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Obama Killed The Twinkie
5 years ago

Who would have thought that Hostess Twinkies would ever go away?  Thanks to Obama, Hostess has closed their doors forever, meaning no more Twinkies, among many other Hostess products.


Thanks to impending taxes, penalties and nanny state programs, it's becoming more and more expensive to run and operate a business.  But Obama says you didn't build that anyway, so what's the big loss?  Obama says it's govt that helps people and businesses, and yet Obama's tactics and illegal interventions are destroying businesses left and right, no put intended. 


But Hostess says the issue is because of the bakers union.  Obama has stepped in areas the federal govt has no business being in.  He has empowered unions to hold out and do what they want, holding businesses hostage as they demand more than they should have.  Maybe those unions think Obama will take even more tax money and bail out the Twinkie business.  Guess what.  He didn't.


On Nov. 12, Hostess Brands permanently closed three plants as a result of the work stoppage. On Nov. 14, the Company announced it would be forced to liquidate if sufficient employees did not return to work to restore normal operations by 5 p.m., EST p.m., Nov. 15. The Company determined on the night of Nov. 15 that an insufficient number of employees had returned to work to enable the restoration of normal operations.

The BCTGM in September rejected a last, best and final offer from Hostess Brands designed to lower costs so that the Company could attract new financing and emerge from Chapter 11. Hostess Brands then received Court authority on Oct. 3 to unilaterally impose changes to the BCTGM’s collective bargaining agreements.

Hostess Brands is unprofitable under its current cost structure, much of which is determined by union wages and pension costs. The offer to the BCTGM included wage, benefit and work rule concessions but also gave Hostess Brands’ 12 unions a 25 percent ownership stake in the company, representation on its Board of Directors and $100 million in reorganized Hostess Brands’ debt.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” said Gregory F. Rayburn, chief executive officer. “Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.”


What is it with unions that they can't hear?  Many of us have been saying for 40 years that unions are going to price themselves right out of a job.  Some even predicted they would destroy the economics of our country.  No one listened. 


The company told this specific union that if enough people didn't return to work, they would be forced to shut down and lay off over 18 THOUSAND workers!  No one listened.  Instead, they demanded more and more and more until they bled the company dry.  Now no one has a job, but the union officials made a ton of money off them!  For what?  Sitting on their butts and collecting forced dues from hard working people.  Many of those people will now go on unemployment for the next 2 years at the expense of the taxpayers. They will lose their homes, their pension, their savings, and yet they will still praise the unions and Obama. 


People are going to have to learn the only way to get ahead in this country will be by personal merit.  Many won't understand because they've had it easy.  They were coddled instead of made to understand it takes good hard work to succeed.  Nanny state govt and unions give people a false sense of security.  It disguises their greed and makes them believe they are entitled to things that they are not.


Some will blame the execs of the company, saying they were paid too much.  And yet lowering their salaries, would not keep the company going with the demands the union made.  Most don't understand that CEO's are mostly compensated through stock options, not cash.  The problem here is quite clear.  Obama's heavy taxes and penalties and his making people feel they are entitled to things they are not.


Obama and his friends in control of the unions, continue to get rich off the backs of others and just don't care about the consequences of their actions.  For those of us who already know these things, all we can do is sit and wait for the rest of the country to wake up from their stupor and realize just what it took to build this country and what it took to destroy it!

Hostess had been saddled with high pension, wage and medical costs related to its unionized workforce.

Read more:
5 years ago

I swear there are so many stupid people in this country that it is unbelievable!!!!! The work ethics suck..the people who feel they are entitled to is pathetic and the leader we have taking this country down the tubes to destruction needs to be behind bars!!! It's all for GREED!!!! When these people find they have no more cash cow because they have broken the backs of those who supported them... I am not one to wish anyone bad but these lazy AH's deserve as much misery plus more than what they have put on the backs of others!! They deserve every bit of misery they get!!

5 years ago

Pro union people are now trying to shove down our throats that it wasn't the union who forced the collapse of Hostess.  They claim hostess was demanding 27 to 32% in pay cuts and benefits.  Think about that a minute.


The pay cut was actually 8%.  Someone making $50,000 a year would take a cut to $46,000 and still have a job, with benefits, until they found something better (if they could).  Instead of taking an 8% pay cut, they now take a 100% pay cut, stay home and collect unemployment from those still working to pay taxes and receiving govt provided, ie taxpayer provided, food stamps.  Not just an employee.  18,500 of them!

What was causing benefit cuts?  Obamacare!  OBAMACARE!


Obama's so called affordable health care act has caused healthcare prices to increase 300% and we can't even take advantage of any so called affordable health care yet!  Businesses are dying left and right because of govt regulations and laws that destroy the American entrepreneurial spirit. What's worse is Obama has people believing we will have free health care.  Never mind that it will cost employees who currently pay $2000 a year, $7000 for obamcare.  People seem ok with that.  But they don't realize there are deductions under obamacare before any benefits actually kick in.


