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Only In America! (right now that is)
5 years ago

So General Petreus resigns because he is having an affair with his autobiographer .....
Who was sending threatening emails to a lady friend of the family ......
Who went to a friend in the FBI because she was scared by those emails so this guy (a friend) took it upon himself to start an investigation but he himself is so take by the woman Petreus mistress was threatening he sent her pictures of him shirtless .....
THAT was enough to get him removed from the case but this gets better .....
Last night the woman who complained about those emails had her house raided by the FBI ....
It seems that she (the woman Petrauses mistress was after) is having or was having an afair with General John Allen who is the active duty General IN CHARGE of Afghanistan right now .....
So the story goes ..... and we are to beleive they kept Odumbo in the dark regarding all of this?
Yeah right ....

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5 years ago

Sounds as bad as this is the skunk that ate the snake that ate the eggs laid by the chicken, which was eaten by the weasel that ate the lizard that ate the bird that ate the worm that was eaten by the fish that was eaten by the frog that lived in the sewage pond named Distract Coverup.  

5 years ago

HAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAA Sherry!  I was sitting here last night when the story of the General in Afghanistan broke and I started laughting I tell you!

NO WAY Odumbo did not know about this.  NO DANG WAY!!!  That administration really thinks people are stupid and in some sense with him being re-elected ..... I have to wonder sometimes.

5 years ago

I know!!!  He's the  "I no nutting, I see nutting, I hear nutting!" till the last minute, guy. Amazing.  I might start calling him Sergeant Schultz. 

5 years ago

I am hearing he is going to make that Rice lady Sec of State. Blame it on the video eh? Hope the Repubs fight that appointment. Woman is dumb as a rock.

5 years ago

Sex....Lies......and now all we need is the video tape....hey wait....we got that.....the film bashing we got all 3.....and we can add shirtless FBI guy now!!!!

But we have to get back to Fast and Furious and Benghazi Gate!!!!!  All this scandal has to be making the families who are victims in all of this so hurt that their loved ones are not as important as the sex very sad!!

5 years ago

Oh brother-Rice.  Yeah. I think the states need to pull out. This garbage administration has gone on 4 yrs. too disastrously long as it is.

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