go watch a porn movie together in the theatre.....this way it won't have to be a "one man show"!!!!   just sayin!!!!!    

5 years ago

Fluke and Stevie Wonder just can't bring in the crowds for now another sad feat!!!!!


What do you call 12 people dancing in the Square in the heart of mid-town Manhattan while New York City is suffering?

Strindberg would have one name for it, but the dancers are actually the great mob that was expected for National Dance For Obama Day.

Why, the streets are veritably teeming with them.

National Dance for Obama Day advertised its efforts thusly:

The weekend before Election Day, we’re turning up the heat and encouraging people to get out and vote with flash mobs across the country.

In Manhattan, the flash mob of a myriad dancers (read:12) occurred in Herald Square, at the intersection of 34th Street and 6th Avenue.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, a Democrat who supported Barack Obama in 2008, has essentially abandoned him in 2012 by failing to endorse him this time around.

Indeed, a careful reading of his high praise for Mitt Romney and tough criticism of Obama suggests that Wilder has all but endorsed Obama's Republican rival this election. 

The news of Wilder's non-endorsement is huge in the key swing state of Virginia, where polls already show Romney surging into a slight, but reliable lead.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on Sunday:

Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder, who backed Democrat Barack Obama for president in 2008, did not endorse Obama or Republican Mitt Romney in an opinion column released days before the election.

"I have campaigned for and supported the president in the past and many people now want to discuss his job performance with me," Wilder writes in a column for Reuters.

"They often note that Obama ran as a moderate — and that is the man they threw their support behind in 2008. But some look back and say that he has governed as a left-of-center liberal who did not keep the focus squarely on jobs and economic recovery.

"Is that group of independent-minded voters enough to swing Virginia's 13 electoral votes away from Obama on Tuesday? The race is so close, we will have to wait until November 6 for a definitive answer. But for a state Obama may need to win, that uncertainty after almost four years on the job cannot be a great comfort to his campaign operatives."

Wilder does not expressly back Romney, but he says the Republican has met the test to be president.

"The Republicans endured a bad nominating process. Yet in the end, they seem to have chosen a credible candidate that many Virginians tell me they would feel fairly comfortable with in the Oval Office.

"Democrats counted on using ad hominem attacks to make Romney seem too unworthy and too unsteady to be the country's chief executive because of the rough nominating process. But that has not been 100 percent effective.

Will it be effective enough? We'll find out on Tuesday."

Wilder, who served as governor from 1990-94 and as mayor of Richmond from 2005-09 has a long history of breaking with fellow Democrats.

The first African-American governor of a southern state since Reconstruction, Wilder is highly respected by Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike throughout all geographical areas of Virginia.

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

Amid last week's news that Colin Powell had endorsed Obama, attention turned to which members of the military, active and retired, might endorse Gov. Romney.

Today we know the answer in part, but on Monday we will know it full.

As of right now, "500 former military admirals and generals" are set to endorse Romney via a full page Washington Times ad on Monday. The ad will bear the caption: "We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation's next President and Commander-in-Chief."

Participants in the ad campaign have made it clear that neither Romney nor the Romney campaign solicited the ad: the 500 former military personnel involved in it are paying for the ad out of pocket, of their own volition. 

And to be clear, the 500 former admirals and generals involved in Monday's ad are not the only former members of the military endorsing Romney. In fact, the list of Romney endorsements from the military dwarfs the list of military endorsements Obama has garnered.

Here's an example -- Obama is endorsed by General Colin Powell, USA (ret.), General Wesley Clark, USA (ret.), Major General Paul Eaton, USA (ret.), Admiral Donald Gutter, USN, former JAG of the Navy (ret.), Admiral John Nathman, USN (ret.).

Romney, on the other hand, is endorsed by Admiral James B. Busey, USN (ret.), General James T. Conway, USMC (ret.), General Terrence R. Dake, USMC (ret.), Admiral James O. Ellis, USN (ret.), General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF (ret.), General Tommy Franks, USA (ret.), General Alfred Hansen, USAF (ret.), Admiral Thomas Bibb Hayward, USN (ret.), General Chuck Albert Horner, USAF (ret.), Admiral Jerome LaMarr Johnson, USN (ret.), Admiral Timothy J. Keating, USN (ret.), General Paul X. Kelley, USMC (ret.), General William Kernan, USA (ret.), Admiral George E.R. Kinnear II, USN (ret.), General William L. Kirk, USAF (ret.), General James L. Lindsay, USA (ret.), General William R. Looney III, USAF (ret.), Admiral Hank Mauz, USN (ret.), General Robert Magnus, USMC (ret.), Admiral Paul David Miller, USN (ret.), General Henry Hugh Shelton, USA (ret.), General Lance Smith, USAF (ret.), Admiral Leighton Smith, Jr., USN (ret.), and the list goes on and on. 

Tomorrow it will top 500.


5 years ago

Awesome!! Awesome!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Maui!!!

5 years ago

say that he has governed as a left-of-center liberal who did not keep the focus squarely on jobs and economic recovery.

I would really hate to see what these people think center is!  You can't possibly get more left than Obama!

5 years ago

I just can't understand how near half the country is still for the lying narcissistic jackass in the white house after all the vacations, empty promises, and most of all the LIES and coverups!  The facts are plain to see!

5 years ago

Michael..They say love is blind and in this case for those who LOVE Obama it is SO true! It just goes to show that common sense and any other kind of productive measures that tells one a situation or person is not good are all non existent in some people!

5 years ago

I think it's more "Love for entitlements" than anything have the single women after their free bc and have those who don't care to find work and would rather live on food stamps, healthcare and have hollyweird who adore the gay lifestyle and want marriage between man and woman banned.....let them cast their vote for obama....Tuesday we will see what the rest of Americans want!!!!

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 AND 2016 

5 years ago

We just took over the front page news!

5 years ago

Yes we did Cam......and I found a couple of conservatives to comment while at it.....finally!!!!!!!  stalker jae is going nuts with me....but evidently he must be reading since he seems to love to comment on my that's all I want.....of course....his mind won't be changed...but after Tuesday....we will see less and less of them on C2 News......they will be checking into rehab with withdrawls from the koolaid and to see surgeons to get their head out of their azzes!!!!   Wonder what they will think when they see daylight for the first time in four years?????

5 years ago

Oh they won't Maui...they will be stumbling around in a daze!!!! Jae is on everyone of my stories too with the same BS...never sticks to the topic and always tries to compare it to something that has  nothing to do with the article! If they could just comment on the topic at hand some of them! But then again when some do it makes no sense except the same old accusations that the Repub's did this or Bush did that or we are racist or this or that...nothing informative at all!

5 years ago

I don't know who this Jae character is, but I can tell you he doesn't fece from shoeshine!  That's twice I've seen him claim that Mormons aren't Christian, which is 100% incorrect.  Then add to that his statements of conservative ballot fixing ... has anyone heard of any polling station machines that were rigged to vote conservative?  I've not heard of a single instance, however I have heard of several states rigged to vote liberal!  And that statement of coerced conservative voting, I've only heard of liberals claiming it might happen, not one instance of where it did.  Jae is either very stupid or another liberal liar.  Either way, nothing he has posted is true, at least nothing I've read that he posted.

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