So is this bad management or the union that is causing the downfall of Wonderbread, Twinkies and many other delicious treats?  Our economy has been horrible for the last 5 years. Michele Obama has been on a kick to limit the amount of sugar a child can have, thus putting a crimp on the Twinkies business and white bread. Management had their hands full trying to deal with those issues.  But at least they were dealing with it in a way that 18,500 people had jobs and we still had access to our favorite items that have been around over 80 years.


On the other hand, the union was negotiating for a deal. They demanded pay raises and more benefits from a company already struggling. They refused to accept that tough times were ahead and told their people to strike. Strike they did. Now no products are going out and no profit coming in. It doesn't take a math whiz to realize a struggling company with no income means things are going to get worse.


Surprise!  Things got worse.  Management told the employees and the union that if enough people didn't return to work to at least get a product out, then they would have to close the plants and go out of business.  Not enough employees showed up to get any product out.  Just as management stated, the doors were closed and an American icon died.


Doesn't sound like mismanagement to me.  They were warned, the employees didn't act, the business closed.  It's simple enough.  18,500 families will have a crappy holiday season because of ONE UNION making demands that they company could not meet!  That one union caused employees in different areas who are not part of that union, to lose their jobs as well.  Don't try and tell me this was a management issue and not the union!


Strikers were interviewed by the press and they each seemed to have the canned response that was prepared for them.  "They took our pension."  No, they didn't.  According to the 401K site,, there is almost $52 Million in secured funds in the workers pension account.  One man claiming he was to retire in less than 2 years said he couldn't keep working on a promise that it was there.  Anyone with a retirement account receives an annual statement showing what is in there.  To strike based on an idea your retirement money is not there, when it is, is plain ignorance


How much money are we talking about?  From what I've been able to find online, a low position of 'line catcher' (pulling product not fit to be sold) was paid $15 an hour and up.  A job that requires no education, and very little talent.


A privately owned company, loved the world around, forced into oblivion by a greedy union. The Teamsters union tried to tell the smaller union to accept the proposal, but they didn't listen.  Now drivers in the Teamsters union for the Hostess company will also be out of a job.


So no, this wasn't a management issue. 18,500 families will have a crappy holiday season because of ONE UNION making demands that the company could not meet!  Anyone who can't see that Obama's policies played a big part, a HUGE part, in all this, is simply in total denial!

5 years ago

I am a closet addict.  I am coming out.  Yes, I am addicted to twinkies and ho ho's and everything that Hostess made.  Easy food.  Quick fix and man the sugar rush is too good to resist!

Unions did this.  18,0000 people without jobs now?  A travesty.

5 years ago

What's going to happen when the other snack cake co. go under,like LIL'Debbie,and others? Imagine a world without junk food!!! Twinkies and the cream filled cupcakes were the last part of our childhood,and now it's all gone.So sad. I bet Obummer's got all the twinkies in his white house,laughing fiendishly,wringing his evil hands saying "well,that's the end of Phase I,on to Phase II !!!

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5 years ago

If your government has its way Ancil junk food will be banned!  Stock up buddy!

Hang on - Help is on the way - a missing part
5 years ago

The following bit of text is missing from my original posting on this subject:


Homemade Ding Dongs? You mean I’ll know what’s in them and can enjoy them guilt free… after I break them open and shake out the calories of course. Head over to Beantown Baker for the how to!

LINK: Homemade Ding Dongs or Ring Dings or whatever you call them | Beantown Baker.

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Hang on - Help is on the way; part 2
5 years ago

By Country Cook in Oklahoma

“My hubby loves Ding Dongs so when I saw this recipe in a church cookbook I had to try it. He loves it and it isn't complicated to make. The filling can also be used to make Twinkies. This recipe may easily be made in round layer cakes.”

 - Each step of the process is illustrated with up-close photos.  The flavor almost leaps off of the page. - lots of delightful recipes at this site -



Google results page for the search term – “copycat recipes and Hostess snack cakes,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=f725bba49d26af71&bpcl=38625945&biw=1600&bih=632

Make Hostess Treats at Home, Even After They’re Gone in Stores – “If the news of Hostess closing its doors is driving you to hoard Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho-Hos, take a break from stockpiling and try a few of the many copycat Hostess recipes posted online until the rights to make Zingers and Snowballs have been purchased by Tastykake, Little Debbie, or another mass producer of snack cakes……..” (Entire posting can be found at this linkèè -


Copycat Twinkies Recipe - By Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, Guide

With a little patience and creativity, you can make a reasonable facsimile of those beloved Twinkies® at home. They won't be quite the same, but close. You might even like these little filled cakes better than the popular commercial brand. This would make a great supervised project for the kids. Recipe can be found at this linkèè



Hang on - Help is on the way; Part 3
5 years ago
5 years ago

Care2 is messing up my postings with them showing up NOT in the same order I posted them,  ARGH!!!!


