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5 years ago


IS HE THE FALL GUY????????????????????

DAMN......I REALLY LIKED THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

5 years ago

His reason is due to having an extramarital affair after 37 years of marriage...resigning due to personal reasons.  

5 years ago

Just announced.....Petraeus was to speak next week before council on he won't be testifying.........what a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     We are screwed in thinking anything is going to come out of Benghazi!!!!   obama wins twice this week.....and America loses twice!!!!  I feel for the families of the four dead Americans as obama and admin watched.....

5 years ago

Does anyone think it's kind of strange how some of these political stories seem to break on Friday, when everyone usually is busy on weekends to want to dive into politics???  obama's admin seems to be so good at doing just this....

Now they have identified the woman he was having an affair with and supposedly he was being blackmailed about this is getting bigger by the minute...and he may lawyer up so he won't have to testify!!!

Then it comes down to....Who was blackmailing him????  Possibly an obama thug....trying to make a deal with him for not testifying???   I smell a rat here!!!!

5 years ago

Not really Maui.  I've come to expect Obama and his cromies to lie and manipulate because that's all he's done since his first campaign.  Deep down, I'm sure we all knew Obama would never accept blame for Benghazi.  He told a good story, 3 weeks too late, and make some believe he was taking responsibility.  But people smart enough to see through Obama already knew he never would if it would impact him negatively.  It's too bad there weren't enough smart people to keep him out of the white house.  Now, thanks to mindless robots voting, we all will suffer ... and it started today with his message on taxes.  You remember the one where middle income would not see higher taxes?  Guess it was another lie cause our taxes are going up, AGAIN!


Nothing will ever done about Obama because people like the posters in FSM just aren't enough of a voice to make things happen.  We can write our elected officials all day long, but when it's only a dozen people, it won't go far.

5 years ago

.... and they just found this out now ..... LIARS!

Here is the story on it!
5 years ago


5 years ago

When the Secret Service scandal hit when they were partying with hookers....they were immediately demoted from their was a safety issue and a breach of just how long did they sit on this about Petraeus.....I bet they weren't too worred about breach of security as they were with how much Petraeus new about Benghazi.....and I'm talking before the killing of four Americans......I'm talking the possiblity of gun running?????   

Well....this is just another one that obama can chalk up to hiding and the Americans never finding out the truth.....the protection for this guy is unbelieveable......a Republican President would have been impeached by now......but that is a whole other story!!!!

5 years ago

I'm shocked that Petraeus would allow himself to become the scapegoat; but that is exactly what it looks like. You are so right, Maui, I smell a rat also! Remember when the Libs called him Gen. Betray-us? Could that be coming true?? So awful to happen to this man after all his good years to his country.

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