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ISRAEL RUMORS - Eli, Can You Help Us Here?
5 years ago

I am the oldest of 9 kids.  All of us, except the youngest, are conservative.  My youngest sister is about as liberal as you can get.  Every year I hear my father ask, "where did I go wrong?" My sister and I get along just fine as long as politics are never brought up.  When politics does come up, it's all out war.


Eli, here's where I need your help.  She claims that Netanyahu is not respected in Israel and that Israeli's disagree with his words and the possible military attack on Iran.  I find that very hard to believe.  


Now I will admit, I'm a typical American who doesn't know a lot about foreign govt and how they are received by the people.  But I have to say that every time I've seen Netanyahu, he has been a hard working and strong advocate for his people!  Someone who works that hard for his country and her citizens, just can't be bad.  Anyone who would make the tough call to protect the country from invasion, has to be a well prepared person.  I just can't see the Israeli's not liking or appreciating what Netanyahu has done.


But then, I'm not there.  All I have to go on is what I read ... and what Eli shares with us.  Frankly, I would believe Eli over anything written since she's right there and the media being the untrustworthy group they've become.


So, what I've read Eli is Netanyahu has suffered a severe blow in his popularity ratings.  It says he is down to 30% in approval ratings.  BUT!  Why is his popularity down?  Is it because Israeli's feel he is not doing everything to protect them?  Or because he is doing what Obama wants instead of what should be done?  Does it have anything to do with Obama?  Or America?  What is it?  And can Americans do anything to help Israeli's with the problem?


Thank you Eli!  Is there anyone else from Israel who could add to this?

5 years ago

I just want to say that Israel's parliament is a lot like mine here in Canada. I think there is a lot of party infighting there is there not Eli?

5 years ago

Netanyahu is a good leader. Israeli's are a complex and demanding people. We argue about everything and anything. It is a part of our culture. Every Israeli considers him/herself a better candidate for Prime Minister. Every Prime Minister has to deal with this. The far left and it's paper (Ha'aretz which is about to close due to bankruptcy and a lack of followers) are a minority of Jews and the arab sector. Papers such a the Jerusalem post and maariv being right/center. The majority of Israeli's are from the center to far right with NO arab backing. The far right and the religeous settler movement (papers such as arutz sheva/Israelnationanews) think of Netanyahu as too flexable. A pushover on settler expansion. Some would like to see a trasfer of the arab population such  as that expected of Jews and as done with the Gaza withdrawl. Some are more realistic. Many of the right come from arab countries and are happy to give the arabs back a taste of their own medicine. 

One of the key issuse on the table now is Iran, Obama and the rising poverty in Israel. Netanyahu has stood up to Obama quite well which gained him many points. The rocket fire from Gaza is a minus, but who would do a better job? Leiberman?

Poverty is a social issue which is more in line with Labour. Bibi might be down on social issues but defence is high priority for most Israeli's. Incomming rockets frrom both Gaza and Syria are a sharp reminder. With many Israeli's beleiving war is just around the corner, and the country leaning further and further to the right. One can be sure the next government will be right wing. The only question is, how right wing. The left will continue to shout and whine in one of the few places people are eager to listen (In the EU and US) while here they are mostly considered self hating. ( The reason few read Haaretz). Most Israeli's are very aware of what Obama has planned for Israel. This can only go in Netanyahu's favor. 

All Jews from the right have 1 thing in common. All believe in the right of the state to exist and in G0d. All beleive to some degree in prophecy. In the left to far left. Non believe in G0d or prophecy, and see Israel as just another state. This is the separation barrier, one of which is the corner stone to any vote. (The Druze people usually vote Likud and are often career soldiers). 

As a person who is a conservative and believes in democracy, but also recognises Israel's security as first and foremost,  I will be voting Likud. I would also like Israel to be a Jewish state run in accordance with Jewish values, but not a religious state. (Like the UK used to be with RI lessons but for Judaism instead in Christianity). 

I would also like to see a more polite and respectful Israeli government, but that is for day dreamers. 

PM Netanyahu's remarks to foreign ambassadors in Ashkelon
5 years ago

PM Netanyahu's remarks to foreign ambassadors in Ashkelon PM Netanyahu: We?ll take whatever action is necessary to put a stop to this. This is not merely our right, it?s also our duty, and it?s something that I think is understood by any fair-minded person in any fair-minded government in the world
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
House in Netivot struck by rocket fired from Gaza (Photo: IDF Spokesperson) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon (Monday, 12 November 2012), made the following remarks at a meeting in Ashkelon with the foreign ambassadors stationed in Israel:
"If an alarm is sounded, all of us have exactly 30 seconds to find shelter. This is the situation in which one million Israelis find themselves. That?s families, old people, children, babies ? including the children who stand here.
A million Israelis, including many little children, like the ones here, are targeted on a daily basis, by people who took areas that we vacated, that the Government of Israel vacated, came in there, and are now hiding behind civilians, while firing on civilians, firing on our children. A million Israelis?
I don?t know of any of your governments who could accept such a thing. I don?t know of any citizens of your cities who would find it acceptable, or something that could proceed on a normal basis. I think the whole world understands that this is not acceptable. It?s something that the people of Israel cannot accept and it?s something that I, as the Prime Minister of Israel, cannot accept.
So we?re going to fight for the rights of our people to defend themselves. We?ll take whatever action is necessary to put a stop to this. This is not merely our right, it?s also our duty, and it?s something that I think is understood not only by you, who are here in Ashkelon today, but also by any fair-minded person in any fair-minded government in the world. They would understand that it?s our right to defend our people, and that is what we shall do."
PM Netanyahu's remarks (on events on the Syrian border) to the  ambassadors in Ashkelon
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made the following remarks on events on the Syrian border:
"We are closely monitoring what is happening and will respond appropriately. We will not allow our borders to be violated or our citizens to be fired upon."
Is It a New Alliance?
5 years ago