I posted in the following order:

"Hang on - help is on the way"

"Hang on - Help is on the way; part 2"

"Hang on - Help is on the way; part 3"

"Hang on - Help is on the way - a missing part"


Why the heck is Care2 messing with me now.  I am so NOT in the mood!!!!


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5 years ago

I have been a member of Instructables for the last couple of years.  They are an amazing web site!  Whether you like working with wood, electronics, building things, making things, cooking things, they've got it all.  It's a great site!

Thanks for the tips Barbara!

More help - Suzy Q's
5 years ago - (excerpt from page) èè

By *Parsley*     Added March 15, 2006 | Recipe #160181

*Parsley*'s Note:  “I forgot that I had this recipe until someone asked about it. Shaped and tastes like the Suzy-Q snack cakes (made by Hostess)!”

-----------------------------------------------------------------,1-0,suzie_q_cake,FF.html èè



----------------------------------------------------------------- - (excerpt from page)èè

“Unless you want to pay $100 or more to buy Suzy Q’s off ebay or go without, you’ll need to make your own version of Suzy Q’s now.  I knew this recipe would be a big hit at our house as soon as I saw marshmallow fluff in the ingredient list.  I was actually on the phone with my mother discussing it and my DS7 heard me tell her I just needed to grab the box & some fluff. He started jumping up and down & yelling “tell Nana to get the box” before zipping out of the room.  He ran to the pantry & returned with a jar of fluff.  Of course, he had no idea what a Suzy Q was but anything with marshmallow fluff is a great recipe to him.”


5 years ago

Oh my!  If they get rid of my Big Hunk-which I can't find everywhere as it is, and are yummy when softer, but not if they get hard- they're in big trouble!      And my dark chocolate Mounds and dark chocolate Snickers, and Junior Mints!  Oh, and Pay Days.  BIG BIG TROUBLE!  LOL

5 years ago

OH!  And those little Bama pecan pies you often see to buy like at convenience stores. I know they are in really BIG trouble then!  

5 years ago

Ever see those little buttermilk pies in the single pack too?-Yummy

5 years ago

But does that mean I have to learn to bake Barb?  Crikey I can barely cook!

5 years ago

I'm with you there bud! Can't boil water without something going wrong!

5 years ago

It looks like the Twinkies are going to be saved,compromise it's on the way!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Sure hope somebody awakes up and saves something out of all of thosre goodies!! Will Have to check out those recipes Barb!!

5 years ago

Cam - You wrote the following:  "But does that mean I have to learn to bake Barb?  Crikey I can barely cook!"


Well then, we'll have to organize a brigade of FSM bakers to bake the homemade version of various Hostess snack cakes and send "CARE packages" to those of you who are suffering Twinkie, Ding Dong, Sno Ball, Ho Ho, etc. withdrawal.


Cam, baking is not all that difficult if you start with simple items like muffins, biscuits and cornbread.  Years ago when I was 8 or 9 years old I, too, did not know how to bake or cook. 


My mother taught me how to do both.  With the baking part, my mother showed me how to make muffins, baking powder biscuits and cornbread.  I made them over and over and over and over again under her suprevision until she was satisfied that I knew what I was doing. 


Then I was able to make them up and get them ready for the oven - my mother had to turn the oven on for me and put the unbaked product into the oven and take it out when it was done.  When my mother was satisfied that I could navigate the kitchen and the oven without hurting myself or burning down the house, I was allowed to do every aspect of baking unsupervised.  What freedom!  I branched out and got really creative and inventive with my baking.  Still can't make a decent homemade pie crust, though.


If I had a digital video camera I could film instructional videos for those real basic baked goods I mentioned earlier, and e-mail the video links to you.


During the summers of my youth we had a different apple or rhubarb dessert every day because we had lots of rhubarb plants and 6 or 8 apple trees of various varieties, in our yard. 



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Pie Crust Recipe!!
5 years ago

Here you go Barb!! This will make the crust for 2 pies and it's excellent!!

2 cups flour

1 cup Crisco

1 egg

scant of salt

1/4 cup milk

1 tblsp vinegar

Mix all the ingredients well and refrigerate over night..take out and roll out enough dough on floured surface for the bottoms of the pies then add the tops when the pie has the filling in them. I add a little milk, butter pats, and sprinkle some sugar and a tad of cinnamon on top of the crust..maybe a few crushed nuts also. Very easy to roll out and tastes nummy!

5 years ago

You can also use this crust for like Chicken pot pies and etc; too!

5 years ago

You r talking to the guy who set my dang microwave on fire making popcorn. I set the smoke alarm off every time I try and cook which is why I am more than happy to have my grandaughter Katie living with me. Between take out, the rest of the family and her I manage pretty good!

Thanks but at almost seventy this here dog is really against playing with fire! Come to like chunky soup and the likes a lot too! Last year the kids gave me an M & M Meats frozen food package which was most excellent as well! Looking forward to a repeat of that.

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