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5 years ago

Dear ivonne, 

Good things just keep coming out of Texas. 

Not only did several new pro-life candidates come out ahead in the recent election, with the victories of Ted Cruz, Steve Stockman and others, but Texas pro-lifers have made another huge step forward in cutting off taxpayer funding of abortion. 

You may remember hearing about the showdown that began earlier this year between Planned Parenthood and the Texas legislature

It all started when the Texas legislature, backed by NPLA members and other pro-lifers, voted to cut Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from the state-funded healthcare plan designed for low-income women. 

While pro-lifers rejoiced, Planned Parenthood threw a fit and appealed to their friends in the White House, demanding that the funding be reinstated. 

In response, Kathleen Sebelius, Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services, gave Texas an ultimatum

Texas must either use Medicaid funding for the Women's Health Program to pay Planned Parenthood and other abortion related businesses – or 30 million in federal tax dollars appropriated for Texas would be cut off. 

But Texas didn't flinch. 

Instead of cowering to the abortion lobby's demands, Texas found the funds for the program in their own budget. 

Unsurprisingly Planned Parenthood has been fighting tooth and nail ever since then to reclaim taxpayer funds to subsidize their grisly abortion mills

The abortion lobby turned to their default line of assault when they can't get what they want -- the courts. 

But things didn't quite go the way that Planned Parenthood was hoping for

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case and refused to even hear Planned Parenthood's complaint, allowing Texas to continue moving forward with their new program. 

Now, grasping at straws, Planned Parenthood has filed a new lawsuit at the state level, in an attempt to gain some semblance of the funding back

But they've lost the real battle in this fight, and they know it. 

Governor Rick Perry accurately described Planned Parenthood's new attempt as "a desperate effort to find some way to keep making money off of Texas taxpayers." 

It's not often that we see good things coming out of the courts -- especially in relation to our cause, but the fact that this one did is encouraging. 

Thanks to you, we are gaining ground in our fight to end taxpayer funding of abortion, and eventually to end all abortion-on-demand

Which is why it is so important that NPLA members not rest until we are able to put a final end to the slaughter. 

For Life,

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

5 years ago

Screw PPH. They are trying to encourage sex at young ages. Anything to promote pedophilism, and their abortion business. They are a sick business that ought to be put out of business. They are not there for just providing health screenings for the low income-do they even do mammograms?- and providing BC measures. They are for promoting sexual prominscuity at a young age, which tells me there are pedophiles rampant in the organization, and want to have sex with young kids, rapists. And more abortions on demand for them.

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