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3 years ago

So cute Ivy!!!! I love these kind of tags!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!


3 years ago

Merry Christmas Everyone.  I wish I could post some of these great tags too!  Thanks Ivonne and Carol!

3 years ago

Thank you everyone for such beautiful Christmas pictures you have posted....I loved them all.



I have been absent quite a bit lately....things are so busy here at's surprising how giving people are this time of year in their donations....they have been pouring in....thank God, because next year they may not be in a postition to be so generous.



I'm still shopping for Christmas gifts......each time I go out, I find more things to buy.....I have to stay out of the stores.   We didn't get our tree up last weekend because of busy things happening with we will do it this weekend instead!!! 


The good thing about Christmas, is I have put politics on the back burner....and it has been so nice!!!!   I have been disgusted by the union and obama sticking his nose into it and firing up the union all the more.....I don't see a good end to this, especially if they are planning a civil war and bloodshed.....what kind of people call for that????  Where is obama and his civility speeches????  Oh....that's only when they favor the liberals....he so damn transparent!!!   He leaves next week for his big 20 day family vacation in Hawaii.....good riddance!!!! 



Other than that.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 




3 years ago

...what kind of people call for that???? 

Well, there's this place called Washington D.C., and it has the WH, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Now, in these places they have what you call these commie progressive racist, and ugly I might add, libs, that are running amock and running their mouths like drunken little demons on steroids. You can practically see their teeth gnashing, spittle dribbling down the sides. One of thems names is Barracka. He appears to be the leader of this nasty little gang of imps, but I think he's just the spokesperson for a much larger gang of ugly little demon possessed gerbils. When things don't go their way, they get their bussels all in a quandry, and always try and blame others for their bad actions of trying to make things go their way.  And they're friends with these big band of thugs who are just waiting for the day to relive the old days of shoot'em up mafia style way of doing things.  Fear is something they try to entice others with. - as if just looking at these ugly faces of horror didn't make one want to break out a cross and a strand of garlic bulbs as it is! But these little ugly commie racist manipulators are the ones who like to encite tensions and bloodshed, if it comes to that, among others, while their little cowardice asses sit back and snicker at what they have caused, without some of the people who actually like them, realizing what they have done, and then they get to watch the show. -Hmmmm!  That sounds like what I saw the Barracka evil little imp do when watching the murders in Benghazi! But, like a manipulating kid who causes an argument between adults, then if you'd turn around fast enough, you'd see the smirk on their face before they could wipe it off.  

Other than that........ MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, and everyone, too!  

3 years ago

To be able to go back to the days when the upcoming Christams Holidays were looked on with excitement and happiness instead of today where you have the atheists screaming to get the Nativity sets out of every town square and take God out of everything and every school and you name it. The time then was so peaceful and so loving!! Contrary to those hateful mongers today who find no solace in the excitement of Christmas is pathetic!! What heavy and hateful hearts we have in this world anymore! The devil is in George Soros, Obama and so many more evil doers!! I know God has a plan for them.....I just hope it is one that takes them away from destroying the rest of our country and taking him (God) out of our lives!!!

3 years ago

So true. I loved all the Christmas plays at church we put on when I was young, the going around the neighborhoods, winter coats, boots, hats and scarves, and hands in mittens, singing Christmas carols wherever we went. Some of the yards had the most beautiful decorations and nativity scenes, that were just awe inspiring to look upon. To think that we have all the evil hatred filled people today that want all this taken away, something that makes others so happy, is so wrong.  So very wrong that something that doesn't hurt anyone else one bit, and makes so many happy, makes them feel good, could want to be destroyed by such hate filled people with such vileness, malice, and hatred in their hearts.  There is a nice nativity set in someone's yard in my neighborhood, and I wish I had a nice one, because it sure would be out there!  The people who want to destroy something that does not hurt them one bit, and gives others such joy, have such blackness in their heart and soul.

3 years ago

Everything you said Sherry is SO true and SO right!!! There are so many hateful, angry, selfish, poor me, greedy, all about me people in this world it makes one sick to their stomach!!!! There is nothing else that can come out of the actions they do and feel other than hatred and all about themselves.....selfish!! It makes me so sad and so sick to my stomach that I juast want to punch them in THEIR stomach!!

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