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5 years ago

Hello all my FSM friends....


Sorry I have been absent over the weekend...but it was so, so much to little time!!!



We will be leaving for Thanksgiving for the rest of the week to spend the Holiday with my daughter, husband and of course....our beautiful Grand-daughter, Olive!!!  We are so excited!!!





I have been secretly keeping the exciting news to myself for awhile...but I will burst if I don't share it.   We got a picture text on Nov. 2nd from our was full of dolls and  laying in front of all the dolls was a pregnancy stick.....and when we looked closer, we also saw a stuffed stork next to the dolls......I was at work....and just started to the same hubby called me to see if I got the text.....we are so thrilled and blessed to become Grand-parents again!!!  Our daughter has a way of surprising  In fact....she had set this up for her husband when he walked in the door and at first, seen all the dolls and didn't get the message until she took him by the hand to  make him take a second look.....aha.....then he got it!!!!!  Now Christmas will be extra special with this news!!!!   We already have been shopping for the new baby....and don't even know if Olive is going to have a bro or sis......but that's ok.....we are having the time of our lives right now!!!!  You can say....I am one Happy Grandma right now!!!!!






5 years ago

Haha! The secret's out!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I can just see a sign in your house that says,


      Grandchildren Spoiled Here!!!

Congratulations are in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      When is she or he due?  Are they having a theme?   Oh, shopping is so much fun for little ones!   Have a wonderful time at it Maui and hubby!

We'll be leaving in the morning, coming back next Monday. I know you will have an extra special wonderful time.   I hope everyone here at FSM has a great, happy, warm and cozy Thanksgiving day!

5 years ago

Thank you Sherry!!



Oh....we are planning a surprise for Christmas for them when they get here......No theme yet.....can't wait to find out boy or girl....but it doesn't matter.....but a brother would be so great for Olive!!!!  She has been such a center of attention....that it's going to be an adjustment for sure!!!!



I hope your Thanksgiving with your Mother-in-law will be extra special Sherry for all of your family.....I wish you a blessed one for sure!!!  Have a safe trip!!!!








Everyone here....HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!!  (Cam....I think you already had yours if I remember right)




5 years ago

Oh Maui, Olive will have a sibling!!!!  Here's a unisex name for the new one: Martini. 

Sherry, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mother-in-law.  In fact EVERYONE have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

Love to all ~ Alice

5 years ago

Look at that Olive in the appropriate of you Alice!!!!   Reminds me of the baby shower.....they had olives and toothpics laid out and you had to design baby was so much fun.....



You have a great Turkey Day too Alice!!

5 years ago

Oliver and Olive!  LOL

5 years ago

You have a perfect Thanksgiving too Alice!

Funny Thanksgiving Video - YouTube
5 years ago

 Congratulations Maui         


Alice love the idea of the name, I can just see the Family Cards signed Olive and Martini


Hope You All Have a Very Happy, Fun and Enjoyable Thanksgiving

5 years ago

Thank you so much Mo.   Oh, wouldn't those be the Christmas cards for sure!!!!  I will have to share that with them!!!



Sherry....if Olive would have been a boy....he would have been Oliver.....but now they have to come up with others!!!  Two Ollies would be just to confusing for Grandma...LOL

5 years ago

Well, I was gonna say if it's another gal, Olivia. But too confusing as you say! Although the O is different pronunciation. Hmmm. 

Are they going for different,older and unusual?

5 years ago

Right now....the boy's names are a little of both....they are kind of stumped on the girl's name....but they have a couple in mind.......they have lots of time to come up with name, once they find out the sex.

5 years ago

I know LOL It's just such fun thinking of them. I am sure they will choose the perfect one. For the perfect little boy or girl.

You'll have to let us know some of the ones they are thinking on! We're all excited. LOL

Here was our text message/picture
5 years ago

Guess What Grandma and Grandpa

5 years ago

How precious!  Did you know that my younger daughter, when she was a baby, looked just like the Cabbage Patch doll?-Yep, big round eyes, face, bald, everything. I took her with me to pick up my son from school,ond day, she stood up on the fron seat looking out the window, and ta kid pushed up the school bus window, and said, "Look, look you guys, it's the bald headed Cabbage Patch Kid!"  LOL!  I didn't even know what they were when I first took her over to a friends house, and her daighters said, "You know who she looks like? The Cabbage Patch kid!"  Well, they showed me in a Sears catalog, and I'll be darned, there she was!  ROTF!   Now, you would never know it though. She turned out to be a gorgeous young lady. She really hates a picture I have where I rolled a piece of tape & put it under a red ribbon and put on her head, to match a cute little dress!  Hahahaha I still get a kick out of it.

I was told a few times then that I oiught to enter her in Cabbage Patch look alikes. If they had them, I should have. She'd kill me if she knew I was saying this. Just kidding-but so funny.

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5 years ago

Oh, and she grew out of her Cabbage Patch ears too-Hahahahahaha! Doesn't look a thing like them anymore. She really hates that I have an ornament she made with her picture in it in Kindergarten for the Christmas tree too. She had really curly wavy hair, which isn't anymore, and she's smiling big as can be, with her front tooth missing. She's threatened to steal it , but she hasn't yet. LOL I still put it on the tree every year. Haha

5 years ago

Congratulations Maui!!!

How wonderful. What a great Christmas present.

I know how excited you are.

I just popped in for a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I am going to be soooooo busy. I am having my brood over and we are still trying to finish our new room. My daughter's c-section is on the 29th and a nephew's weddiing is on the 8th. And of course I have to try to get all my work done so I can take a few days off to be with my daughter and new grandson.

Love you all. Will try to pop in again when I can.

5 years ago

Congratulations Maui!  As always in my heart.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

5 years ago

Thank you Cam and Nancy..... sounds like you are going to be sooooo much happening in your life....and all good.....that's great......I bet you can't wait for your new Grandson....what fun you will have.  Ours won't be here till sometime in June....but a C-section at least doesn't make us guess what the date will be now.....



I am heading out soon......everyone enjoy your Holiday!!!!  Looking forward to my Daughter's dressing and mashed potatoes.....she does a terrific job....she sure doesn't get it from her Mother...LOL.....



We are talking 70's here for Thanksgiving....I'm loving it......Olive and I are going to the park tomorrow......I hope I can keep up with her!!!!



Love to all,


5 years ago

CONGRATUALTIONS Grandma Maui!!! That is always such an exciting time to find out another Grand child is coming!! Are you saying she is having it in December!? I got a little confused there the way you said it. I do like the name Olivia though.. Sounds like you are going to have one wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! I am so happy for you!!!

Everyone else I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! I only WISH our temps were as warm as some of yours is. We are FREEZING here again..water lines froze and the whole works.. It is 1 degree right now with a wind chill the same thing...kind of unusual for sure but there is no wind Thank God!! Sun is shinning though so I hope it stays out all day again!!

Have a great time Sherry and Nan..sounds like you guys will have an enjoyable Thanksgiving too!!

5 years ago

( Gee Carol, maybe you should pray for global warming to become real! )

~ Alice wishes all a happy Thanksgiving

5 years ago

We could sure use some right now Alice!!!!!!!

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