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Is anyone else distressed by this or have I lost it????
5 years ago
Obama, Boehner Remain at Odds on Verge of Fiscal Cliff

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Cal     -         20 hours       ago    - 

After progress earlier this week in fiscal cliff negotiations, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner butted heads Wednesday, setting the stage for a showdown as the deadline looms for an agreement.
5 years ago
Friday December 21, 2012, 6:33 pm             Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! above me is SPAM...
Guys ~ I give up and won't reply again, but you really think Obama is the STAR of all time????  I gotta laugh! Election day was a hard one... The choice between evil and entilited (sp sorry), but, I did know I could not take another four years of what was going on in the USA.  This is a POWERFUL Country and was held in HIGH REGARD, sadly not now....we are the Donkey's Arsh.  I had a call from a friend after the election to tell me "Ain't life grand" (personally, I was SHOCKED and hung up, that was NO FRIEND OF MINE), that person Loves Obama since Obama gave a ton of $$ that the taxpayers paid to (that friend) ~ $30,000 to go back to school, when that person has no reason not to work....What is wrong with the system THAT!!!?!?!?!?!?  Insane, people shopping when they should be working , they are not in chairs they are running around and actually laughing about the check they got in the mail.  Drunks/Drugs coming into the Post Office looking like they were run over and just got a CHECK FROM THE GOVERNMENT?!?!?!  .Is this truly something all of you guys really LIKE????  People should WORK, I worked since I was 15 and sadly have never ever gotten one single penny from the Government after all the years I paid taxes. Once I had a horrific surgery I did ask for disability, but since I worked as a Contract labor the last 25 years they said NOT ABLE TO GET ANY DISABILITY.  OK, so I kept trying, my friend and their $30,000 can ROT THE USA SINCE I FRANKLY DON'T GIVE A FLYING MONKEY'S ARSH!  This is INSANE TO ME and you guys just ADORE OBAMA...I do think what should be done in singing all of the hymns for OBAMA should be What are you LEAVING YOUR CHILDREN, GRANDCHILD????   These DOTS DON'T LINE UP GUYS!!!!   
You guys know me, I typically stay on Animals and go the distance, but I also have worked in politics when I was younger and still keep up, not lately since I have not been well on this site since I don't like people calling me names, but jeepers guys what is the LOVE FOR OBAMA????  I know the distain for MITTENS, but this BLIND LOVE IS !?!?!?!?
5 years ago

FSM This is the comment on Cal's news to all of the liberals loons NOT TO YOU GUYS...I just did a copy paste before I signed off. 

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