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Video: 82 Year Old Sentenced to Three Years in Prison Because His Dog Killed Neighbor’s Cat
5 years ago

An elderly man has been sentenced to three years in prison for allowing his dog to kill another family’s pet cat.

Hume Hamilton, 82, was caught on surveillance camera taking his dog for a walk near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in June.

He walked up a driveway to where a cat was apparently resting, and the dog was filmed suddenly attacking the cat.

Hamilton can be seen in the footage trying to separate the two animals by stepping on the cat, but he was unsuccessful.

He left the scene with his dog, and the cat later died of the injuries it had sustained in the assault.

The cat’s owner, Wayne Spath, told WSVN the pet was &lsquoart of our family’, adding: ‘My daughter found that cat as a kitten, had it for 12 years.’ Read more from this story HERE.

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5 years ago

Unbelievable!!! Where is the common sense in this country!?!? They willput a man this age in prison for his dog killing a neighbors cat...which dogs sometimes will do if they get ahold of a cat..especially in his own driveway!! And yet they will let a fraudulent President stay in to continue the destruction of our country without doing anything!?!? What is wrong with this picture!? I feel really bad for the neighbors cat but WHY was the cat outside running loose if the guy was so concerned about it being part of the family!?

5 years ago

especially in his own driveway!


It wasn't in his own driveway.  He walked up a driveway to where a cat was apparently resting .... He left the scene with his dog,


Not everyone has an indoor only cat.  Owners are responsible for any damage their cat may do, just as dog owners.  I have 2 indoor only cats, but the other day one of the workers left a door open and our female got out.  When I found her she was just resting in the bushes along side the house.  I would have been heartbroken if something had happened to her.  I would have sued the pants off a dog owner if they had walked on my property up to my cat and let his dog attack it! 


I think 3 years in prison is excessive, especially considering his age.  But he certainly deserves some form of punishment!  We don't know if the man has a previous history with the law or if the dog had previously caused problems.  There's nothing in the article about that.  But it is pretty clear that the man walked up someone else's driveway with his dog and he let the dog attack that cat.  Just because he tried to pull him off doesn't help matters.  He shouldn't have been up in that driveway in the first place and he should never have let his dog within reach of the cat. 


The old man was wrong, big time!  That family is hurting because of his actions.

5 years ago

My mistake Michael....He walked up a driveway to where a cat was apparently resting, When I read it I thought it said HIS it makes me wonder WHY he was walking up someone else's driveway!? Unless he thought his dog would be friendly with the cat and the dog took off and he lost control of the leash. It still seems too harsh for something like that when real crooks are walking the streets and they do nothing about them. But this whole country lately has lost all sense of common sense or respectability towards anything or anyone.

I know when we were in Costa Rica watching Coby this big German Shepard we took him to this gals place who housed dogs and cats. When Coby got out of the car we had the leash on him and their cat was sitting in the driveway so we walked up slowly to the kitty to see how Coby would react to the cat and he appeared to be OK with it and all of the sudden he glomped on the cat around the neck with his mouth and at the same time we hollerd COBY..NO!!! and he let up..he never hurt that cat but had we not been there the cat would have been  a goner I am sure. Needless to say Coby was not a dog that could be left with anyone..he knew where his home was and was not happy to live with anyone else! His owner had given him to a maid that lived out in the country way fatr away and Coby was not happy with where he had been taken so he ran all the way back home! This was like months later he showed back up where he started and was skin and bones!! He was a beautiful and good dog!!

5 years ago

I wonder if he was really so mean that he just let  the dog kill the cat. He might have thought he'd just see if they would sniff noses, but it got out of control in a flash. My dog will chase a cat if she happens to have the cahance to see one, but not because she wants to get it. Well, she's too old to take an interest now anyway, but all she wanted was too have a chase, stop herself, or the cat stop, turn around, hiss, and raise it's hair, and she'd turn tail.That's cause she got out the side gate when it was open, and I didn't know, w/workers here. or Rick doing work. That was just the one time she thought she was chasing a cat, but got it good by a skunk. Now if that happens, I stay out in the back with her, and she comes right back in. If a cat is in the house, or if she was at someone else's with a cat, she just wanted to sniff noses if the cat would let her, and then she'd act like the cat wasn't even there. Same at the vets. She'll wag her tail and start to look at a cat in the waiting room till it tells her to back off.

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