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The Day After Christmas
5 years ago

Hello Everyone.......I hope everyone celebrated a beautiful was sad to see it come and go so fast.....I was not ready for family to have to leave....but they all arrived home safely.  Olive is playing with her many, many toys she received from Santa....we received a picture yesterday of her on her new Rocking Horse holding as many of her stuffed animals and dolls that she could fit in her arms......priceless!!!!   Of course, Olive did steal the show and we were all quite entertained throughout the Holiday.  Now it's all so quiet and hard to get use to.....Christmas tree and decorations are down and stored away for another year!   But it was a very memorable Christmas......We truly are blessed!!!!

So, how was your Christmas?

This is for Cam and Linda who were in my thoughts.
5 years ago

5 years ago

We had my younger daughter, grandkids and one of my grandson's friends came with him. Just had a very simple easy meal this year, and goodies laid out. The kids had a great time opening the presents. Ever notice they don't see how pretty the packages are wrapped, they just can't wait to tear right into them! LOL They could care less about the pretty bows and crinkled ribbons!  But I like doing it anyway. We had a nice time together, an easy going day.

You got your tree and decos already down and stored?!  Wanna come to my house? Still in the mood to pack and put away? If so, I need some of that energy. LOL  I love taking them out and placing them around the house, but then I have so much to wrap and put away, I think about it for awhile first.  

5 years ago

Sherry...your Christmas sounds wonderful.  Simple is the way to go!!!!  Yes, once the packages are not under the tree anymore....I find it just too bare to look at and sad how all the work decorating and then over with much too soon, so it's time take it all down.  I am not a good present wrapper and I noticed my tape was not holding by the time it came to opening them.....but Olive didn't seem to mind.  Kept the Christmas candles out the scent of Christmas.....   

5 years ago

No words Maui. Simply beautiful and George and Laura! I was at the kids. Was asked to take the dressing outta the oven so I tried and it ended up all over everywhere! Dang mess it was but the dog liked it .... Was a good day though. Tired today so must have been good. Going to keep the tree up for awhile. A long while methinks. I like it and Katie too so that is nice. Posting a couple of videos but forget how to do it here. Take a look because they are really good.

5 years ago

I had candles out as well Maui. On the dining room table, stand w/shelves in the dining room, bathroom, little table by kitchen back window, coffee table in living room,   on two end tables in LR, and 2 candles on fireplace mantle. LOL I like candles too, but don't often use them otherwise, at least not as much as at Christmas. I will probably leave things up for a few more days, or maybe after the 1st put them all away.  I'll bet little Olive had a grand ol' time tearing up paper to discover new gifts. 

Cam, glad to hear you had a good day with the kids. Well, maybe the dressing mishap was meant to be. - The dogs Christmas meal! LOL He just wanted some of that good stuff(ing) too. 

5 years ago

I'm glad you liked it Cam......I know it's Linda's favorite song and this little girl was adorable singing it.  UTube changed the way to embed videos, so I don't know how to post them here on C2 either......Maybe they don't want us to embed them anymore???

Sorry about the know about that 5 second rule don't you????  LOL  You just leave that tree up as long as you want to Cam.....I'm sure it brings great memories for you. do really love candles!!!!  I had one in one of the bathrooms and forgot about it....had to get up in the middle of the night to blow it out.  I love them, but have a fear of them burning down the house.  I had a candle on a candle warmer at work and about burned down my office......I'm so glad I was at my desk when it started to spark around the cord......I couldn't imagine starting a fire and setting off the fire alarm and the sprinklers off....all over my work papers and drowning my I am very cautious not to leave it on when not at my desk.

5 years ago

Dang dog is apparently crapping all over the place the last few days so maybe it was a good thing Sherry.

It is our song all right Maui. First time I knew I loved her was at a coed boy scout/girl guide camp she took me too. I was the tarp man and besides that it was November and cold and rainy which is why they called it rain bucket I guess. Couple of hundred good kids having a weekend of fun and a dance. We went to check on the girls she was responsible for and on the way back they started playing that song. I asked her to dance and that ws all she wrote for me. There we were in the rain dancing to Armstrong's song freezing our arses off. Could not have loved her more.

