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MSNBC Panelist: White People Against Abortion Because They're Trying to Build Up The Race
5 years ago

MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry had a panel discussion on the influence of the white voter


Watch video:




Nothing racist here......not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!   How people can watch this network amazes me.....this station is all obama....madcow, schultz, mr tingles, morning joe....and all the other wanna be newsworthy talking heads!!  Disgusting.....if FOX said something like this they would be fined and ousted!!!!!

5 years ago

Have they ever thought that maybe some people are against murdering babies????  And not only whites either!!!!!  

5 years ago

I am so sick and tired of retarded morons who think everything is about race!  The people at MSNBC are BRAIN DAMAGED!

5 years ago

BTW, anyone who is offended by the  previous post, TOO BAD!   I was more offended by that STUPID reporting.  Based on liberal philosophy, since I was more offended my being offended overrides your being offended!

5 years ago

Talking about blacks wanting to keep blacks on the plantation. Those two female looking Obamanuts  I refuse to call women or ladies are your proof!  What are they now? They must be the new black slave masters.

5 years ago

THey most certainly are to anyone who believes them!

5 years ago

5 years ago

Michael.....NOT OFFENDED AT ALL!!!!  But I am offended that networks allow such racists comments to be aired....this network does it all the time....sharpton is one of the biggest one of all......and so is mr. tingles.......and they are brainwashing all their viewers....but that's ok.....they speak to the obama phone people...and their ratings are all in the no problem there....but it still upsets me that they can say such racists comments like this one.....

5 years ago

Oh shoot Maui, I didn't mean to imply you for posting or that you would be offended.  Sorry if it came across that way.  I put that 2nd post for the liberals who will whine because I called their precious TV comedy show people morons.  As for you, I thank YOU for bringing it to our attention!  Since the majority of Americans don't watch that comedy station, in fact it has the lowest ratings as proven by viewer polls, most of us wouldn't know they were spreading such vicious lies.

5 years ago

No took me wrong....I was so agreeing with you 100%......I knew exactly what you meant and I think your message came across loud and clear to those damn liberals who want to call us racists and homophobes!!!  You can bet some of those lurkers are shaking their heads at us.....agreeing with this network!!!

5 years ago
The New York Times, in a puff piece about its spiritual cousin MSNBC, stated said that the leftist network  is the megaphone for Barack Obama:

If Fox sees itself as the voice of the opposition to the president, MSNBC sees itself as the voice of Mr. Obama’s America.

Who knew?

which features intellectual luminaries Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed SchultzOf course, the Times had to admit that Fox has two million more viewers than MSNBC. So, how to spin that so it looks good for Obama’s mouthpiece?

Ah, the trusted meme of liberals for the last 50 years: assert that the younger age demographic is the one that matters:

But the two channels, which skew toward an audience that is 55 or older, are on average separated by fewer than 300,000 viewers in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic that advertisers desire.

As Ben Shapiro detailed thoroughly in Primetime PropagandaThe True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, this has been a tactic the left has used for decades: convincing advertisers that somehow youth was the targeted audience despite the fact that those with the most disposable income are members of an older group.

And guess what; Fox receives more than three times what MSNBC does in revenue from subscribers:

The channel receives a per-subscriber fee of 30 cents a month from cable operators; CNN receives twice that, and Fox News at least three times as much.

Even CNN does better than MSNBC.

MSNBC may be the voice of Obama’s America, but there aren’t that many people listening.

5 years ago

NBCUniversal, the corporation which routinely aids President Barack Obama via its news and entertainment channels, is prepping some pink slips.

The layoffs are part of a months-long concerted effort by parent Comcast to rein in costs by eliminating inefficiencies and duplications among staffs at various departments before year's end, an insider confirmed.

For example, three weeks ago, NBCU’s G4 network canceled Attack of the Show! and X-Play, causing dozens of layoffs. Two months before that, about 20 people at The Tonight Show were let go.

The reduction won't end until roughly 500 jobs are eliminated.

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