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News from Sherry H.
5 years ago

Several hours ago I got a call form Sherry H. and she asked me to pass on some news.


Earlier this morning her husband's mother passed away in Georgia.  Sherry and her husband were each holding one of her hands when as she took her last breath.  Sherry told me that her husband is taking it quite hard, but that his mother was not suffering at the end.  


Sherry told me she didn't feel up to getting on the computer and FSM, and asked me to pass on the word to all of you.  If I remember correctly, Sherry said that she and her husband would probably be back home in Texas around Tuesday November 27th. 


I will let you know when and if I get any further updates from Sherry.  Please keep her, her husband and their extended family in your thoughts and prayers.



5 years ago

Thank you Barb for keeping us informed, if you talk to her tell her I love her and I'm praying for them...

5 years ago

Thanks Barb for the info!! My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your hubby Sherry! I am glad his Mother is no longer in any pain or discomfort! I hope in time both of you will only remember the good times with her!!...Love Ya! Carol

5 years ago

I am so sorry Sherry to hear this.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family....I'm so glad you were both with her.  We did the same when we lost my Mother-in-law two years ago......we were so glad she was in our home and we were right there with peaceful.  Take care......we are all thinking of you.

5 years ago

Ahhhh Sherry you and your husband are in my heart here in Canada.  Barbara thank you so much for telling us about this.  It is times like this that we realize family is so important to us.  I do not know what I would have done had it not been for the kids on my end because it felt like the whole world had died with Linda.

Life is so short folks.  Too short.  When time is up there is none left to say or do anything we may have wished we had.  Do not let it pass you by.  I am lucky indeed that I was allowed to say anything and everything and I still talk to the wind as it were.  I figure as long as I do not answer myself I am safe.

5 years ago

Care2 is REALLY screwed up tonight again!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

5 years ago

Hi everyone. Barb, thank you so much for filling everyone in for me.  It was just not a time I felt like being able to get back on the computer, for sure. Hugs to you!

Thank you everyone for being here. I might have not been completely with it when I talked to Barb, and got everything out right. It was a shock. My mother-in-law had two separate visits from family that day, before we came in, so as not to have a whole room full at once, as she was put back in ICU. Her grandson had been able to come up from Florida and see her too. It was during our visit it happened. She was doing better, talking better, and she had even laughingly made a face at a nurse through the glass doors before she came in (the nurse didn't see it) and then grinned about it. LOL THey were tlking about putting her back in a regular room the next day. They had come in and had her breathing from a mask to loosen up phlegm, as she had pnuemonia, and it was coming up. All of a sudden, she tried getting some up,  and it got lodged. The nurses station was right out front of her room. I immediately motioned for one, said she had to get it out, and when the nurse started to ask her how she was doing, she immediately saw she couldn't breathe, and went to work, then others came in. It was chaotic after that. The code blue went off, and everyone came running. while they called for the doctor. We were ushered out, and we immediately called her husband to get back up there, and her son and daughter-inlaw. The doc came out after a little while, and talked to us and told us that they had lost her once for about a minute, and that she was on a ventilator. He was there when her husband came back in, and I know he had to be flying to get back up there as fast as he did. The prognosis was 0 if she pulled through, and he didn't know if she would last thru the night. She would just be alive on a ventilator. They were already worried about what might have happenend trying to bring her back, and were going to take x-rays. It wasn't even a half hour later, and the alarm went off again. My husband and I and my father-in-law went back in, I sat on one side of her and held her hand, her husband on the other and held her hand, till she passed. She was out of it, of course, didn't wake again. That was in the evening. It was the pneumonia that ended up doing it, not the cancer, and she had very little function of her lungs left as it was.

We had services Tuesday afternoon. Another grandson and his wife came from N. Carolina, and there was all of us and some friends, neighbors who came. It was really nice, and a few of us said some things about her and how she was.

I worry about my father-in-law, because he is all alone now too, and they were a couple  you wished every couple could be like.  He said it was going to be lonesome when Rick and I left. He has Rick's brother and his wife who only live about 3 miles away, and I know they will go over all the time and call, and cook a lot of food to take to him, so that helps. They all live out there in the woods type area-an area you can't see the forest for the trees type place. He is retired Navy and from DisneyWorld. He might be one you'd call a redneck, in a good sense of course. I think he has a loaded gun in every corner of the house, his barn too, he knows how to get to in a second, even one on the bedstand, and the dresser in the guest bedroom,  for company. LOL They have never had any trouble out there, but like he says, one never knows, so better to be prepared. He has 2 dogs too, who will let you know in a second if anything is amiss, and it helps he has them too. 

Thank you again Barb, and thanks to you all here for being here. My mother-in-law was a one of a kind, and she will be missed. Cam, you are so, so right.- life is too short, and when time is up, there is none left to say the things you wished you would have. Do Not let it pass you by.

Love to you all. I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for being here and being my friends. 