I gave away a lot of the decorations when the kids dragged them down. No sense in keeping them and couldn't afford to run them all anyway. Costs too much. We are getting together again on New Years day.

5 years ago

Ooops. Sorry to hear about the dog crapping all over the place. He ate a lot sounds like. Not good for their tummy.

Cam, what song was that by Louis?  And Cam, that sounds so romantic, rain and all. In your own little world.  Linda and you both were so blessed to have each other. 

We'll just probably stay home News Years. Don't care for being out in the crowds anywhere much, and then have to worry about driving home with all the partiers out on the roads. So, we'll crack a bottle of champagne, have a log on the fire, do the countdown till the New Year.

Maui, all my candles are in glass jars or vases, or on bases, away from anything the flame can reach, and some are just tea candles in decorative pieces. I have a 14 pc. native american nativity set, for one,  in which a tea candle sits inside the teepee, and the hole at the top of the teepee to release heat, it's cute. One of my "finds" this year, wasn't a candle, but a new angel doll decoration, that plugs in and the wings change to different colors, and filaments spread out behind the wings change color, the flower she holds in one hand has filaments in the center that change color, and a lighted star in the other hand, She has on a pretty dress with ribbons. I found it at Good Will in a basket the clerk hadn't finished putting out yet, and she marked it $3.00. Probably one of those you'd pay at least $20- $30 something for if bought in a store. Several of my small decorations I have found at thrift stores, oh, and my candy dish too this year from Good Will- It's the cutest snowman sitting on a colorful candy decorated white base, glass belly, and top hatted smiling snowman is the lid. Cutest thing, $2.00. I like finding good deals like that for decorating around the house.

5 years ago

Cam....thank you for sharing such a romantic memory of you and Linda with us. I can picture you both dancing in the rain to "It's A Wonderful World"......perfect song for you both. I bet each time you hear it, it brings you back to happier days. Everytime I hear it, I think of you two since Linda shared that with me. It's good that you split up some of the decorations. I need to do that....but not ready to part with the sentimental ones of the girls since they were babies and on up....someday......they will get them. Now I have an Olive collection going! I have way too many decorations and 3 I use to put up two trees, one upstairs and one downstairs, so I needed lots of that I downsized to a tree with lights, I don't need 75% of the lights and decorations..... Sherry.....what great finds....your angel sounds beautiful!!! It is amazing what you find at Good Will and auctions. What someone may think is tacky fits right in to what you may like....sounds like you have a bargain.



 New Years Eve has always been spent at home after the girls were born.....we didn't want to fight the drunks out on the streets Ever since the girls were little, we started a fondue dinner with seafood, steak and veggies dipped in all kinds of batter.....we had so much fun, which seemed to take hours to eat. Then we would watch a family movie together.....such great memories!!! Hubby and I have continued the tradition every year!!!! Both girls carried on the tradition also....makes us feel good that it means so much to them when growing up to want to keep it going. 




Speaking of downsizing, the girls and I were kind of going through things they would be interested in and come to find out....both want my cookie jar we received as a wedding present  (which I would have probably sold on the next garage sale).....I had no idea that they both said it has too many memories and they remembered the smell of cookies when they took the lid off the jar.  Of all things to want.....the antiques I have in my curio cabinet are not of interest......

5 years ago

It can be really fun, when you find like I have, new, or even if used, the condition is exactly like brand new, items at thrift stores or big flea markets. We have a big outdoor flea market here with over 500 tables also, not far away, and it only costs $1.00 to park as long as you want to stay for the day. 

I absolutely love "What A Wonderful World" by Louis!  One of my favorites. Oh, heavens, how romantic the thought of you two Cam, dancing in the rain to it! What a wonderful memory. 

Your girls don't like antiques Maui? I don't think my younger daughter does either, she's a contemporary style girl, or my son that much. But my older daughter, like me, has always liked antiques very much. Rustic and antique are awesome.  I've always said I would have at least one room filled with antique furniture and items if I could. 

