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5 years ago

Burglars call on site

Dallas News |

A Texas burglary suspect called 911 early Tuesday morning to report that a homeowner was holding him at gunpoint and threatening to shoot him, KDFW reports.

Homeowner James Gerow said he awoke at around 12:30 a.m. and found a man wearing dark clothes and a hoodie inside his Springtown home. He then retrieved his legally owned gun and followed the man out to a truck that was parked in his driveway.

Wielding his firearm, Gerow ordered the suspected burglar to give him the keys to the vehicle and told his wife to call 911 while he held the suspect at gunpoint.

“Yeah, hurry up now. He says my husband’s fixing to shoot him,” she reportedly told the dispatcher.

The burglary suspect was later identified as 41-year-old Christopher Lance Moore. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said Moore also called 911 for help while he was in his pickup truck.

“I’m not sure. I’m out in the country somewhere and some guy’s got a gun on me,” he said on the emergency call, conveniently leaving out why he found himself looking into the barrel of a gun.

Burglary Suspect Calls 911 for Help After Texas Homeowner Pulls a Gun on Him


“I pointed the gun at him and asked him who he is and what the hell he was doing in my house,” Gerow said. “He said his name was Lance, and I said, ‘Lance, what the hell are you doing in my house?’…And he said, ‘unlucky.’ Just unlucky.”

Moore was later arrested for burglary of habitation, a second-degree felony.

Gerow, the homeowner, said Moore admitted to investigators that he had “bad intentions.”

“I gave him a chance…Had he said he had bad intentions before that, he wouldn’t have got his second chance. That’s a different ballgame. You threaten me and my family, that’s a different ballgame,” Gerow added.

5 years ago

He's lucky he wasn't at the least shot in the leg, foot, that's at the least,  as  Gerow was following him. At the least. Some of these people just don't think. Maybe this burglar was on a suicide mission for some reason, hoping someone else would do it for him. Who knows with some of them-because when for instance a little old lady is yelling at the whacko on the other side of her door, breaking it down, that she has a gun and she will shoot, and it doesn't deter him one bit.... she had to shoot him.

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