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Michael A...
5 years ago

I received a reply from Senator Murkowski's office on the topic of what Obama said at the toy factory!! Here is what the guy said and my reply to was not even Murkowski that replied...she had somebody else reply to it as I guess she figured this was not important enouigh for her to reply to!!

Good morning Carol,


My name is Jason Huffnagle and I assist Senator Murkowski answer concerns about the federal government. She asked that I follow up with you.


I am familiar with the speech that President Obama gave at the K’Nex toy factory in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. I appreciated you taking your time to transcribe the speech. The section of the speech you voiced concern about was intended to be a joke about K’Nex toys and how certain members of Congress would or would not be receiving this toy for Christmas.


Senator Murkowski believes in the importance of keeping the federal government accountable, and she appreciated receiving your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact Senator Murkowski in the future, and please let me know if I may be of further assistance.




Jason Huffnagle

Legislative Correspondent

Senator Lisa Murkowski

709 Hart Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-6665


Jason...All i can say is if you believe this then I can see why you work for Lisa Murkowski!! It's very sad when one can not take seriously what a president says because he has lied and mislead people so many times in the past one can't tell the difference between the truth and another lie. Or it makes one wonder exactly WHAT it is that this man is referring to because he can not be trusted and it is this 'blind" trust that you apparently are trying to convey to me to believe that I refuse to believe and I like to call it what it is which is a misrepresentation...just another way in which this man can get his point across to those he does not like or agree with and supposedly nobody knows the difference! You forget....there are MILLIONS of Americans out here that have seen this same stage show for 4 years!!! We are NOT BLIND!!!! Excuses or reasons do not cut it anymore!! Any President especially Obama that says something like this with his track record will never be taken as a joke except maybe those who agree with this disaster!!!!......Carol Dreeszen

5 years ago

Obama said he's been keeping his own naughty and nice list for Washington when he said that.

Everyone knows exactly what that means especially since it came from Obam's mouth. Precisely.

5 years ago

Murkowski is a Rhino.  I am surprised a majority of Alaskans support her.

5 years ago

Cam...The majority of Alaskans anymore I do believe have turned Dumbocrats!!! I swear there is a huge long line of those idiots in this state!!! They may claim they are not but their actions and hatred of Sarah Palin says different!!! Just because she quit when she did to stop the law suits from coming in as some of them claim she quit for the simple reason as.. she is a quitter...nothing you say to try to explain WHY she did as in saving the taxpayers money...forget it...they are too block headed to see that part...I know..I am married to one of them!!! We go round and round and round on her about's like hitting your head against a will get better results!!! I do not have any time for them!!

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5 years ago

Doesn't seem worth the time to me. But when it comes to their groupie mentality love affair with Obama, he can do the most unAmerican things, lie through his teeth, over and over, disrespect our military to the hilt, cozy with the enemy, get our people killed in Benghazi, etc., etc., etc., and on and on and on, and they will either clam up tighter than a clam, or make every excuse imaginable under the sun for him.  He sits back and laughs at their stupid ass, and they aren't even seeing it.

5 years ago

It's their blindness Sherry that drives me up a wall!

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