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Keep your eye on who gets connections ...
3 years ago

This is a direct, word for word quote from Obama, today on Nov 30, 2012, at a toy manufacturer in PA.


"Santa delivers everywhere.  I've been keeping my own naughty and nice list up in Washington.  Uh, so you should keep your eyes on who gets uh, some connections, uh this year.  There are going to be some members of congress who get 'em, and some who don't."


Connections?  As in favors?  As in govt corruption?  Did this quote upset you as it did me?


We at FSM are known for FIGHTING against corruption!  If that quote doesn't reek of corruption, then I don't know what does.  I heard that quote and became FURIOUS over his lies about the republicans in congress and his blatant arrogance that he can and will hand out favors for those who vote his way! 


If this quote upsets you like it did me, you OWE it to yourself, your family and your country to go to and write to each and every elected official in your area and DEMAND they stay true to their promises to uphold the constitution AND to be YOUR voice!  We will NOT tolerate Obama handing out favors to get his damn way!  We don't want his way!  We don't like his way!  And his comments in that speech are completely, 100%, blatant arrogance and corruption that will NOT be tolerated within our govt!


MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  Write to your elected officials TODAY regarding this MESS that Obama is using to destroy our country!  Use notepad or some other tool to write out what you want to say.  When you have it perfect, just cut and paste into each email for the elected officials.  Keep it civil, don't show hate towards the man, but express your disgust over his words and the corruption he is pushing forward. That's all he is moving forward, corruption within our govt!!!

3 years ago

I just sent one to Lamar Smith. He's one I trust here. Going back to send more.

Thanks Michael!

3 years ago

This guy occupying the WH has, as I've said, become increasingly bold and outspoken, as to what he is and what he stands for. 

3 years ago

I wrote to all of my Rep's Michael!! This is terrible!!! WHY would anyone say something like this at any business say nothing about the President!?!? What a arrogant bastard!

3 years ago

Thanks ladies!  I wrote mine before I posted here ... that's how upset his remarks made me!  Maybe I'll send Obama a real naughty and nice list with all of congress listed and show him how he's at the top of the wrong list!  His own naughty and nice list hmmmpf!  Mine trumps his!

3 years ago

I have no doubt Michael!! Obama's list is so far out of reality that the freaking jerk don't have a clue! Those people who do not understand or know what this man has planned are so far out in left field that when it hits them...if it ever does.....they won't know where it came from!! I am just SO disgusted with the ignorance in this country it is pathetic!!!

3 years ago

Yeesh!  It just never stops with Odumbo now does it.  What next?  Oh yeah .... he wants another tarp now doesn't he?

3 years ago

It's just plain depressing Cam!!! If we don't have some politicians with guts to take these crooked croonies on we are lost!!!!

3 years ago

I think that's a great idea Michael. Make a list of all of his naughties, and have as many sign it as possible, and let him know why he's getting it-in light of that slave/master attitude of his. The arrogant, sickening, SOB. It's like an owner of a dog telling his dog that if he behaves or does the tricks he wants them too, they will get a special treat, and a pat on the head.  What is wrong with anyone  that doesn't see this???   They are slaves indeed, I can tell you that much.

3 years ago

Are these people into sadomasochism? SERIOUSLY. ? But since they can't derive their pleasure from pain with this gay commie muslim, they'll take it any way they can get it! Do they think they deserve the punishment? Or just like it? If neither one, then they really are brain dead. Can't get no more brain dead and still be up walking around. He's right in everyone's face with what he is, by words, actions, the whole nine yards, and still, some are too damned stupid to see it, or else they won't admit the truth of why they have it so bad for this ugly thing in the WH.

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