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Using Children
5 years ago

I saw pictures of moochelle at the funeral of the 15 year old girl who was shot in Chicago.  Yes, it was nice of her to attend, but does she go to all of the funerals of children who have been gunned down in Chicago?  I mean....if you had a child killed, wouldn't you be asking why she couldn't have attended your child's funeral....where do you draw the line?




But then we know what it is like when obama came out and referred to Trayvon Martin as a could-have been son....which only fueled the fire storm of racisim.  Has he came out since then and discussed any other child being killed?  I mean, there have been many, many since then.




Speaking of using children, during his anti-gun speech, the background was Newtown children.  And now I hear pelosi is bringing a 4th grader from Newtown for the SOTU address......



Does anyone think this is such a classless act????

5 years ago

They don't know what class is Maui, unless it's in the communist term of. Certainly not in the actions or conducting of oneself,  terms of.   I hope just one of these kids, at least, grows up one day to see how they were exploited to push this regime's agenda, and not because they cared about them at all.

 Heartless #!$#!666 !@#%!  weasels!

5 years ago

They will use whoever they can no matter what the tragedy to ONLY further an agenda of theirs!! After what we have seen these people do and say ever since they have been on the scene can not be taken seriously as a very caring person ONLY...remember "all of this for a God damn flag!?!?"

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5 years ago

Yep, I sure do. I read in other places of articles too, of people who could lip read, what she said. She is an unAmerican twit, and no it doesn't matter where she was born, as that does not make her an American. 

I remember the "whiteys" too.  She fits right in with their Black Panther sidekicks. Just like Holder. They are all one and the same. Another reason they want guns taken away from us. Those children mean nothing to them except as you say, being used to further their agenda.

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