London, Paris, Jerusalem line up for post-US vote action on Syria, Iran

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 3, 2012, 11:14 AM (GMT+02:00)

Tags:  British forces   French forces   IDF   US buildup   Iran nuclear   Syria 
First talks between Binyamin Netanyahu and President Francois Hollande
First talks between Binyamin Netanyahu and President Francois Hollande

The UK , France and Israel showed signs this week of lining up for military action with regard to Syria and Iran as soon as America’s presidential election was out of the way Tuesday, Nov. 6,DEBKAfile’s military sources report. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spent two days (Oct. 31-Nov. 1) talking to President Francois Holland. As the Defense Minister Ehud Barak landed in London the next day, Prime Minister David Cameron was reported on standby for the dispatch of RAF fighter-bombers to the Persian Gulf.

Barak flew to London after US Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had spent several days in Israel, no doubt tying up the last ends of US-Israeli cooperation for potential action.

Although America’s top military chief can’t tell who will be his next commander-in-chief - Barack Obama for another four years or the Republican Mitt Romney - he is duty-bound to have US forces in the Middle East ready for any contingency.
Although none has admitted as much, all the parties to these consultations did their best this week to chart alternative scenarios applicable to either winner. The consensus was that whether it is Obama or Romney, the two flaming Middle East crises can no longer remain subject to the policy immobility dictated by the presidential campaign – certainly not the Syrian bloodbath.

But the presence of thousands of Iranian and Hizballah combatants fighting for Bashar Assad on the battlefields of Syria oblige Western policy architects to reckon with reactions from Tehran and its Lebanese surrogate, HIzballah, as well as their Palestinian allies in the Gaza Strip.
 DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that all the US, British and French forces that might be needed for military action are already in place in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, while Israel’s Defense Forces are on standby. They are awaiting orders to go forward after first being told which way to jump – Syria or Iran.
US strength – air, naval and strike ground units – are concentrated on the Red Sea Socotra Island and Oman's Masirah Island in the Persian Gulf. Since mid-October, Washington has maintained supplementary special operations and anti-air units in Turkey, Jordan and Israel.
Britain and France have massed naval, air and special operations forces in the big naval base of Port Zayed and the Al Dhafra air facility – both in the United Arab Emirates. A French fighter-bomber squadron is also parked at the Tabuk air base in Saudi Arabia.
Military strategists regard the initial phases of the Iran-Israeli confrontation as already being in motion, manifested by an Iranian stealth drone which overflew Israel on Oct. 6 and Israel’s raid on Oct. 24 of the Sudanese factory manufacturing and storing Iranian missiles. They are predicting that such shadow-sparring exercises between Tehran and Jerusalem may evolve next month into more direct clashes between Israel, Iran and Hizballah - more probably isolated incidents related to Iran’s Middle East deployments, especially in Syria and Lebanon, rather than a full-blown eruption of hostilities all at once.
Meanwhile, after both Obama and Romney voiced disapproval of direct US military involvement in Syria, Washington embarked on quiet moves for a diplomatic accomodation.
During a recent round table in Ankara, Admiral James Winnfeld, Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff,

5 years ago

Thanks Eli for the update! It almost sounds like the US as far as the right and the left!! what is Likud!? Is that far right?

5 years ago

Good morning Carol,  The likud is slightly right of center. Nationalist/conservative and pro common sence. Bibi is the head of the likud. for some time I went over to kadima but that was due to ariel sharon being the party chairman. in the hands of olmert and then livni, kadima was a flop (obama was pro livni because he found her "easy'" to work with).

5 years ago

Hi Eli!! Well that sounds about par for Obama and his thinking! He must have thought as a woman she was going to be easy to walk over!! I understand..I think..LOL..Could it be described as like the Democrats and the Republicans!? I like the pro common sense part!!! That is SO lacking in this country today with SO many people! When are your elections!?

5 years ago

I don't think they will ever stop fighting over there! it is so pathetic!!

5 years ago

emmmm democrates and republicans1 welllll. it is a little more like the british conservatives and labour government, but then there are many smaller parties that join in ( after a bartering session) to which ever party wins. All the religious parties and Nationailist parties, possibley 1 arab party will join Likud. Where as All the extreme leftist paries join with Labour. This includes the pro maruana/pot smoking party and all Arab parties. 

5 years ago

We have the same thing here in Canada Eli but only see all the infighting when we do not have a majority party elected.

Keep your head down and stay safe. There are many, many people here at Care 2 that support Israel and you are always in our hearts.

Israel under fire
5 years ago

Operation"Giant stand". Southern Israel under fire. Tens of rockets have landed across southern Israel in Kiryat Gad, Ashkelon and other towns, with 3-4 dead and quite a few injured with a direct hit on a home. The injured included a baby. 1 million Israel's are under rocket attack. Schools are closed and an amount of reservists have been called up. The news here is now running non stop since the early morning.

5 years ago

The iron drome defence system has shot down 100 of the 160 rockets fired from Gaza today. 3 and not 4 people were killed

5 years ago

Be safe Eli.....this doesn't sound good what all is happening right now.....

5 years ago

This definitely does not sound good!! Stay safe Eli!!! Where are all these rockets coming from Eli!? Iran!?

5 years ago

Eli, thank you for that explanation on th govt there!  As usual your post was filled with great information!


I've been thinking about you quite a bit since yesterday's news about the incoming rockets.  I pray you remain safe and that the Iron Dome shoots down everything sent your way!  Stay safe my friend!

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