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HR 25: The Fair Tax Act Submitted!
5 years ago

As some of you know, I've been taking a break from politics for a bit after the disappointment of the fraudulent election results.  But this was just too good news after all the bad! 


For YEARS we have tried putting together a fair and equitable tax code.  DC always claimed it was trying, but all they did was make it worse.  Why?  Because they are a bunch of elected people who have NO background in finances or any of the other million things they think they can do!


Somebody finally listened to the experts who put together what is called The Fair Tax Act.  To read the bill as it was submitted, go to  If you want to see who cosponsored the bill and sign up for notifications on it's activity, go to


As with most unpopular bills, it has been assigned to committee for evaluation before it's allowed to come to the floor for a vote.  It's going to be up to us to light a fire under Congress' asses to make them do something.  Why do we want this?  You really should read the bill so you have first hand knowledge.  But I'll give you a short synopsis on why we need this.


The first issue is there will be no more fighting over who needs to pay how much based on how much you make.  People who are paid under the table, have illegal jobs, or just don't file their taxes, will all be paying taxes.  The govt will actually bring in more money while the people collectively pay less taxes.  Just imagine, no more IRS.  No more April 15th tax day.  No more tax forms.  No more having to pay someone to do your taxes for you.  Everyone pays their fair share!


At the time of this posting, 10% of those who responded were against the Fair Tax Act.  90% are in favor!  This is one of those times when it's important for us all to contact our elected officials and tell them we WANT this bill passed and made LAW!


The removal of all federal taxes on income (and thus economic growth) is vital to the creation of the economic climate the US can benefit from. Moving taxes to consumption (and thus wealth) creates revenue neutrality without punishing those who would be hardest hit by a straight sales tax (which The FairTax is not).

We encourage everyone learning about The FairTax to do their own research as due to this bills ability to move power from D.C. back to the people the amount of misinformation being put out about it is staggering but easily overcome with simple research.

The main points to research are:

  1. How the removal of the current tax codes reduces the cost of doing business and thus prices.
  2. How the prebate un-taxes up to the poverty level (making sure The FairTax is not just a straight sales tax)
  3. How a tax code of this sort encourages investment in the US economy
  4. How it puts you squarely in charge of your tax bill and does away with the need for the IRS.
  5. How much more money you'd have every month to do with as you please.
5 years ago
How to Support or Oppose H.R. 25

So you want to take a side? Here are some tips on how to be an effective advocate for your issue.


Write a Letter Start by writing a letter to Congress using the POPVOX website. Click the button on the right to get started.  (


Does this work? Well keep in mind you are one of around 700,000 residents in your district, many of whom are writing letters just like you are. Congressional offices receive hundreds to thousands of letters each day.


Your representatives want to hear from you (after all, they want to know how to keep your vote next election!). Just keep in mind they couldn’t possibly respond to everyone personally.


POPVOX was co-created by the same guy behind GovTrack and is the most effective way to get your message to your representative and senators.


Band Together

Strength does come in numbers. Find others who are advocating on the same issue as you, and work with them to send a clear message to Congress.


We can help you find others interested in H.R. 25. Tell us you want to create a group for this bill by cliking the button on the right.


Be an Information Leader

One of the hardest parts about advocacy is just finding out what is happening in Congress. Leg work pays off. Here are some starting points:

  • Call up the office of the sponsor of the bill and ask about the latest status of the bill, including what committees are considering the bill and if there are any hearings or “markup” meetings scheduled.
  • Check out who is cosponsoring the bill. Does it have cosponsors on the committees it is assigned to? Does it have cosponsors in the majority party?
  • Read the bill. You will probably have questions about it. Find experts such as academic researchers or lobbyists at nonprofits who can help you wade through the language of the bill.
  • Tell others about what you find. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to help others understand their government.
5 years ago

AWESOME NEWS Michael!!!!!!!!!! This would be so much better!!!!! I am just wondering what Obama will do to try and stop this though! We all know that when he wants to make a point he don't care who he hurts! If he has to sign this into law we all know what he can do when it comes time to aigning this!! We have to give it a shot though!!!! Just the idea of getting rid of the IRS is a weight off your shoulders!!!

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