5 years ago

I am so glad you are back have been in all our thoughts.  I'm so glad you were there with your Mother-in-law.....she knew you were all there for her.  I have always heard that just before dying, you seem to get a sign that they are getting better and it brings you sounds like this happened in your case.  God Bless you all.



5 years ago

Thank you Maui.   It was like that. She was talking a bit better than she had been, she looked like she had some color back, making a funny face at the nurse, then grinning about it. Seeing one doc outside the door she didn't particularly care for, and she let us know it. It wasn't that he was not good, but her own doctor was very good and compassionate, wonderful, and I think the other one didn't measure up.  I think she knew though, because her husband had said that earlier she wanted him to get some money out and have ready for the grandkids for Christmas, and he told her he wanted to wait till she came back home, and do it together.  He said she told him that she wanted him to do it now, because there would not be another Christmas for her. 

5 years ago

I think he has a loaded gun in every corner of the house ... They have never had any trouble out there,

Sherry, I'm sorry to be so late reading this and I'm sorry for your loss.  Prayers for peace within your hearts from us. 


As for your comment on the guns .... maybe that's why there's no trouble out there.

5 years ago

Thank you Michael. It will take time. She was such a wonderful person. I guess she knew how to shoot too. My father-in-law was telling us a story about a time he went to see how she'd do with a rifle. I guess she showed him she didn't need practice!-Don't be fooled by short andf sweet! She seemed so soft and gentle, but.....I suppose it could be why they have no trouble out there. Word, even in the sticks, gets around! LOL And I'd guess that any wannabe trouble makers probably figure that country people keep a few around.   He's got all different kinds. And I can tell you the ones in the bedroom would get the job done, even if they weren't aimed directly at the culprit. LOL  They'd be running for the woods!  He even has a nice bow. And a little tiny gun, forget what it is, but very concealable, and will, though so small, stop a person in their tracks, or worse. Not even as long as your hand. They're country folk for sure, and well practiced, and know their weapons. He target practices all the time too. I'm thinking of getting a little one like that one he has!

5 years ago

Good to have you back Sherry and so sorry for your loss.

5 years ago

Thank you so much Cam. Rick's mom was a dear, that's for sure, one of the sweetest people, her and her husband both, that anyone could have  the pleasure to know.

It's good to be back.

5 years ago

Sherry..It's great having you back here! We sure missed you but know you were going through a terrible experience! Your Mother in law sounded like a true gem!! I hope that your Father in law can have plenty of company around him but I know he has to have time to grieve also. How old is he? He sounds like he still has his wits about him that's for sure! Your Mother in law sounded like she knew the time had come for her by insisting her husband get some money for the kids. I hope in time the pain and sorrow will subside and you will only have the happy memories of her! I know that will just takes time!!

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5 years ago

Thank you Carol.  I missed being here. She was the same age as my mother when she passed, 75.  And yep, my father-in-law has all his wits about him. He just is in a bit of pain quite often. He almost had his foot blown off several years ago when he and some friends were going over some rough roads on 4-wheelers hunting, and one of thems guns fell off and fired. They had to take stomach muscle and put around it with a rod going thru his ankle. It was awful. I was able to go and stay with them then for a week  to help out. He had a nurse coming out, but that ended his long hunt trekking. He has a deer stand close to his house in the woods though. He can't bend that foot and it gives him fits sometimes, and now his leg cramps up and his back gets to aching him something awful. He uses a cane if he has to walk very far. But he definitely has all his wits about him. He has my husbands brother and his wife who only live about 3 miles away, even more in the woods than he is, but they will on days off, and even after work go over there, take him home cooked meals, and call on him all the time. He's my husband's and his brother's step dad, but the step isn't in there, as he is like a father. They call him Pops and would do anything for him. I know he'll keep up on his various gun target practicing, and maybe still do close at home hunting, he'll just have to have someone help him drag the deer-maybe-he's a guy that won't ask for help unless he knows there's no other way. He didn't even want anyone else coming in and helping to keep their house clean when my mother-in-law got down. He wasn't rude, just felt like he wanted to do it all himself, take care of waiting on my mother-in-law hand and foot too, except for the nurse who came out when she was able to be home, and he does a great job despite his ailments. I'm hoping he'll get back into making things again now, like he was doing at one time-things out of wood and gourds and what not. He's pretty inventive of figuring out how he can make certain things for himself too, instead of having to take something in for repair that costs a whop, or may cost a whop if bought new.

5 years ago

Sherry..He sounds like an awesome man!!! He needs the whatever the heck you call it that we have here in order to make wood things like cabinets, chests and you name it! Bob des not use it like he use to and I wish he would! It has a lot of fancy woodworking tools on it like a sander, saw and you name it!! I think to buy the whole set up they are like a couple thousand dollars!! But they can be used to build ANYTHING in woodworking!!! He would enjoy doing that I think!!! That is so cool that your hubby and his brother think of him as a Dad!! You can't get any better than that!!! I hope he keeps up his positive attitude about woodworking because that can help him stay young for a long time!!

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