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Please keep Ray & Bling and Husband in your heart folks .....
5 years ago

Dear Carol,
I hope you don’t mind me email you, but I wonder if you could do me a favour, I know you are or I hope you are a member of FSM the group I am a member of, I have not posted for over 10 days plus, the reason for this was because I suffered a server Asthma Attack on Saturday 3rd November last, and I am still in Hospital getting over the Attack which as really completely knock me sideways, my peak flow is still very low, well below my normal of 620
Would you advise Cam and Carol D for me, I’ve tried to get through to care2 on my phone but unable to post a care2 email, I am hoping I will be back as soon as possible but unable to put a time on it.
I am sending this email from my mobile phone, thank you for help
Lots of love
Ray Cornes

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5 years ago

Carol K forwarded that message from Ray.  I was wondering where he got too and now we know that he has been ill.

Get well soon Ray!  Miss you buddy!

5 years ago

You get well Ray....I have been wondering where you were during the election party.....I hope you will soon be back on your feet and back with are missed....take care now....prayers are being sent.


5 years ago

I have been wondering where you have been Ray and now I know!! Please get well soon and don't worry about anything here on Care2!! We will still be here when you start feeling better and can get back to normal! Best to take care of yourself first and foremost!! We miss seeing you here but understand completely why you can't be here! Take Care and God Bless You!!.. Carol D

5 years ago

I've wondered as well. I wonder whenever we haven't heard from someone who we haven't heard from in awhile!  Please take care of yourself, first and foremost. Take it easy. I hope you are better and recovered very soon Ray. We will be here. Hugs and blessings!

5 years ago

I would like to thank members for their concern in my recent health problems, I am feeling much better now I am back at home, it was indeed vey worrying at the time as could not hold my own oxgen levels up, I was addmitted into the ICU for 5 days before been tranferred to another ward, so I did miss the US Elections.

I hope with God willing be back in the next few weeks, I still need a few more scans doing but I hope this may done without the need of going back into hospital again, I am still very shanking up with the last 3 weeks, but at least my peak flow is now moving in the right direction, and my breahing is much better, feeling very tired and weak now, hope to see you all soon.

lots of love

Ray C

5 years ago

Oh Ray, I'm glad your home now, but I had no idea what you've been going through!  Hope the scans will show improved results.  Best luck my dear friend. 


~ Alice

5 years ago

Ray, sorry to hear!  I hope you are feeling better and get to come home soon.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all here at FSM.  All the men went today to visit my mother in law, I and my husband and father inlaw visited her for quite a while yesterday. I stayed today to help my sisterinlaw and the guys will be back soon. They had to put another tube in my mother inlaw yesterday while we were there, to fed her, because she is not eating right, bu she is stable.

5 years ago

Sherry..I am glad to hear your Mother in Law is stable! We worry so much when they are in this condition and i hope and pray for the best for her! Glad you are able to enjoy being with the family!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I am picking at the turkey here all the time!!

Ray...I am glad to hear you are doing better and when you come back don't over do it!! I know you like to get all the news in you can but take it easy for a bit! Just do a little at a time so you don't over work yourself again. We would rather see you stop in when you can than not at all because of over doing it! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day yesterday if you celebrate it!

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