5 years ago

Nope...they don't care for antiques at all....but then neither did I at their it must be an age thing.   Just like all my collections in my curiou cabinets...they really have no interest in them, but I didn't start my collection until after the girls left again...."age thing"!!!  Maybe I can convince Olive...LOL!!!!




Those parking lot flea markets are wonderful.  I use to go when I lived in Hawaii....they held them at the outdoor much stuff, it takes hours to look at.   We went to one in KC, they have them every weekend through the's so much fun.  I would love to have a table someday and set up things I would like to get rid of....I always enjoy garage sales watching people go through my stuff and thinking "why would they be interested in that"????  Then wondering if maybe they knew something that I didn't about the!!!   We use to enjoy auctions, but I think Pawn Stars has ruined your chances of getting a good deal because people are so aware now of what items are worth and know how high to bid.  Plus, people now take their phones to auctions and can check out websites to see what the item is worth right there on the spot.......really takes the fun out of auctions.  No more good deals are left!!!!

5 years ago

Well we were here by oursleves and the only big thing we did was have a nice Christmas supper! We never even opened our gifts we got until right beforewe ate which was about 8:00!! We got some really nice gifts from our youngest son and his wife and a friend of ours from LA..the guy who has the airplane and the place in King Salmon here.

I have candles on all the time! Almost every night I put candles on! Last night I decided to put these candles that are run by battery on my steps going upstairs because the stairwell is so dark. Anyway I put a red on and then a white one on alternating steps and then 2 red ones on the foyer (sp?) plus I had real candles lit sitting on the dresser down stairs at the bottom of the steps so it lit the whole area up pretty good! Bob came down stairs laughing at how I had the all the candles lit up on the stairs. It almost looked like I was having a High Mass but hey..I love it!! LOL Not only that but when it's really cold out it's cold in the house here and the candles help with heating the house up even if they are small candles!

Sherry I use the tea cup candles a lot too! I put them inside of a glass candle jar holder and they send off plenty of light and they last for 2 hrs so that helps me when I walk down the hallway to the bathroom to see where I am going without having to turn on a light! Your little trinkets from the Good Willand etc; sound adorable! I just LOVE things like that! I would have them all over my house and I usually do when I put out the decorations!! Some antique stuff I love!! When I cleaned for people there were a couple of them who had a lot of antique furniture!! It was loads of dusting...wish I had a cleaning lady here now!! LOL.. The one I have I am going to fire!!

Cam..You poor guy!! LOL..I bet the dog/s loved you for that!! Nothing like giving them a treat for Christmas too! I am glad you had a good time with having the kids all there and they enjoyed the time together too! One year I left my tree up into Feb. LOL I enjoyed seeing the decorations and I had no energy to put anything away!! This year I don't have to worry because I never put anything out!! Just could not get into the excitement of putting Christams decorations up because we were SO cold in the house here it was miserable for me! So I would not have enjoyed putting the decorations up!! Glad the kids are coming back for New Years too!! Such loving memories of Linda Cam!! Things like that you never forget!!!

Maui..Sounds like you guys had a great Christams there too!! I think it's an age thing with Christmas decorations as well as a lot of other things! I was just thinking this morning that when I was younger and had more energy I use to LOVE putting up Christmas decorations snd etc; but I have lost the umphhh to do it anymore. But then of course it's just Bob and I here and no kids and we never know when or if we will have company for Christmas because of the weather! It's SO unpredictable!! Glad you had a great Christmas and I bet Olive will be playing with the stuff all through until next Christmas!!

Today we are having good winds again so at least we are getting some power!! Hope you are all enjoying the days in between the Holidays!! ..Carol

5 years ago

Carol...that sounds lovely with the candles on the stairway....I hope Bob took a picture!!!

Now that we have a lighted tree, it is not a hassle in putting it up.....I wish I had a place where I could just leave all the decorations on it and store it that easy that would be!!!

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