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Dummy taped to baby's face at Stafford Hospital
5 years ago

Dummy taped to baby's face at Stafford Hospital

Stafford Hospital reception
A report into "appalling standards" of care at the hospital is to be published in February

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A member of staff has been suspended after a dummy was found taped to a baby's face at Stafford Hospital.

Staffordshire Police said it happened earlier this month and the baby was four months old at the time.

Colin Ovington from Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust said: "Fortunately, the baby was unharmed. We have a zero tolerance approach to poor patient care."

The trust is at the centre of a public inquiry into serious failings of care.

Apology to family

In a statement, Staffordshire Police said officers were investigating a complaint about a member of staff at the hospital and liaising with the baby's family and the NHS trust.

It said: "Officers from our Protecting Vulnerable People Department are at the very early stages of investigating a complaint concerning the treatment of a baby boy by a member of staff at Stafford Hospital earlier this month."

Mr Ovington, director of nursing and midwifery, said: "We cannot emphasise strongly enough that this incident is exceptional and apologise again to the family.

"We want other hospitals to learn from this so that we can be sure that it does not happen to any other baby."

A report following a £13m public inquiry into "appalling standards" of care at the hospital is to be published next month.

5 years ago

Members please note: Stafford Hospital is not in Stoke-on-Trent, the reason for saying this in the link you will notice Stoke-Staffordshire the Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent is known as the University Hospital of North Staffordshire,

the Hosptial which the report refers to is the Stafford Hospital which is another part of Staffordshire, this hospital has been under-investigation on others matters of abuse in the past.

5 years ago

Ray, I guess I'm a dummy  on understanding what they mean by - Dummy taped to baby's face.  What is a dummy in this case?    And did they catch, I wonder the lunatic who taped something on the baby?  I sure am glad to read that there wasn't any harm!!!  But there sure should be to the lunatic who did it!

5 years ago

Sherry, when baby crying or teething the mother may give the baby a dummy to suck on, the nursing staff in the Hospital put the dummy in the baby mouth then tape the dummy on the baby face with some sort of tape such as Medical Adhesive Tape or maybe Sello-Tape. 

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5 years ago

Thank you Ray!  I couldn't figure what a dummy was! It's a pacifier or a  teether here! LOL 

Whay kind of dummies do they have working there!!!!!!!!!!  THat poor baby could have died.  What if it had started choking?  Any person with common thread of sense in their head would know better than that!  Where I wonder do they pick these people from??

5 years ago

If they've had problems with abuse in the past, what the heck does it take to replace the people who hire then? Someone is not doing their job. Or the people who are supposed to be the ones keeping a check on the people under them in different units?

5 years ago

Sherry, when Labour were in Power, Patients and their families asked for an inquiry relation to the care or I should say lack of care the Stafford Hopsital, questions were indeed were been raised in the commons over the death rate at the Hospital because it was far to high, however, the Labour Government who was in power would not allow an inquiry, it was only when Cameron came to power he did order an inquiry into the Hospital. 

below is a report from January 2013, the findings of the inquiry should have been publish in october 2012, however this has now been put back to February this year, 

Stafford hospital inquiry report to be published
Stafford Hospital sign
The £13m public inquiry looked at why regulators and external bodies failed to spot there was a problem

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The public inquiry into the failings at Stafford Hospital is to publish its findings in February.

Robert Francis QC, the inquiry's chairman, said he would present the final report to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt on 5 February.

The report will be published the next day, before Mr Hunt makes a statement to MPs in Parliament, Mr Francis said.

The £13m inquiry was set up after a Healthcare Commission report in 2009 found "appalling standards" of care.

It is thought hundreds more people than expected died at the hospital as a result of the treatment they received there.

The focus of the public inquiry was on why regulators and external bodies failed to spot there was a problem.

The findings were expected to be published in October 2012 but it was delayed after Robert Francis said he needed more time to go through the "huge amount of evidence."

A million pages of evidence were presented to the inquiry, which lasted for 139 days.

Reports have suggested the inquiry will recommend wide-ranging reforms of the National Health Service.

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5 years ago

That many deaths ism ore like the results of the non-treatment, non care,  they got there. I wonder how many were actually,  going on a limb here, but, murdered.  How many not atteneded to on purpose, let die, or worse.

5 years ago

Obama wants to model us after the UK health care system.  This is exactly why we should not go to govt controlled health care!  When I go to a county hospital I have to wait in long lines, receive substandard care, and pay through the nose.  When I go to a private hospital, I'm seen fairly quickly, receive excellent care and pay for a fair price.  When you answer to govt, you get govt quality people ... people who don't care if the customer is happy.  There's a big difference between just fix the customer and help the customer and make them happy.

5 years ago

I gotta tell you Ray, the caption caught my attention!  I was wondering how they took a ventriloquist dummy and taped it to a baby's head. ROFL  I never even thought of a dummy as being a pacifier, passi, binky, teether, rubber nipple. LOL

5 years ago

  That's the first picture that came into my head, and I thought -  W H A T ?!  That doesn't even make sense!  Is this leading up to a joke?!!!   Hahahahaha!

5 years ago

I'm fixing to call it a night here soon.  I hope everything went well with Carol's son, and he'll be feeling chipper real soon!

5 years ago

Oh My God!!!!!!! I can't believe this that ADULTS would have the intelligence of abnormal aboriginees (sp?) in order to do something like this!!!!!!!!!!! Has this whole WORLD GONE COMPLETELY NUTS!?!?  Its' almost more than one sane person can take in!!! The sanity in the world has GONE!!!!!!!! God Help Us!! These people who did this should be fired to say the least!!!!!!!! If I were a balloon I would have BURST by now!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............

Sherry..My son's surgery went well! Thank God! The next one is for a 100% clogged artery in his heart that they did not do the first time for whatever reason but I suspect they figured it would be too much for his system to take in!! He does not know yet when the next surgery will take place but will let you know when he has it! Thanks for your concern!! It means more to me tonight than you could ever know!!!

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